Sugar & Spice

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Chapter 21

When we land in Tennessee, I am both a little excited and nervous. I’ve never gone on a trip with a guy before so this is pretty awesome. I’m nervous because...well, I’ve never been on a trip with a guy before. However, Ronan isn’t just some guy. He’s a man and that makes me all the more nervous about being in such a private place with him. I’m not sure if he brought me here strictly for sex or if he genuinely wanted me to be here with him. Either way, I’m here and there’s no turning back.

While we wait for the car, I realize how chilly it is. Watching out things get unloaded, I stand by the car with my arms wrapped around myself while Ronan talks to the pilot. I assume he’s thanking him for a good ride. I mean, I would. It was quite a pleasant trip.

While I’m waiting, one of the girls working on the plane with Emma comes up and stands next to me with a cigarette in between her MAC Ruby Red lips. When she blows smoke, I turn away even though it still gets inhaled.

“So you’re the lucky winner this time, huh?”

I turn to her and she’s smiling softly.

“What do you mean?”

“He’s brought girls like you up here a million times. You come a dime a dozen hun. I hope you don’t feel special. Men like him just use little girls like you before tossing them away. You’ll see.” She gives me a wink before sashaying off to where ever she’s going, leaving me standing there feeling like a fool.

I stare at her walking away and when she far enough away from me, I turn around to find Ronan’s dark eyes analyzing me. A stiff cold wind comes and I squeeze myself tighter before deciding to just let my damn self in the car. Why am I waiting around for him to finish yapping when I can be warm. I open the door and slide in, letting the warmth welcome me with open arms. I don’t realize how tense I became from talking to the woman until I sink down into the seat and allow my shoulders to relax. I immediately feel the tension leave my body.

Who am I fooling? She’s right. I’m a dime a dozen. It’s not a secret that Ronan has had past sugar babies. I’m no different no matter how much he tells me that I am. When I have sex with him, I’ll just be another notch on his headboard. After a while, he’ll want someone new. I’m pretty sure that’s how it goes. Sugar daddies can end things at the drop of a dime if they want, leaving the girls scrambling to save what they have left and hope they find a new daddy soon. I don’t have time to put my financial stability in the hands of a man who lives this life like it’s nothing. I’ve worked hard to get where I am with no assistance from anyone. So yes, I am different from the girl’s he’s had, but I’m also the same. I’m here with him, letting him wine and dine me.

As I’m getting myself all worked up, the car door opens and Ronan slides in next to me.

“Cold isn’t it?”

I nod. “Mhm.”

“I’m sorry I made you wait. The pilot and I were checking our schedules to make sure he knows what time I’ll be ready to leave.”

I don’t say anything as I stare out the window, waiting for the car to pull off. When it does, I look out the window the whole time. The car falls quite and Ronan most likely doesn’t even suspect that I’m upset about anything. No matter how rich or fancy he is, he’s still a guy with a guy brain that doesn’t know when to sense that the woman he’s with is mad. I could easily tell him, but I’m mad and being stubborn so nothing is getting accomplished at this time.

The ride to Ronan’s cabin is long and tiring. I spend the whole ride watching trees and mountains. It’s all so mesmerizing and beautiful, but also extremely repetitive. It doesn’t take long before my eyes begin to get heavy and I fall asleep. I don’t slip into a coma or anything, I just allow myself to rest lightly while still aware of what’s going on around me. I can still hear the soft jazz playing on the radio in the front. With every turn around a bend, I feel my body move. I am also aware that Ronan is looking at me when his hand slides over to mine, letting our pinkies touch. The gesture alone makes me want to slide over and cuddle against his chest, but the words of that girl continue to play in my head. Dime a dozen.

What do you do when society tells you that every girl wants to feel special, but reality tells you that you shouldn’t? What do you do?

The ride lasts for almost forever before I feel the car come to a stop. The destination is confirmed when Ronan reaches over, running his fingers over my cheek.

“Sweetie, we’re here. Wake up for me.”

Taking a long deep breath, I open my eyes and they immediately widen. Snow.

All around the cabin is thick white snow. How far up the mountain are we? Sitting up, I take it all in before opening the door, only to get blasted with ice cold air. I don’t care though. I want to be outside. I want to pick up a hand full of snow and just bask in this. The anger I felt early, fades away as I get out, my feet crunching over ice and my cheeks being bitten by the cold.

My arms resume the position around myself as I walk up to the cabin. I get halfway there before something heavy is draped over me. Ronan’s coat. Apparently, he was more prepared for this than me. I only packed a bunch of leggings, sweater, wool socks, gloves, a hot, and my boots. I doubt my boots will be able to fight back the cold from reaching my toes, but they will do. I wish Ronan would’ve let me go shopping before this impromptu trip.

By the time we get to the porch, my whole body is shivering. Ronan steps around me and pulls a set of keys out of his pocket, unlocking the door and pushing it open for me.

“In you go, darling.”

I force a smile and step inside, instantly greeted by warmth. Inside the cabin, there’s a fire going already. I guess Ronan has people to come set up before he arrives. There are candles lit and blankets set out on the long sectional leather sofa. The mounted plasma tv already has the news on, most likely for Ronan.

“Come dear, let’s get you into something warmer.” He says, coming up behind me.

I want to continue on with my attitude, but who can be mad in a place like this?

Ronan leads me to a large room with a huge king size bed covered in fleece blankets. Ronan goes over to the closet and when he opens it up, it’s already full of clothes...for me?

“Are those mine?”

“Yes, dear. I knew we were leaving on short notice so I had someone go shopping for you. Come here, please.”

I do as he says with no hesitation and as soon as I’m in arms reach, he begins stripping my clothes off. One by one, my shirt, my shoes, my socks, and pants. When I’m down to my underwear, he pulls a heavy sweater on me and holds up a pair of thick wool leggings for me to step into. I feel ten times more comfortable by the time he’s done dressing me.

Ronan lays his hands on my shoulder and smiles.

“I don’t know what was wrong earlier, but I hope you’re feeling better. If it’s anything I’ve done then I truly apologize, Malina.”

I can’t help but smiles at his words.

“Thank you, Ronan, Thank you for all of this.”

He shakes his head. “No problem, baby. Now, let’s go see what’s in the fridge. I’m starving.”

Without warning, he bends over and throws me onto his shoulder.

“Ronan!!” Ugh, this man drives me crazy....and I like it.

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