Sugar & Spice

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Chapter 43

A few days after talking to Ashley, Marco decides that it’s a good time to text Ronan. I don’t know why, but I’m nervous as hell at the thought of talking to him. I don’t know if he’s going to fall for the bait for not. However, just to be sure, Marco sends me back to my apartment to make Ronan think that I’ve left Marco.

“Are you sure about this?” I ask Marco over speaker phone as I look down at my message thread to Ronan that I kept for evidence.

“Yes, babe. I promise this is going to work. He can’t resist someone crawling back to him.”

Sighing, I hover my thumb over the phone and proceed to type out a short message asking Ronan is we could talk and that it’s important. When I hit send, my heart begins to pound even more.

“Okay. I did it.”

“Good. Now, we wait.”

The wait is shorter than we think because only a few seconds later, my phone vibrates and it’s Ronan.

What about?

I quickly type back.

I just feel like we didn’t get a lot of closure. I’ve been thinking about you lately.

Hmm, I thought you were under someone else’s arm

Me too, but it didn’t work out. He didn’t quite agree with my worth. I guess you’ve made me spoiled.

“How’s it going?” Marco asks in a hushed tone as if Ronan is going to here him through the message.

“I don’t know. I’m going to see if he takes the bait. What if he doesn’t?”

“He will. He likes to think he has all the power. When he thinks he can use money to get you back, he will offer it with conditions.”

“The conditions part is what I’m afraid of.” I roll my eyes and my phone vibrates again.

I suppose I did spoil you a bit too much. You weren’t very grateful.

I know. I was dumb and stuck in my ways. It was stupid. I miss the way you treated me.

Hmm, I miss the way you felt under me. I would like to apologize for my behavior recently. I am used to getting what I want and no just isn’t a word I enjoy.

I roll my eyes so hard that it hurts.

I understand. You’re just a man who knows what he wants and I like that you want me.

I want you now. Come over.

“I’m in.” I whisper.

“Fuck yes. Good job, baby.”

“He wants me to come over. What do I say?”

“Do it.”

“This is starting to scare me. What if he does something? What is he tries to have sex with me?”

“Play hard to get. Make him think he has to wine and dine you again. Tell him you want to start fresh.”

“Okay.” I nod, taking a deep breath as I message Ronan back, telling him that I’ll be over tonight. He quickly confirms, telling me what time to be there and what to wear. God, he’s as controlling as ever.

When I’m done with our conversation, I talk to Marco for a bit before I tell him that I have to get ready. My stomach is turning at the thought of being about Ronan again and having him think that he’s won, but I know this is what it’s going to take to crush him.

Being in my apartment feels as weird as ever. When I got here, it was a bit stuffy and dark. I opened windows and lit a candle, but nothing seemed to work. I realized quickly that this just doesn’t feel like home to me anymore. This empty space is just a place now. I feel warm and happy with Marco now and I love that. It makes me want this plan to work so badly so I can be completely happy with him without the fear of something bad happening.

When it’s close to the time Ronan requested me, I jump in the shower and quickly get clean. And to think, not too long ago, I used to pull out all the works for this jerk. He better be happy that I even shave my legs for this. Once I’m clean, I go to the bag of clothes I brought with me and open it up. Immediately, I already know what I’m going to wear. It’s a tight red dress that I bought back when I thought Ronan and I were going to be a long-lasting thing. I haven’t worn it yet, so I guess this is as good as a time as ever. I squeeze my body in it and it nearly takes my breath away. Thank God, Marco just prefers me naked.

With the dress altering the shape of my ribcage, curl my hair and slide on my heels before grabbing my keys, phone, money, and pepper spray just in case Ronan decides to lose him mind tonight. As I’m about to leave, I call Marco and he reassures me that I’m going to be fine. The tone of his voice makes me believe him, but I know deep down he must be a little worried about me. I know he is.

On the drive to Ronan’s my stomach flips and flops at the thought of pulling up into his yard. I nearly want to pull over and throw up just to get relief. I don’t know what to expect of him when I get there, but I have an idea. He’s going to want to touch me with him perverted hands and kiss me with those lying lips. I will want to turn away and brush him off, but I can’t. I must make this work for the sake of the girls he’s hurt including me.

40 minutes later, I pull up at his house and as usual, he comes to the door to greet me. By the time I’m parked, he’s at my car, opening my door for me. Holding out his hand, I take it with as much confidence as I can pull together.

“Hello, gorgeous.”

“Hi.” I smile and when I get out of the car, I hear Ronan moan a bit.

“You look amazing. Makes me want to just eat you up.”

God, please don’t let me throw up on this man.

“Thank you. I’ve definitely missed your straightforwardness.”

“I’m hoping you missed a lot of things.” His hand slides down my back and he grabs my ass. I fight the urge to cringe and instead, I just look up at him.

“Oh, I’ve definitely missed you, daddy.” I reach up and run my hand down his chest, letting it stop at his belt.

I’m about to pull my hand away when he grips it and forces it down to the bulge in his pants. I want to grip his balls and twist them with all my might, but refrain. With my hand palming his junk he inhales sharply and the satisfaction of knowing that I’m totally going to take him down makes me a little tolerate of his disgusting behavior. I don’t know why I allowed it. Oh, yeah, now I remember, it was the money…

We walk up the driveway and once we’re inside, the warmth of his home pulls me in and briefly reminds me why he was so appealing to me in the first place. There was a time where this was my favorite place to be and he was my favorite person. I came here whenever I felt like I needed him, and he never turned me away. I came here when I had no one else in my corner. Ronan made sure that the first person I thought about when I woke and the last person I thought of before going to sleep was him. This house used to be my solace.

Now, I just want to burn it down.

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