Sugar & Spice

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Chapter 25

“Why don’t you like him? If you don’t mind me asking.” I ask Alissa as we make our way to the boutique.

I was very surprised to hear her basically tell her sugar daddy, John, to fuck off when we left the room, but when we were in there, she was as quiet as a mouse.

“He’s a total prick. The only reason I stay is because he’s funding my whole life. He pays for my tuition, car, apartment, travels, clothes, utilities and basically my life.”

“Your life?”

“Yeah, I have a 3-year-old son from a previous relationship and John pays for everything.”

“Where’s your son now?”

“He’s with his father for the weekend. The only reason I still work is so that he doesn’t suspect anything. If he knew I was a sugar baby, he’d try to take my son from me.”

I nod.

“So how did you meet John?”

“Um, I met him online and we met for dinner. He was kind and whatnot. I noticed he was a little arrogant, but I thought that’s how they all are. I was wrong. He’s a complete dick to me. He’s always hanging money over my head and expecting me to be some slave to him. I hate it.”

“So why don’t you find another sugar daddy?”

“It’s hard finding one that pays what John pays. If I really had it my way, I’d be with someone nicer like Marco.”

“Ah, he is very easy on the eyes.” I smile and Alissa throws her head back.

“He’s so hot. Those dreads just make me melt. Ronan is very handsome too and he’s so sweet to you.”

For once, I feel very happy to have someone be a little jealous of me. Ronan is the sweetest compare to that asshole John.

“He really is. I’m sorry you’re with someone like John. You deserve better.”

“Thank you. I’ve been saving through and once I get another $10,000 out of him, I’m breaking things off. I can’t deal with him anymore. He treats me like he’s my actual father and it gets on my last nerve.”

“I hope things work out.”

“Me too. So Ronan told John that you work too.”

“Yeah, I’m a bartender.”

“Awesome. Sounds fun.”

“Sometimes. Other times, it’s tiring, but Ronan understands that I’m not quitting. I never set out to be a sugar baby. Ronan is just that great of a guy that I agreed. ”

“So lucky.” She giggles, throwing her hair over her shoulder.

I guess I am lucky. Ronan could be like John, but then again if he were, I wouldn’t be with him.

Alissa and I spend an hour or so looking around at shops. We buy a couple of things before heading back to the bistro to see the guys. Unknowing to her, Ronan texted me asking me to come back because John was becoming a little angry by her absence. It’s starting to make me think that Joh is meaner than everyone is letting on. I want to ask Alissa if he’s every hit her, but I doubt she’d tell me. No one ever wants to disclose that kind of information to a stranger. It’s hard to imagine a girl falling into this kind of like and being abused for the sake of money. I feel for her.

It makes me appreciate Ronan a lot more. His kindness is obviously not as common in this life, I suppose. He’s done nothing but treats me with the utmost respect. He doesn’t use his money as a threat or persuasive measure to get me to do things. He simply asks and gets an answer. He’s truly just paying me from my company, not my obedience.

On the way back to the bistro, I text Ronan back asking if John hurts Alissa. I don’t get a response. A part of me thinks that he probably didn’t see it, but my gut tells me that he has a reason for not answering.

When we get back, all the guys are still sitting around talking. Alissa quickly scurries to John side, who’s sitting there with a displeased look on his face. God, this man is creepy as hell. I don’t like him and he gives off a really bad energy. Even from across the table, he makes me feel uneasy.

Ronan wraps his arm around my waist and with a forced smile, ask me how shopping went.

“It’s was good. I texted you. You didn’t answer.”

“I know.” Is all he says. Weird. Ronan is never one for short answers.

With us returned, the guys wrap up their lunch and before leaving Marco makes sure to give me a long tight hug. His cologne is almost as intoxicating as Ronan’s and his touch gives me a similar nervous feeling. When I look at Ronan, he doesn’t seem to mind at all, but he doesn’t give John time to get any physical contact with me, telling them that we need to get back to the cabin before the evening snow comes in. I’m personally glad he doesn’t let John hug me because I probably would object which would be rude. However, since Ronan didn’t, it makes me think that something is really wrong with John.

As we’re leaving, I want to talk to Ronan about it, but when I’m about to, he just tells me to wait. I don’t like how he’s brushing me off and I begin to get a little irritated by it. I mean I understand that he doesn’t want to talk about his friend, but if you sit by and let a girl get abused by your friend then you’re just as bad. I don’t want to be with someone that allows that no matter how nice they are. The more I think about it, the madder I become. I get so heated that I give Ronan the silent treatment. He doesn’t really notice because he hasn’t said much since leaving the restaurant, but I’m sure he can sense it. He never missed a beat when it comes to my moods.

Back at the cabin, I march into the house and set my bags down before marching to the room and closing the door. I flop down on the bed and stare at the ceiling. I can’t stop thinking about Alissa. If John being mean to her right now? Is he hurting her? I just wish I knew if she was okay or not. I’m thinking the worst because Ronan doesn’t want to talk to me about it.

As my imagination is running wild, the door opens and Ronan comes in.

“What’s bothering you, babygirl?”

I don’t answer.

“Oh, okay, I see. Well, in regards to your text, I don’t know if John is hurting Alissa. None of us know except John and Alissa.”

“But you suspect don’t you? I know you do.” I shake my head.

“Yes, we do suspect. However, it’s not our place to pry into other’s relationship, Malina. This lifestyle is very private.”

“It’s just not right. She hates him. He clearly doesn’t treat her nicely. It just sucks.” I huff and Ronan stands between my legs as they hang off the edge of the bed.

“I know, baby. It’s tough to know that some sugar daddies don’t treat their girls with respect. That’s why I go out of my way to allow you your independence. You submit when you want to and that good enough for me.”

I can’t help but smile a bit.

“Thank you.”

“Now, can we stop worrying about this and enjoy the rest of our weekend?”

“For now, yes, but I want to talk to Alissa one day. Do you think John would be okay with that?”

“Maybe.” Ronan mumbles as he begins taking off my boots.

I lie there and let him, feeling my socks come off as well. Suddenly, I feel my leggings being pulled off also. Lifting my head, I look down as Ronan drops them on the floor before kneeling between my legs.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

“Taking your mind off of all the bad things in the world.” And with that, he pulls my panties to the side and his tongue dives into my depths causing me to forget my own name.

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