Sugar & Spice

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Chapter 17

At the bar, I’m tapping my pen on the chipped wood, waiting for this delivery person to bring this private debit card that Ronan has set up for me. It will come in great handy seeing as I have a bunch of hundred dollar bills sitting in my delicate’s drawer. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think I were a stripper. However, I doubt I’d make as much as what Ronan is giving me for doing absolutely nothing except being attracted to him. It was a lot better than what I was doing for a living now. It made me wonder if I could actually make a living being a sugar baby. Is that a thing? If so, I need to look into it.

“Lina, heads up!” I hear someone shout as a lanky guy in a company shirt comes waltzing in with a Manila envelope.

“Package for a Malina Thomas.” He looks down to read the paper.

“That’s me.” I smile as he hands me the pen to sign my name. I take the envelope from him and it feels incredible like, but that’s only because there’s just a debit card in it. Ronan could’ve sent this in a regular envelope for all I care, but the man goes above an beyond for no good reason. Not that I’m complaining.

Behind the bar, I turn away from the crowd to open my super secret package. As confirmed, my new debit card was inside with my name on it. How did he even get all of my information to get a debit card for me?

I flip the card around just looking at it, knowing that there’s $5000 on it right now. I could easily leave this joint and go on vacation if I wanted, but I’m not the type. I worked hard to get where I am at this job. There was no way I was leaving it for $5000. I won’t let Ronan know that though. He may try to pay me out of bartending.

After marveling at the card, I stick it into my back pocket and go back to work. While doing so, I think about Ronan and what he’s up to. The urge to text him is strong, but my hands are too busy working. The bar is packed by 6pm for some game and I’m left working two shifts since the other guy had to get his girlfriend from work. I wish I was the type who had to leave all the time, but I’m not. However, even in I was, I wouldn’t. When everyone else bails, I get all the tips and their days pay in a bonus every six months. They hate it, but not enough to stay and work.

At the end of my shift, I do actually wish I could have bailed. My feet hurt so badly that it feels like I’m walking on rocks. I quickly clean up and leave feeling more tired than I have in weeks. As I’m about to head out the door, Phil stops me.

“Lina, thanks for working a double today. You didn’t have to. I could’ve made someone come in.”

“It’s no problem. For every person who doesn’t come in, I get their tips and pay. Works out for me.”

“True.” He laughs. “But, you’ve worked too much overtime for the week. By law, I have to give you some days off.”


“Yeah. So I’ve marked you down as off for the next three days.”

“Paid off days, right?” I raise my eyebrows and Phil shakes his head, tapping my arm.

“Of course. I’ll just tell everyone that you caught a virus or something. Just relax for a few days. I don’t want you to get burned out.”

Secretly, I was relieved. I have had three off days in a long time and I was ready to enjoy them as much as I could.

“Thanks, Phil. I hope the place makes it without me.”

“I will pray that it does. Now, get home safely.”

Phil watches me walk to my car and as soon as I’m inside, I pull out my phone to text Ronan. I can only imagine how pleased he’s going to be knowing that I’m willingly giving myself over to his beck and call for three days. He texts back before I can even pull out of the parking lot telling me to come stay with him all three days. I agree and let him know that I’ll be over when I go home and pack. I’m glad I don’t have a bitch of a roommate to explain myself to anyone. It’s like moving out of a parent’s house. You can come and go as you please without having to feel weird or ask for permission. As I’m reaching the red light, the thought of Blaire does cross my mind. I don’t know where she’s staying or who she’s staying with, but I hope she’s safe.

After stopping and grabbing a midnight snack, I get home and immediately start packing. I pack my bathroom things, pajamas, lingerie, clothes, hair products and the works. As I’m doing so, I get a little nervous thinking about staying with Ronan for three days. I mean his age and experience are still rather intimidating to me so to be around him for that long is going to be interesting. I’m also excited though for all the naughty filthy things we’re going to do. With everything we did when he was over still burned into my brain, it turns me on to think about what he will do to me once I’m in his domain.

When I’m sure that I have everything I need, I lock up and head to Ronan’s. Hell, only halfway there, I feel my panties dampen. I haven’t slept with Ronan yet, but just picturing it sends chills all over. I’m not saying I hope it happens in these next few days, but if it does, I’ll be damn happy about it. I’ve been in a sex drought and I’m ready for a downpour.

It’s a little past 1 when I pull into Ronan’s driveway and like the last time, he’s at the door before I can get out the car. Instead of waiting, he comes to the car and gets my bags out.

“I’ve missed you, sweetheart.”

“I’ve missed you too.”


I frown. “Huh?”

“For the next three days, you’ll refer to me as Daddy.”

Whoa, things just got real. I’ve never called a none father figure Daddy before. I never even called my own dad, daddy before., but here I am willing to call my sugar daddy whatever he wants me to call him.

“Oh, okay.”

“Okay, what?”

“Okay, Daddy.” I smile when it rolls off of my tongue. It sounds dirty and sexual. I like it. I imagine him throwing me over his knee and spanking me.

I follow him into the house and as always, it’s gorgeous. Only this time, I know my way around everything. I go up to the room that I know is mine and he sets my bags on the bed for roping his arms around my waist. Looking up at him, his dominance reigns down on me and I feel like smaller than what I am. He makes me what to say “yes, sir.” and “No, Sir.” In his presence, but he also makes me want to drop to my knees and suck him off. I’ve never felt like this before. Maybe, I’m getting this vibe because Ronan may be more than just a regular sugar daddy. I’ve read smut stories about men treating their girlfriends like little girls. The girls would call them daddy all the time and act timid on purpose, but would also fuck them and suck their daddy’s cocks like crazy. I can’t lie and say those stories never got me off, but I didn’t think people like that really existed.

Was Ronan one of those people?

I don’t want to ask up front so I’m just going to continue to observe his behavior. If all the signs are there then I’ll call him out on it and see where it goes. I don’t even know if I’m cut out for such a role. I’m more than willing to try though....if he actually is a daddy and not just a sugar daddy. Only time will tell.

“So what does my sweetheart want to do?”

“I would like to take a long hot bath and go to sleep. I’m exhausted.”

Ronan reaches up and smooths my hair back, sighing while pressing his lips together.

“You work extremely too hard. I don’t like it. I could easily ask you to quit your job right now, but you don’t seem like the type that would easily do that. Most sugar babies haven’t worked a full-time job in years. You’re the first one I’ve encountered that still had a job.”

“Ah, but I wasn’t a sugar baby when you met me.” I wink and he smiles.

“True. You are simply one of a kind, Malina. Now, come. Let us take a bath.”

As he’s pulling me to the bathroom, I frown.

“You mean the both of us?”

“Yes, you’re mine for three days. The fun starts now.”

My drought may get more than just a downpour. It may just flood.

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