Sugar & Spice

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Chapter 22

After a good early dinner of steak and potatoes, prepared by Ronan himself, we relax by the fireplace for a while. I’m laying there, reading a book from his cabin office while he types away on his phone most likely answering work emails. I tell you, this is the most relaxed I’ve been in my whole life. Just the fact that I can lay here and not have to worry about bills, work, or ex-friends is just what I need to reset myself. I honestly can see now why a lot of sugar babies quit their jobs after entering the lifestyle.

As I’m skimming away, my phone vibrates and I’m honestly shocked to see Blaire’s number on the screen.

“Weird.” I mumble, setting the book down.

“What is?” Ronan asks, nonchalantly, not even looking up from his own phone.

“Blaire is calling me.”

He doesn’t say anything for a second before sighing.

“Answer it. See what she wants.”

I pick up the phone, answering hesitantly.


“Hey, Lina.” Why does it sound like she’s forgotten that we aren’t friends anymore?

“Hi.” I frown.

“Um, I went to your job and your boss said you were off for a few days. What are you up to?”

“Why are you calling me, Blaire?” I’m not about to beat around the bush with her.

“I just wanted to see how you’re doing.”

“Why? Are you expecting me to be doing poorly?”

“No, but I mean we were friends. I’d expect you to at least be a little hurt.” She forces a laugh, but I find nothing funny.

“I haven’t had time to be hurt. I’ve been busy.”

“Busy with that guy? How’s that working out?” She laughs again, but this time there is sarcasm laced into it. I assume she is expecting me to say that Ronan lefts me, used me, broke me, and she was right all along.

“It’s working out fine. We’re in Tennessee at the moment.”

“Why the hell are you there?”

“Ronan wanted to get out of town for the weekend since I’m off.”

“Oh.” Hmm, nothing else to say, I guess.

“Is there a real reason why you’re calling me, Blaire?”

“I...I just miss you. Things aren’t going so well on my end. My pay has been shitty. I’m staying with a co-worker, but she’s a bitch and...”

“Then you two should be getting along great.”

She doesn’t say anything for a moment.

“I guess I deserve that. You don’t have to throw it in my face. I just said I miss you. Don’t you miss me?”

“Should I after the way you treated me? What, you thought my life was going to fall apart and your’s was going to be amazing? Did you expect me to be lost without you? You were just a fake friend and roommate, Blaire. There’s nothing to miss. You can call me out of the blue, expecting me to let you back in my life just because things aren’t going your way. That’s not how it works. I have to go now.” I don’t let her say anything as I hand up the phone and let it fall on the fur rug under me.

Groaning, I rest my head on my arms.

“I take it, she’s feeling a little sorry for her actions now.” Ronan says.

I nod. “Yeah, things are going shitty for her so now she wants back in. She’s staying with a co-worker so it’s obvious that she was going to ask to move back in with me. Hell no.”

“Good for you for not letting her play with you. I’m proud. You seemed so upset when it first happened.”

“I know. I guess it was because she was my only friend, fake or not. I don’t really have anyone to talk to now besides people at work and you.”

“I’m sorry. If you want, I can call up a friend who has a sugar baby. It’s nice to have friends in the circle.”

I think about it and then scrunch my nose.

“I don’t really want any snooty sugar baby friends. I wouldn’t relate to them.”

Ronan chuckles and pulls out his phone.

“I know one guy who’s sugar baby still works as a receptionist. She’s your age. I think you’d like her.”

I shrug at his words and he doesn’t say anything as I continue reading the book, swaying my feet back and forth as the fire crackles. I could honestly lie here forever. When I look up, snow is falling lightly, sticking to the snow already on the ground. Doesn’t look like we’re going anywhere else for the evening which is fine with me. I have no desire to leave this amazing cabin.

A few moments later as I’m coming from our room to get a hair tie, I see a room off from the back that I didn’t notice before. I walk down the hall and see that it’s a small sunroom with a jacuzzi. Hmm. Why not?

I start it up and go back to the room and manage to find a brand new two-piece swim set. I guess Ronan wanted to be prepared. Stripping, I pull on the set and the red pops against my skin. I grab a towel and head back to the living room where Ronan is sitting, one leg over the other, and staring at his phone.

“Hey, daddy, wanna take a dip?”

He looks up and immediately his eyebrow shoots up. Ronan licks his lips softly before getting up and undoing his shirt. Not wanting to wait on him, I go ahead to the back with the bottle of wine we were working on.and see that the water is already steaming and bubbling. Perfect. It’s just now beginning to get dark and so I light some candles. Along with the glow of the candles, the snow falling is the perfect scenery.

Slowly, I sink down into the hot water and it’s like all my muscles melt. When I’m submerged up to my boobs, I let my head fall back, resting on the edge. This is so relaxing. I could literally do this every single day if I could. Holy crap, this is amazing. With my eyes closed, I hear Ronan come in and moments later he’s sinking into the water next to me. Under the water, I feel his hand slide across my thighs, brushing against my wanting core. I don’t open my eyes as I open my legs a little more giving me access to the parts of myself that’s been craving him for the longest.

It doesn’t take long for him to take go with green light and pulls the bottoms to the side, brushing his fingers against my lower lips. Inhaling deeply, my hands grip the seat. I tilt my head to the side and part my eyes to see Ronan staring at me deeply. In his eyes, I see the dark desire he has for me and I didn’t want him to wait any longer. Before he can blink, I’m straddling him, hands in his hair and lips on his lips. I kiss him hard and he growls against my mouth, pulling the bikini top loose and tossing it to the side before doing the same with my bottoms.

My whole body awakens under his rough touch and I don’t think I can go any longer without having him inside of me. I pull back, gripping his hair.

“Please, daddy.”

I swear I saw fire blaze in his eyes.

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