Sugar & Spice

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Chapter 38

I don’t know why, but when I arrive at Marco’s place, I get a little emotional. Everything has been happening so fast that I’ve barely had any chance to just sit down and reflect on everything that’s been going on. I’m not used to things moving so incredibly fast. Now, here I am, unable to even be able to stay in my own place without the fear of Ronan coming after me.

It all comes crashing down with Marco unlocks his front door. The moment I walk in and set my things down, tears start rolling down my cheeks. When Marco flicks the light on and sees my crying, he quickly pulls me in his arms, already knowing what’s wrong before I even know myself.

“I know all of this is overwhelming. You don’t deserve what he’s doing to you, Lina.”

Sniffing, I hug his tighter.

“I trusted him. Why is he doing this?”

“I don’t know, but I’m not going to let this keep happening. He things he has the upper hand, but he doesn’t.”

“I feel so stupid for even getting involved with him. I should’ve said no.”

“You are not stupid, sunshine. You just didn’t know. I wish I could take all the pain and fear away for you.”

He pulls me over to his new couch that wasn’t here that last time. I sit on his lap and he holds me, rocking me back and forth until I stop crying. I’m never one who wants to be babied when I’m upset but being in his arms is comforting. In his arms, I feel safe. He makes me feel safe.

Once I stop crying, I begin to doze on in Marco’s lap. He gently picks me up and carries me to his room, laying me on the bed. I’m about to turn on my side, but I still when I feel him undoing my jeans. Through sleepy eyes, I watch him pull them off before throwing a blanket over me. Marco comes up to the bed of the bed and kneels over, kissing my forehead.

“Get some sleep, sweet girl. Don’t worry about anything.”

For some reason when he tells me not to worry about anything, I hear an edge in his tone. It makes me wonder what Marco is capable of. Could a down to earth guy like him be dangerous? I can’t imagine anyone unleashing a vengeful side of themselves over me.

When Marco leaves the room, I lie in the dark trying to imagine off the things he has up his sleeve. People with money tend to have access to resources that only the authorities have so the possibilities can be endless as to what he’s planning. Maybe he’ll hire an assassin to kill Ronan. I think that would be a little much, but the man literally tried to run me down in the streets and sent two guys to follow me home. God only knows as to what they were planning to do to me. I’m glad I didn’t have to find out.

I manage to sleep for a while before the thunder and lighting wake me up. I roll over and see out the window that it’s storming badly. Never being one who was afraid of storms, it strikes me as odd that I begin to panic a little being alone in bed. I call for Marco and he doesn’t answer which makes me panic more.

Getting up, I go to find him and it doesn’t take long to. Out of the covered balcony, he’s sitting there with a glass of something brown, most likely whiskey. He seems so unphased why the wrath of mother nature going on. Standing there, I watch his hair blow in the wind and his chest slowly rise and fall. I can’t imagine what he must be thinking right now.

Stepping to the door, I slide it open a bit and Marco turns around.

“Hey, sunshine. Why aren’t you sleeping?”

“The storm woke me.” I give him a small smile and he nods.

“Come sit with me for a moment.”

Despite not wanting to go out, I do it. In nothing but a t-shirt and underwear, I step out onto the balcony and takes my hand, pulling me onto his lap. I lean back against him and he wraps his arm around my waist.

“Why are you sitting out here while it’s storming?” I ask.

“I enjoy storms. They are calming. You don’t like them?”

“They are good for sleeping, but with everything going on, it’s making me a little jumpy.”

I feel him take a deep breath and he doesn’t say anything for a moment.

“I’m sorry all this is happening. I feel like it’s partly my fault for pursuing you. I knew Ronan would be an asshole about it. He has a tough time letting things go. In the past, he’s reacted badly if sugar babies left him for others.”

“Sounds like a spoiled brat.”

Marco laughs, sliding his hand up my shirt to run his fingers over my stomach. The sensation tickles but in a sensual way. The wind picks up and it takes my breath away, sending a shiver over my body from the cool air. Shaking against Marco, he runs his other hand over my thigh, feeling the little chill bumps.


“A little.”

“Hmm.” Is all he says before his fingers dip under the waistband up of my underwear.

His fingers move lower until they brush against my womanhood. Swirling his fingers between my folds, I moan softly, gently squeezing his pants leg.

“Do you trust me, Lina?”

“Yes” I breathe out.

“Tell me you’re mine.” His fingers circle around against, this time becoming wet from my juices.

“I’m yours. Only yours.”

“I will always protect you, baby. No one will ever put their hands on you.”

His fingers move further down, teasing at my opening and I moan out with lightning flashes and the roar of thunder surrounding me. There is something about being in Marco’s arms that just makes me feel invincible. I feel free and alive just from his touch.

While his fingers explore, I let go of his pants leg and move my hand over his hard member, I give it a firm squeeze and Marco groans in my ear.

“That’s what you do to me, Malina.”

Knowing that turns me on even more. So much that, I move off of his lap, just long enough to pull his pants down a bit. When his length is free, I straddle his lap and pull my panties to the side. Marco stares into my eyes as I slide down on his. His rod fills me so well and I can feel my core contract around him.

“Fuck.” I groan, letting my head fall forward as I begin to ride him. I move slowly at first before picking up speed, bouncing on his lap. His hands grip my waist, digging his fingers into my skin.

“You’re doing so good, baby.” Marco moans and it turns me on even more.

It doesn’t take long before I feel an orgasm build inside of me. I begin to chase it, riding Marco faster and harder. My nails dig into his shoulders and Marco curses out as we both explode on the balcony with mother nature as our audience. I collapse against Marco and I feel his body relax in the chair.

With the high coming down, I quickly realize that we didn’t use a condom. It’s reckless of me to be impulsive without thinking about the consequences, but Marco just makes me this way. The thought of an unwanted pregnancy nags in the back of my mind, but I brush it away to focus on the moment. I hope I don’t regret this later.

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