Sugar & Spice

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Chapter 16

I don’t know why I am so naive to the fact that Ronan is good at sex whether it’s oral or actual, though we haven’t had actual sex, his oral is on point. It didn’t take him long to get me on my back with his face between my legs. It almost seems like he was hungry for me. The way his tongue dove and swam into my depths sent my whole world spiraling out of control. Orgasm after orgasm, I squirmed, shook, and screamed his name more times than I can remember.

By the time I called mercy, my body was weak and I was starving. However, that didn’t deter me from sliding across some of his bases either. After I had to convince him to let me repay the gesture, he laid back and let me free his large manhood. I wrapped my fingers around his width and swirled my tongue around his head and shaft. When Ronan’s groaned out, I knew he liked what I was doing. Curse words slipped from his lips as I spit on his member, lubricating it enough to jerk him while I sucked. His fingers sunk into my hair as I slurped up the inches of his cock, ignore the tightening of my jaw. I wanted him to feel the desperation I felt. I wanted him to silently beg me to make him burst into my mouth.

Saliva ran down my chin and fingers as I sloppily sucked and licked. On a normal day, I wouldn’t be as open to doing this but, I haven’t had sex in forever and the lust I feel for Ronan has opened up a side of myself that I only fantasized about. Better late than never to let that girl out of the fantasy world.

In the end, Ronan exploded into my mouth, gripping my hair tightly to hold me in place just in case I wasn’t the type to swallow but, to his surprise, I swallowed every drop of what he had to offer.

I’ve thought about last night all day at work and I’ve already managed to drop two beers and an empty glass all before 3pm. When I got to work this more, I was as happy, almost too happy because three regulars commented on the “glow” I had. If only they knew why.

As I’m serving drinks, I try not to let my mind go back to last night even though it was the best time I’ve ever had without being penetrated.

I had oral sex with my sugar daddy and it was the best. And as promised, he didn’t give me money for it. However, when he left this morning, he said that it was the last time I was going to tell him what to do with his money. His words were dominant to the core and it made me wet all over again. It made me wonder just what kind of man Ronan was behind closed doors. Was he the type to throw me over his lap and spank me? I hope so.

While working, I received a few texts from him asking about my day. I text him back as much as I can, but today has been a busy day. I guess he realizes that because he stops halfway through the conversation which I’m happy for. I can’t work correctly when I’m talking to Ronan. I turn to mush just talking to him and I don’t need patrons seeing me blush behind the bar. As far as they know, I’m some hardcore chick who only dates roughnecks. I have no clue when they came up with this notion, but I go with it.

As the day goes on, I get a little tired from being up later than normal, not that I regret it. Since I’m so tired, I decide to take two shots to wake me up a bit. I rarely ever drink on the job unless I need a pick me up like right now. The tequila gives me the rush I need to go a few more hours. However, by the time it’s time for me to get off, I’m exhausted.

At the end of the night, I’m yawning like crazy. I’m helping clean up when Ronan texts me asking how I’m doing. I tell him the truth and he simply tells me to drive safe and sleep well. It strikes me as odd since he usually more talkative, but I assume he understands that he kept me up late and I need to rest.

I go home and shower before falling into bed, not hearing from Ronan anymore that night. I usually sleep pretty normally through the night, however, tonight I slept like a newborn baby. I must’ve been hella tired because I slept so hard, I can barely hear someone knocking on my door the next morning. When it finally processes that someone is here, I jump up, pulling on a pair of shorts.

I shuffle to the door, wondering who the hell is at my door at this time of the morning. When I open it, I’m greeted by a young looking dude.

“Uh, Malina?”


“Delivery.” He passes me a large bag and a bouquet of flowers. Frowning, I take them before closing the door with my foot. In the kitchen, I set everything down and open the bag. Suddenly, the smell of breakfast goodness hits my senses. I reach into the bag and on top of carry-outs is a note.

I know you were tired last night let me make your morning with a good breakfast and lunch for later -Ronan

A smile spreads across my face and I reach back into the bag, pulling out the first carry out. Opening it, I see a stack of pancakes with bacon and sausage. On the side, there is a small bottle of orange juice and a packet of morning vitamins. Leave it to Ronan to include vitamins for me. I pull out the second box and inside is two turkey wraps with some mixed fruit and a coconut water. Damn, he’s making sure I eat well today. I’m not complaining though.

Grabbing my breakfast, I transfer it to a plate and head back to my room to eat in bed while catching up on some Netflix. Halfway through the meal, I decide to text Ronan. He immediately texts back asking If I’m enjoying the breakfast. I quickly reply with a definite yes. We talk back and forth for a little bit and then he asks if I have a long schedule tonight. I do, but I can easily change shifts so I tell him that I don’t. Quickly, he replies asking if I’d like to join him for dinner.

The last dinner we had, I walked out on him after the whole sugar baby confession. I think we need a good redo. I agree to dinner and he says that he’ll have a dress sent over to me. I want to object, but his warning about telling him what to do with his money comes to mind so I let it go. I guess there is no reason to try to say no to anything Ronan wants to give me. I agree and when it doesn’t text back immediately, I think the conversation is over until my phone pings telling me that my personal debit card will be delivered to my job by a guy named Frank. I supposedly have to sign for it. Interesting.

Curiously, I ask how much will be on the card and after a few seconds, my eyes widen at the reply.


What the fuck!?

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