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Chapter 12

After I ate dinner, Ronan walked me back upstairs and put me to bed. He didn’t sleep with me or anything, but he simply kissed me goodnight. I will admit that I may have wanted more, but being the respectful gentleman that he is, Ronan didn’t push for that. I suppose that earns him some points when it comes to me trusting me.

The next morning, I awake to the sound of him coming in the room. Still half asleep, I stir a bit when I feel the bed dip. When my eyes flutter open, I see that it’s only 10am. I could sleep longer, but he doesn’t know that. There is a load of things he doesn’t know about me and I don’t know much about him either, but there’s something about him that makes that okay for now. I guess over time we’ll get to know each other on a more personal level seeing as he’ll be paying for my company as well as whatever else happens. All this is still foreign to me so it’s going to take some time to wrap my head around what I’ve agreed to.

“Babygirl,” Ronan says and I finally decide to roll over as if I’m just waking up.

Stretching my limbs, I smile softly.

“Good morning.”

“Morning, sleepy head. How are you feeling?”

“Better.” I sit up and sigh, still feeling sleepy.

“What time do you usually wake up?” Ronan asks as he hands me a small glass of orange juice. Taking it, I take a few sips and over the glass, I see him looking at me critically. Something tells me that he has been things a lot since he woke up.

“Um, a little before noon. I usually don’t get in till 2 or 3 in the morning so I sleep during the mornings.” I take another drink of juice and Ronan nods.

“I will remember that for the next time. I’m sorry I woke you too soon.”

“It’s no problem.”

When I’m done drinking the juice, I look down at the tray and see that there are two pancakes on a plate with some fruit on the side. The only person who ever makes me breakfast is Blaire and well she isn’t here. I’ve never had a guy make me breakfast before. Mostly because I haven’t dated many guys. Maybe if I had one of them would have been decent and made me breakfast. Collectively, none of the guys I have ever date measure of to Ronan. That’s probably why it never last long. According to Blaire, I have my head in the clouds waiting for the perfect guy. I love her but she has no room to talk. All the guys she’s dated were complete douche bags. That’s why I’m pushing for her to date the nerdy guy from her job.

Sometimes I think that I may have an unrealistic list of things I require from a guy in order to be with me, but that’s just because I know what I want. So far, Ronan obtains 65 percent of the characteristics that I have on the list and I’ve only known him for a few days. Too bad he isn’t my actual boyfriend. Just a financial gain if we’re being politically correct.

Bringing my attention back to the food on the plate, I pick up a large bright strawberry and take a bite out of it. The sugary flavor coats my tongue and I smile.

“Mm, so good.”

“I have them freshly picked. Why don’t you enjoy your breakfast while I run down to my office right quick.”

I nod and Ronan excuses himself from the room. I sit the tray on my lap and drizzle syrup over the pancakes before cutting them into sections. As I’m sitting in Ronan’s quiet room, I wonder what Blaire is doing. She probably spent all night worried sick but too stubborn to call and check on me. It’s honestly not that serious. I’m an adult who can make my own choices. I know she cares, but if she can make mistakes in her life than I should be able too. Who knows, this may be the best choice I’ve ever made. The point is, I have to right to see if this will work out or not. I’m going to have to explain that to her whenever we see each other. I know she’s probably still mad about it all.

Taking a deep breath as I eat, I shake my head, not wanting to think about Blaire right now. I just make a note to text her and tell her that I’m alive and that I’m sorry for keeping all this from her. Other than that, I have nothing else to apologize for.

After about 20 minutes, I finish with my breakfast and my tummy is more than happy. With a burst of energy, I get out of bed and take the tray now to the kitchen. When I get down there, I hear the faint sound of Ronan talking on the phone from an unknown room. I think about searching for him, but I decide not to interrupt. Instead, rinse the dishes I just ate off and play them in his dishwasher. I’m slightly surprised that someone like Ronan doesn’t have a maid or butler to do all of this, but he seems like a humble man. Maybe he just doesn’t see the need in paying someone to do what he can do for free. I hope that’s the case. Maybe he’s just so horrible that no one wants to work with him. I going to go with my first thought.

With nothing to do, I walk around the places of the house that I passed by last night and take in the beauty as my food digests a little. Ronan has a lot of paintings of nude women on his walls, but it isn’t raunchy or inappropriate. They are classy paintings that flow with the mood of the house. He as so has little trinkets floating through the house on either small shelves or in cases against the wall. In front of each trinket, there’s a name card with a date and location. Fancy fancy.

When I’m done giving myself a mini tour of the house, I find myself back in the kitchen. There’s a door leading outside so I open to get some fresh air. I’m not at home to grab my yoga mat so I just choose to flow with my toes in the trimmed grass in his backyard. Stepping out, the yard overlooks a pool area and there are trees surrounding the whole yard, giving the illusion of a privacy fence.

With my phone in hand, I put on my yoga flow playlist and stretch a little bit. When my muscles are looser, I go into Sun Salutation before freeballing it. It’s quite difficult doing this in Ronan’s clothes, but it’s nothing I can’t get used to. As I’m moving into my Crow pose, I see a figure move out the corner of my eye. I decide to stay focused on not look because I already know it’s Ronan. I feel a little weird having him watch me, but I depend on yoga to keep me sane so not even he can interrupt this.

I take a few deep breaths and come out of the pose, moving into a handstand before transitioning into Downward Dog. I completely ignore Ronan’s presence as I move into pose after pose, focusing on my breathing and mind meditation. The birding chirping aid in helping me stand in the moment. As I’m sinking into my Warrior 1 pose, my eyes flicker over to see Ronan sitting on the patio watching me intensely. It doesn’t bother me at this point, but it doesn’t make me wonder what he’s thinking.

After 25 minutes, I warm down and sit in the grass to meditate a little longer. Everything from last night has clouded my mind and I just want to go in with a good attitude.

Once I’m done, Ronan comes over with a bottle of water and a small towel.

“That was quite impressive, Malina. Are you a professional?”

“Nope. Self-taught.” I smile as Ronan nods, looking impressed.

“Damn.” He mumbles as he turns. “Feel like taking a dip?”

I want to say no, but with how I’m sweating, I can’t decline.

“Sure. I don’t have a bathing suit though.”

Ronan points to the pool house.

“There’s some in the bedroom.”

Nodding, I go to the house and as I’m walking in, I look behind me to see Ronan peeling off his shirt. The sight causes me to trip a little. The man is ripped. His abs are rock hard and his chest is well defined. How did I not notice any of that through his clothes? I continue to stare, taking in the small amount of chest hair peppered over his pecks and how his happy trail dips under his shorts. Lord, this man is a work of art under those respectful clothes.

Entering the house, I shoulder check the door frame as I continue to stare instead of watching where I’m walking. When he’s out of view, I shake my head, rubbing my shoulder.

I changed into one of the unworn two pieces Ronan had available and pile my hair on top of my head as I make my way back outside. When I’m back under the sun, I see Ronan standing next to the pool with a bottle in his hand. The closer I get, I realize it’s sunscreen. Turning around, Ronan smiles.

“You look great.”

“Thank you.”

“Here, let me put some sunscreen on you. Don’t want you to get sunburned.”

I face away from him as he opens the bottle, pouring some in his hand. After a few seconds, his hands are on me. He slowly runs in the lotion and I fight back moans as his hands move over my skin and muscles. He gets my back and shoulders before moving to my front. We lock eyes as his begins lotioning the front of my shoulders. His hands glide over the tops of my breasts and as he moves down to my stomach, he makes sure his hands brush over my nipples. Of course, they harden quickly, but I make no effort to hide them. He takes his time on my stomach and without any warning, he takes a need, running his hands over my thighs. Ronan’s hand move dangerously close to nether region and I desperately want for him to stop teasing me, but I don’t dare make that known.

I look down into his eyes as he continues massaging lotion into my legs. By the time he finishes, I’m completely turned on. I have to take a few deep breathes as he recaps the lotions. As I’m looking around, trying to calm myself, I suddenly feel two arms wrap around me before I’m lifted off the ground. Gasping, I squeal and before I know it, Ronan is tossing me into the pool. The cool water hits me with the same intensity as an orgasm. I come up, wiping the water from my eyes.


I don’t see him, but I hear him slashing into the water. Turning around, I see him come up. I splash water at him.

“Jerk, you didn’t warn me!” I laugh as he comes over to me.

I’m about to say something when his mouth slams into mine. He pulls my body to him and I snack my arms around his neck before wrapping my legs around him. His hands cup my backside as he begins moving. A few seconds later, my back is against the pool wall and we’re making out in a pool, under the morning sun. I can definitely get used to this.

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