Sugar & Spice

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Chapter 27

As a free woman, I fall back into my normal routine of work and no play. One may think it’s harder to go from having money deposited in your account just for lunch to go back to relying on tips, but it’s not that hard. It’s what I’m used to. It’s how I was before Ronan and it’s how I’m going to be after.

He hasn’t contacted me any in the past week and I really don’t care. After the way he acted, I don’t really even miss him...much. I can’t lie and say I don’t miss him at all when I do a bit. I miss the beginning when things were fun and easy, but that last day was surely a foreshadow of how it would have truly been and I don’t need that in my life. I just want to move on and forget the unfortunate situation. The only good thing that came from it was the fact that for the first time, I had a savings account that had more than $50 in it.

With Ronan being out of the picture, I begin to miss Blaire a bit. I can’t forget that she totally judged me when it came to Ronan and admitted that she secretly hated me though. I miss her, but I can’t forget the true colors she revealed when push came to shove. So at the moment, I literally have no one. No friend, no nothing. It’s a tad depressing.

At work, I throw myself into anything that can take my mind off of everything that’s gone on. I make drink after drink and even wait tables for the hell of it. I even entertain some of the flirty guys which is something I never do on the regular but to have them giving me a little attention isn’t horrible.

Phil notices how hard I’m working for no reason and when everyone has a drink, he pulls me to the side to talk.

“Hey, sweetie, how’s everything going? You seem a little off.”

I roll my eyes and force a smile.

“I’m fine Phil. Just regular guy problems recently. I just need a distraction from it. I’m sorry if I seem off. I don’t mean to.”

Phil shakes his head.

“Well, if he ever comes through the doors, let me know. I’ll deck him in the face for you.” He holds up his fists and I burst out laughing,

“Thank you, Phil. I’ll be sure to take you up on your offer if he comes in.

“Good. I don’t like seeing you not yourself dear. You’re my shining light in this place. If you’re off then the whole place is off.”

For some reason, Phil’s words hit me in the gut and almost bring a tear my eye. To know that Phil values me so much in this place is touching. Sometimes I feel like this is just a job, but Phil considers me family. I give him a huge hug before heading back out to the front with a whole new attitude about things.

I go out with my head held high, not wanting anyone’s attention or affection to make me feel valid. I’m too good for that and I need to remind myself every day.

For the rest of the night, I’m a whole new girl. I’m giving sass and showing no stress. I turn on music and proceed to dance to every song. I get other people dancing and before we know it, the whole place is alive with people singing and dancing to classic rock songs.

I’m in the middle of dancing to a Journey song when out the corner of my eye, I see someone sit at my bar. I head over to them as I’m looking down at how many glasses I have in this section.

“What can I get you?” I ask, loudly.

I see the figure lean over the bar, slowly.

“You can get me whatever you’re on.”

For some reason, I recognize the mellow voice and when I look up, I see a familiar handsome dread head.

“Marco?” I gasp a bit, not expecting to see him. I immediately look around for Ronan.

“He’s not here. Just me.”

“How’d you find me? What are you doing here?”

He shrugs, throwing a few dreads behind his shoulder.

“I have friends in places. I got into town a few days ago and remember Ronan telling me about this bar. Thought I’d come in and chat.”

I nod, sitting a glass on the bar.

“So I guess you know about Ronan and me?”

His eyebrow raises and he shakes his head.

“He dumped me because I wouldn’t quit my job to be with him full time.”

“You gotta be shitting?!” His eyes widen and I shake my head, pouring a shot of Jack Daniels into the glass.

When I slide it across the bar, he gives me a questionable look causing me to shrug.

“You look like a Jack kinda man.” I smirk softly and Marco nods.

“You’re good.” He says before taking the shot. When he sits the glass down, I put it away before leaning on the bar, resting on my elbow.

“So I guess Ronan hasn’t told anyone.”

“No me, at least. Damn, it seemed like things were going well over the weekend. I guess he couldn’t handle all the spunk you have.”

“I wouldn’t call it spunk. I just know what I want and what I don’t. I didn’t feel comfortable quitting my job and I’m glad I trusted my gut. I just don’t think I was cut out for that life.”

Marco doesn’t say anything for a moment. He just looks at me with an intrigued stare. I can only wonder what the heck is going through his very handsome mind. It’s not a secret that he has way more charm than Ronan and better looks. He looks a few years younger than Ronan, but there’s something young about him. He has a free-spirited aura about him that I like. I can see him traveling the world, surfing as soon as the sun allows and only stopping when the moon arises. If he weren’t a sugar daddy, I’d go for him.

“Nah, I just think you’re very strong-willed and Ronan thought he could break that with money. He has a tendency to take on challenges and I’m sure he saw you as one. His money didn’t affect you the way he thought it would.”

“Nope, but the money was nice.” I giggle and Marco shakes his head.

“I haven’t had a sugar baby in 3 years.”

“Why?” Now, I’m really intrigued.

“I fell for my last sugar baby and unfortunately she only saw me as a cash cow.”

“A sugar daddy with feelings. Seems rare.” I smile and he returns the gesture.

“Yes, despite what people think, we do care.”

“Well, Ronan didn’t care about me.” I shrug, fixing him another drink to make it seem like I’m working.

“Well, he was your first.”

“And my last.”

Marco raises an eyebrow and leans in closer. His hand eases over to mine and his pinky brushes over my fingers.

“Now, I really hope that isn’t the case.”

Oh boy, this one is going to be trouble.

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