Sugar & Spice

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Chapter 36

I get home before Marco does and I do everything in my power not to be nervous about having sex with him tonight. I don’t know why I’m so nervous because I have sex, but there’s something about sex with him that’s got butterflies mish pitting in my tummy. The way he spoke to me outside his office just drenched my hormones with gasoline and lit them on fire. I’ve been thinking about it all day. The anticipation is nerve wrecking.

As the sun goes down for the night, I run myself a long hot bubble bath after dinner. When I sink down in the water, it melts away my nerves a bit. Also, I’ve had about two glasses of wine so I’m sure that has something to do with it. While the honey vanilla bubble bath soothes me, the thoughts of Marco race through my head. I didn’t think I’d like someone this fast right after Ronan, but Marco came waltzing into my life so unexpectedly. It’s almost like he planned it and I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. When I first met him, he looked at me differently than his friends, including Ronan. His eyes met mine with so much kindness and interest. I knew there was a reason that I favored him over the rest.

I surely didn’t anticipate entering yet another sugar daddy situation either. I mean, I’m not officially his sugar baby, but I feel myself wanting to me. It would be simple to just be his girlfriend, but after being in the sugar bowl for a bit, I know that sugar daddies just aren’t quite wired to be just boyfriends., It’s beyond me as to why though.

Sitting in the tub, overthinking, my phone vibrates and it’s a message from Marco letting me know that he’ll be here in an hour. For some reason, my stomach flops.

I quickly wash before climbing out. I dry off and rub down in a honey body butter before putting on an oversized shirt with nothing underneath. Piling my hair on top of my head, look around for a lighter so I can light my candles.

Once my room has a romantic vibe going on, I pour myself another glass of white wine and settle on the bed with a book I’ve been working on. I’m about to enter another chapter when I hear Marco come in. I ignore the sound and continue reading. Over the sound of myself reading in my head, I hear him take a shower with the aroma of his more manly body wash seeping through my apartment.

When he’s done, he goes to his room and cuts off the light.

Um, am I missing something?

I look at the door, wondering when he’s going to come in. No sound comes from his room and I begin to think this man forgot about the fact that he is supposed to be inside of me tonight. The fact that he’s making no effort to come in here is mind-boggling at the moment. I wonder if I should go to his room, but make no move to. What if he changed his mind? What if he doesn’t feel ready to sleep with me yet?

With all these thoughts floating in my mind, I go ahead and blow out the candles, chug my wine and hit the sheets while I still have some dignity left. I was really looking forward to getting laid. That’s what I get for getting my hopes up.

Dozing off, I fall into a wine-induced slumber with a relaxed body and semi-relaxed mind. If took awhile for me to let go of the Marco thing so I can get some rest. I don’t know how much time passes or how long I’m really sleeping, but right when I entering the deep sleep portion of the night, I feel my bed dip. I think it’s just a dream until the covers are being pulled off of me.

I stir a bit still under the impression that I’m dreaming. However, when I feel a hand sliding up my thigh, I inhale sharply.

“Shh, it’s me.” Marco’s voice fills the room along with the low volume music I left playing.

My heart is thudding as I relax against the bed.

“I waited for you.” I whisper, not being able to see his whole face in the dark.

“Mm, I told you that I was going to sneak into your room.”

Suddenly, a light bulb goes off. He’s reenacting my fantasy of him sneaking into my room while I’m sleeping. No wonder he left me hanging while I was still up. How could I forget something that I’ve literally thought about every night since he’s been here?

I can’t help but smile to myself before a giggle slips out of my lips.

“I thought you forgot.”

“Never that, sunshine. I’ve been thinking about slipping into you all day.”

His hand moves further up my thigh before his fingers brush against my freshly shaved skin. I let my legs open a bit and his finger slips between my damp lips.

“Fuck, already wet for me, baby.”

“Yes.” I whisper again.

“Open your legs up for me.”

I do as he says, definitely remembering that part of the conversation. With my legs completely spread open for him, his wastes no time sliding two fingers into my tight core. My back arches and before I can moan out, his mouth is on mine. His kiss is tender yet dominating. There’s no way he’d let me take the lead. His fingers move in and out of me at the slowest pace possible, teasing me to my wit’s end. However, even with the slowness of his fingers, I can feel myself about to come.

I moan and grind against his hand, feeling my walls clench around his fingers. When he knows I’m about to explode, he stops and his fingers leave me. Whimpering like a child, I can see in the darkness that he’s smiling.

“You feel so damn good, Lina. I can feel how bad you’ve been craving me. Tell me how bad you want me.”

Breathing slightly harder than I usually do, I reach up and run my hand over his naked chest.

“I want you so bad, daddy.” Definitely didn’t forget about addressing him correctly. I damn near rehearsed it all day.

“Show daddy just how bad you want him.”

Sitting up, I nudge Marco to lie back. With our eye adjusted to the darkness, we can now see each other a little better. As he looks at me, I pull the shirt over my head, freeing the rest of my body for him. His hand comes up and runs across my breasts. He pinches my nipple hard causing me to yelp a bit.

“So fucking sexy, sunshine.”

A smile softly, easing my way down the bed until I’m eye to eye with his pelvic region. He has on shorts, but I can clearly see the bulge aching to be freed. Gripping the waist band, I pull the shorts down slightly until his member springs free. My eyes widen from seeing his manhood for the first time as opposed to just grinding against it through his clothes. It’s amazing...and huge.

I grip it with one hand and my fingers don’t even make it all the way around. As I lean over to taste him, I peak up through my eyelashes to see him staring down at me with his own anticipation. Has he been wanting this as bad as I have?

I’m about to take him in my mouth when his hand comes down, caressing my face. I pause and look up at him.

“You are gorgeous, Malina.”

I don’t know why, but my heart swells for a moment and when I finally take him in my mouth, his moan is a sound I may never get out of my head.

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