Sugar & Spice

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Chapter 35

After Marco Hypothetically asks me to be his sugar baby, we don’t talk about it for the rest of the day or night. We didn’t talk about it yesterday and haven’t talked about it today. I’m almost starting to question whether the conversation was real or not because we both have acted as if it didn’t happen. I know in his mind it wasn’t just a vague question. I just don’t know how to answer it. I didn’t leave one sugar daddy just to be with another and it’s weird that since that conversation, I’ve actually considered it a few time. Every time a customer drops a drink or makes a sexist comment, I joke to myself that I can quit today and just be a sugar baby.

And speaking of quitting, if this job with Marco’s company works out, I will quit and it will be the best day of my life. I would no longer have to serve drinks to a bar full of assholes and potential rapists. I won’t have to go home with aching feet and a bad attitude. I’ll actually be doing something that is beneficial to my life. And it will all be thanks to Marco. In some weird way, he’s being a sugar daddy without actually being a sugar daddy, It’s a total mind fuck if you ask me.

Wanting to show me the actual company I may work for soon, I get off of work very early to meet him there. It’s about a 10-minute drive and when I pull up to the building, I realize that I’ve passed by it hundreds of times and never knew what went on inside. Getting out of the car, I see Marco heading towards me.

“Hey, sunshine.”

“Hey, yourself. I never knew this building was a company. It looks like a loft or something.”

“That’s because that’s what it was when I purchased it. It’s a company, but only 10 people are employed here.”

“Seriously?” My eyebrows raise in surprise.

“Yeah, when people think about a company, they think high rises and thousands of employees, but the best companies only have less than that. Each only of my sites only has less than 20 employees each. We’re energy efficient, time efficient, and resourceful without secretaries, coffee girls, copy girls, and other bullshit positions. Each person does their own job and gets their own coffee. My employees never work weekends or holidays. They receive full health benefits as soon as they are hired on as well as their wives and kids. Two times a year they get two-week vacations all expenses paid. In two years, I’ve hired only 5 peoples and no one has ever quit.”

Listening to Marco talk about his company makes me want to pass in my notice immediately.

“It seems like you have a great thing going here. Sounds like a dream.”

“Yeah, most would say that, but my people work hard as hell to make things work so fluently with limited employees. They do their jobs and do it well. I can see you flourishing here as an ambassador.”

I nod, slowly, still trying to wrap my head around all of this. I never knew jobs like this existed. I always thought you went to college and worked for some stuffy job or ended up a bartender. However, here I am standing next to a man who prefers flip flops, shorts and no shirt over a suit and tie but is loaded.

We head inside and immediately, I see people sitting or standing at desks next to one another. They are either talking and laughing or working with a freaking smile. The room is full of light and energy. There are no cubicles or no one micro-managing. Hell, there’s freaking aromatherapy machines in every corner. It smells like Pachouli and lavender.

“Hey, everyone can I get some attention, please. I want to introduce you to Malina. She’s going to be training as our base brand ambassador soon.”

Nervously, I wave to everyone and they wave back. One girl walks past me with a stack of files and introduces herself. As Marco and I walk past everyone, they all greet me, welcoming me to the company. As he’s showing me around, he tells me how his father started the company and how it came to be. Marco tells me that at first, he didn’t want to company because he was young and dumb. However, when he realized that he doesn’t necessarily have step into his father shoes, his passion for it grew. He managed to keep his father’s dream and foundation of the company while also making it his own in the process. It turned it into something he can love every single day. It’s rather inspiring.

We head upstairs and they are a few more people working at a long table. I see two people looking at a blueprint and two others talking about a shipment going to Australia. Not wanting to bother them, Marco introduces me briefly, asks them how the shipment to Canada is going and then we leave.

Back downstairs, he goes to a file cabinet and pulls out a stack of papers.

“Here. When you get home, fill these out for me so I can get the process started. When you’re ready to leave your job, we’ll have all the paperwork out of the way so training can start.”

“Thanks. This is all a little overwhelming.”

“I know. That’s why there’s no rush. When you’re ready, it’ll be here for you. Just don’t wait too long.”

“I won’t. I just need to get my two weeks notice in and train someone new to my position. About a month?”

“Sounds good.” He nods and smiles. “I’m glad you’re letting me do this for you, Lina.”

“I really appreciate it, Marco.”

After saying bye to everyone, Marco walks me to my car and tells me that he’ll be over later.

“You know you don’t have to stay the night anymore. You haven’t been to your own newly bought condo in forever. If I need saving then I’ll call you.”

Marco chuckles softly, taking one step closer to me.

“I know that Lina, but I haven’t been staying with you just as the safety. I genuinely just like being around you. Even sleeping in separate rooms, I like being in your space, getting to know you. I like you a lot, Lina.”

“I like you too. I just don’t want you to feel like I need you around the clock.” I shrug and he shakes his head.

“If it’s one thing I know, it’s that you don’t need me, but I also know that you want me like I want you.”

He steps closer, this time, placing one hand on my hip and giving it a little squeeze.

“Oh, really?”

“Yes, really. You secretly want me to sneak into your room at night and seduce you.”

I giggle softly, but God, he’s so right. All I think about at night is him coming into my room. Hell, I pray for it some nights. Makes no sense for someone like him to sleep in the guest room, but I don’t want him to think I just want sex. I didn’t want sex to be so upfront like it was with Ronan.

“Am I right?” He says, squeezing my hip again.

“Possibly.” I look up at him and before I say anything further, he’s kissing me.

His tongue immediately finds mine and his mouth takes over. His kiss is wanting and strong and fuck, it turns me on. His other hand comes up and discreetly brushes over my breast causing my nipple to harden. I moan against his mouth and he pulls away a bit.

“You want me just as bad as I want you.”

I nod, but no words come out.

“And tonight, I’m going to sneak into your room and you’re going to having nothing on this beautiful body, right?”

I nod again.

“You’re going to do whatever I say tonight, correct?”

“Mhm.” I nod yet again.

“And then when I slide inside of you, what are you going to call me?”

Without any hesitation, I whisper against his lips.


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