Sugar & Spice

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Chapter 31

I wake the next morning to two different texts from Ronan and I groan immediately. I didn’t have have the heart to tell him that the text I sent him wasn’t intended for him. Instead, I just didn’t reply and forced myself to go to sleep hoping that when I woke it would be a dream. How do I tell Ronan that the text was for Marco? I’m very sure that it will not sit well with him to know that I’m talking to his friend.

Staring at the text, I just sigh. I have to tell him something to get him off my back, but what? Do I say that I met someone new?

Quickly, I write out a text telling Ronan that the text wasn’t for him but for a new guy friend that I’ve met. I’m about to hit send when someone knocks at the door. Scrambling out of bed, I scurry to the door in nothing but a t-shirt. I stand on the tiptoes and when I look through the peephole, my eyes widen at the sight of Ronan standing there with flowers.

Fuck! Fuck, what do I do?!

I can just ignore the knocking. Yes, that will work.

Standing at the door, I just ignore the sound of Ronan knocking on my door. In my hand, my phone starts to vibrate from him calling me from outside. Tiptoeing to my room, I silently shut the door and answer.

“Hello.” I try to sound normal.

“Babe, I’m at the door. Let me in.” God, he sounds so chipper.

“I’m not at home at the moment, Ronan. I got up early to go to the market with a friend.”

“Oh. What friend? Did you and Blaire make up?”

“Uh, no. Look, I’m sorry, but the text I sent you last night wasn’t for you. I should’ve told you last night, but the text was for another guy.”

The line falls silent and I wonder if he’s hung up on me.

“Well, I wish you’d told me. I feel rather dumb standing at your door with flowers.”

“I know. I’m sorry.” Now, I just feel like an asshole

“It’s okay. I’ll leave the flowers for you. Goodbye, Lina. I wish things could’ve been different.”

“Me too, Ronan, but I couldn’t do what you wanted me to do. I hope you find someone who can give you whatever you want.”

“It won’t be hard too. Bye, Lina.” He hangs up and I’m left standing there with a dumbfounded look on my face.

What a total jerk. He comes over here to try to get me back and then says something like that. Now, I’m just pissed. I text Marco and tell him what happened and he texts back with a bunch of wide-eyed emojis that make me laugh. Since I’m out of the bed early, I go to the kitchen to start breakfast. While doing that and texting Marco, I almost forget about the flowers Ronan left at my door. I’ll have to throw them down the trash shoot when I get a chance.

Getting my breakfast prepared, Marco texts me asking what I’m doing before work and I tell him nothing. He replies asking if I want to eat lunch with him at a place by my job. I can’t help but smile. Unlike that jerkface, Ronan, Marco actual wants to do things with me that work with my schedule. He isn’t asking me to quit my job to spend time with him. I know that’s pretty normal for regular guys, but do a sugar daddy, if they are giving you gifts, they want your undivided attention. I’m glad Marco isn’t like that.

I agree to lunch and he sends me the heart eye emojis and for some reason, I blush. We text back and forth until he tells me that he has to make an important call to a supplier overseas. When he tells me that, I realize that I don’t exactly know what Marco does for a living. I didn’t really know what Ronan did either, but that doesn’t matter anymore. I’ll have to ask Marco when I see him for lunch.

After eating breakfast, I change into a sports bra and leggings before heading up to the room with my mat. I haven’t gone up there to do yoga since before Blaire left so going up there feels a bit weird without her. A part of me wants to reach out to her just to talk about things, but my pride stops me every time. I don’t even know if she wants to talk to me. She hasn’t reached out to me either. Maybe her pride is getting the best of her also.

On the room, it’s pretty sunny with a few clouds to provide bursts of shade every few moments. I lay my mat out and my speaker before playing Fleetwood Mac. With the music playing loudly, I go through my Sun Salutations before moving on to a new flow that’s been in my head all morning. As I’m doing so, I think long and hard about all the events that have led up to this moment. What could I have done differently and what mistakes I don’t plan on repeating. It’s hard to pinpoint where I took the wrong turn. I could say it started with Ronan, but then whatever this is with Marco wouldn’t be. I guess even while making mistakes, there’s always a silver lining.

After sweating and stretching my whole body, I get back to my apartment to shower and head to lunch with Marco. I’m pretty excited about spending time with him. There’s just something about him that calms me and puts me in a good headspace. Plus, he also turns me on to my wits end so that’s a plus.

Around 11:30, I go by my job and drop off my things before walking a few blocks over to this small restaurant. In the front window, I can see Marco sitting there, having a glass of wine. When he looks up and sees me, his smile beams through me like a thousand suns. I watch as his eyes run up and down my body. Even in just a pair of shorts and a top, he makes me feel like I’m dressed in diamonds.

Inside, he stands as I walk up, pulling out my chair for me to see. When I do, he leans over and kisses the side of my face.

“Hey, beautiful. How’s it going?”

“Good. However, my morning was beyond awkward.” I shake my head, making him laugh.

“Yeah, I bet. Gotta make sure you’re texting the right person, sunshine.”

“I know. I know. I’ll do better.” I smile at home, mostly because he called me sunshine.

The waiter comes and takes our orders, bring us two very expensive glasses of wine thanks to Marco. We sip and talk about random things before I remember what I wanted to ask him.

“I hope you don’t mind, but what do you actually do?”

“Oh, I inherited my parent’s shipping company. Businesses go through my company to have very important items shipped around the world like art, cars, belongings and such.”

“Ah, that sounds rewarding.”

“It is. I use it as an excuse to travel a lot. I could be in a stuffy office, but I like to make sure the people who work with us get my personal attention. Everywhere I go is like business and pleasure.” He winks at me and I try not to blush, but I do anyway.

“Sounds like the life.”

“Yeah, it would be better if I had someone to travel with hence, why I began being a sugar daddy some years back. I needed a companion who would be able to handle my face paced life.”


“I guess. After everything, I realized that I need to slow down and let up some roots.”

“Setting up roots is always a good thing.”

Marco looks at me deeply before nodding.

“Yeah, so far I like where I planted my roots.”

Oh my...

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