Sugar & Spice

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Chapter 24

When we arrive at the little bistro, I become slightly nervous with the thought of meeting friends of Ronan. He hasn’t told me anything about them other than the fact that they are also sugar daddies. Other than that, I’m going in blind. Also, I’ll be meeting a fellow sugar baby who Ronan is more than sure I’ll get along with. He hasn’t known me that long so I don’t exactly trust is people reading skills when it comes to individuals that I’ll like. I liked Blaire at one point and he saw how that ended so he really can’t say if I’ll like her or not. We’ll see though.

Upon entering the place, I look around and see a few tables with people who look like they could be Ronan’s friends, but when we pass all of those people, I begin to no longer trust my people reading skills. Where the heck are they?

When I realize that we aren’t stopping, I look forward only to see that Ronan is leading me to a different area. Further back in the bistro is a private dining area. Of course. I should’ve known these people would be too uppity to dine with the rest of the patrons. My heart begins to thud because at this point, I don’t know what I’m going to walk into. I honestly feel like this is a scene out of The Godfather or something. The tension begins to rise and my heart levitates into my throat. If I could turn back, I would, but Ronan is holding my hand as if he knows that’s what I want to do.

Finally, when my palms are about to begin sweating, we get to a door before reaching the outside patio. When he opens it, I try to look around him to see, but he blocks my few of the table. I hear three manly voices greet Ronan and he chuckles.

“Hey guys, long time, no see.”

“No shit. Get in here, man.” One voice says.

When Ronan steps forward, I finally get a view of the room and the people. The three men sitting at the table are beyond handsome. I don’t know why I’m so surprised seeing at Ronan looks like a freaking GQ model, but I didn’t expect his friends to share the same good looks.

I spend a few seconds gawking at them before my eyes flicker to the left to see a blonde headed girl sitting off to the side. Why is she not sitting at the table with the guys? I immediately catch a whiff of misogyny as she looks up at me with a half smile.

“Ah, guys, I’d like to introduce you to Malina.” Ronan says, slipping his hand around my waist.

I gift all three guys a small wave and they look at me like they are mentally having a bidding war. Sorry, guys, I’m not for sale.

“Hi.” I say and Ronan gives me waist a squeeze.

“These are my friends, Johnathan, Derek, and Marco.”

Each one of the guys look as if they are in the same age bracket as Ronan with little silver streaks in their hair. However, each look nothing alike. Johnathan messy hair, Derek has a very short cut and Marco has dreads pulled back into a ponytail. Out of the three, he is the most handsome to me. Maybe, even a little more good-looking than Ronan.

I give them all a smile and surprisingly, only Marco returns it. The other’s look like the gears in their heads are turning.

“And this is Alissa.” Ronan speaks, interrupting my thought process.

Alissa stands and walks over to me, holding out her hand.

“Nice to meet you.”

“Likewise.” I mumble, shaking her hand, firmly. A lot more firm than she shook mine. As she sits, I take her in a little. She’s dainty but also toned. She obviously works out, but her something seems too reserved about her. No one has told me which guy she belongs to, but if I had to take a guess, I’d go with Jonathan, seeing as I’ve watched him glance over at her twice.

“Malina, you can go sit with Alissa.”

“What?” I frown.

“I said, you can go sit with Alissa.”

“In the corner?” I snort. “Um, I think I’m going to go sit over by the window. I’d like to watch the snow.”

Ronan smiles, but the other’s expressions say that they’ve never seen a sugar baby do what she wants. As they stare at me, Ronan kisses my neck and lets me go.

“Very well. What would you like to eat?”

“Ceaser salad and a Coke would be great.” I nod, walking across the room to the window seat.

“Ronan, it looks like you have a spitfire on your hands.” One of them says causing Ronan to chuckle.

“You have no idea.”

“How’s that working out for you?”

“Great actually. Her defiance is refreshing. Maybe if you let Alissa off the leash, she’d show you a thing or two too, John.”

I was correct. Johnathan and Alissa are together. I assume why Ronan’s statement that Johnathan is a bit of a hardass when it comes to his sugar babies. I wonder how much money he’s giving her because she looks too miserable to be genuinely happy with him.

“Eh, you stick to the wild ones, Ronan. I’ll stick to mine. If I’m chunking out $3000 a month, I’d like to get exactly what I want. I don’t have time for some pouting and nonsense like you.” Johnathan chuckles and I fight the urge to stick up for Ronan.

“Well, Johnathan, some of us don’t’ have to dangle money over the heads of girls just to get them to be with us.”

Facing the window, I can’t help but smile at Ronan’s comeback. Apparently, there seems to be a little strife between the two of them.

“Alright guys, calm down. We’re here for lunch.” Someone buts in. Clearly, this is nothing new to them.

As they talk and catch up, I eat by myself by the window, watching snow and people walk by. I also play around on my phone, checking up on work and such. As I’m texting a co-worker, I feel someone standing over my shoulder. When I turn around, It’s Alissa.

“Oh, hey, I didn’t hear you come up.” I smile.

“It’s okay. Um, Ronan asked if you could take out for a bit so he and the guys can talk about something private.”

I look around her and see that Ronan is looking at me. He gives me a little nod and wink, making me smile.

“Yeah, sure. We went to this cute little boutique and I’d like to go back for a bit.” For a second, I swear her eyes light up a bit.

Does this girl get out? What kind of sugar baby is she?

As I’m getting up, I feel Johnathan’s eyes on me. Looking over, I seem him almost warning me with his glare. Why does he not seem comfortable with me being around Alissa? I’m beginning to think there’s a lot more going on there than what meets the eye. We’re about to leave and Ronan reaches out for me.

“Here, take my card and get something if you want.”

“No, it’s okay. I have my card.” I shrug and when I glance over at Marco, he’s smiling for some reason. Am I that new to them?

Ronan raises an eyebrow and nods.

“Have fun, baby girl.” He turns his cheek for a kiss and instead of kissing him on the cheek, I cup the side of his face, turning him to face me. When I kiss his lips, I feel him smiling against mine.

“I will.” I mumble as I pull away. “Don’t miss me too much.”

“Oh, you know I will. Get over, wild child.”

Alissa and I leave them to their own devices and when we get out of the room, I hear her take a sigh of relief. I’m about to ask if she’s okay when all of a sudden, she blurts out.

“That fucking asshole. I fucking hate him.”

My eyes widen and when she looks at me, she smiles a bit.


“No, please, don’t apologize. I was just beginning to think that douche was being abusive.” I laugh.

“No, he’s just a prick.”

I nod and finally realize why Ronan knew we’d get along.

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