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Chapter 9

By the time I finish bathing, I get a text from Ronan. It’s the address to his office where he wants me to meet him. For some reason, I’m a little more nervous about meeting him at an office than I was meeting him for dinner. I take my time picking something to wear. I don’t want to be too formal, but I don’t want to be work casual either. I don’t want my hair to look frumpy either. Standing in the mirror, I pull my hair up and let it down repeatedly, trying to decide what looks better.

After a while, I decide that down would be better. I let it air dry into big waves with a part on one side. As or my clothes, I pull on a pair of black shorts and a white blouse. It’s fancier than what I’d wear to the bar, but not too fancy.

I put on a little eye makeup and sprits on some body spray before grabbing my things. I still feel a little odd about doing all of this behind Blaire’s back. I know she’d disapprove wholeheartedly, but she’s done plenty of things that I didn’t agree with so I guess this is my way of doing the say. I assume one day she’s going to find out about all this and probably yell and be or try to ban me from talking to Ronan, but I’m going to have to remind her that I’m an adult just like she is and despite how motherly she acts towards me, she is indeed not my mother. I’ve been letting her make decisions for me for a long time, but the pull the Ronan is too strong to let her continue.

On the way there, my stomach turns in knots and my mouth runs dry the closer I get to the address. I never know what to expect in the presence of Ronan. He seems to be a man of mystery, but also very open about what he wants. The thought alone takes me back to talking to him on the phone. His voice alone turns me on more than anything.

After driving 20 minutes, I park at a building that merely 6 blocks from the bar. I sit in the car for a bit just catching my breath before turning off the engine and pushing myself to open the door. There aren’t many people around despite a number of business offices in the area. Looking down at my phone, I recheck the address and see that I’m at the right building. On the door, I see R.P. Loxley written in gold letters. Opening the door, I walk up the stairs where I hear his voice coming from. I assume he’s on the phone with someone seeing as I doubt he’d double book appointments.

When I arrive at the top of the stairs, I reach a cracked door where Ronan’s voice is projecting from.

Reaching up, I hesitantly tap on the door.

“Come in.”

Pushing open the door, I see Ronan with a phone pressed between his shoulder and jaw. When his eyes look up and see me, he points to the chair in front of his desk. The corner of my mouth turns up as I take a seat.

Sitting quietly, I look over his overly organized desk as he talks about something I know nothing about so I politely tune it out since it has nothing to do with me.

While sitting, I can’t begin to imagine what this conversation holds between us. I know I’m technically here to get my questions, but that’s just so vague.

After a few minutes, Ronan raps up his call and hangs up the phone.

“I’m so sorry, Malina. It was an important call.”

“No problem.” I smile and he returns it.

“I’m very glad you’ve come. It means a lot that you’re considering my offer.”

I nod and shift in my seat, feeling slightly nervous.

“Yes, well, it didn’t feel right to just completely turn down something I know nothing about. The least I can do is ask a few questions before making my decision. You’ve been nothing but kind to me.”

“Indeed. I’m pleased that you have questions. Ask away. I’m an open book.”

I nod.

“So how does this arrangement really work? Do you pay me to be at your beck and call or do I have a say so?”

Ronan leans back in his chair and smirks as if he’s pleased with what I’m asking.

“You have complete say so in if you choose to see me or not. We can set up a schedule for days so that meeting me will never be completely random.”

“I’d like that...if I choose to accept.”

“Yes, but the fun in this arrangement is sometimes spontaneity. If Either of us has had a rough day and simply want the company then that would work too. It’s all about making it work so that we both get what we want.”

For some reason, the glint in his eye says that he wants a lot and it has more to do with just simple conversation. I should be offended, but in the back of my mind, I’m thinking about it too.

“When I googled all of this, I read about allowances and stuff. Can you explain that? I didn’t quite understand it.”

“Absolutely. An Allowance is what I give you to cover whatever you need whether we see each other or not. Think of it as a base pay and everything else is a commission. So let’s say we agree on $3000 a month, well, if I ask you out on a date or event, I can also give you extra for that. For example, I have a charity ball coming up soon and if you choose to come as my date, I’d give you $500 for agreeing to come on such short notice. I’m hear make sure both of us are in benefitting off of each other. I’m here to help with whatever you need whether it’s debts, loans, bills, or even appearance. You’re simply here to be my companion and confidant. Sometimes I just need someone to talk to and that’s where you’d come in. Is it a bit clearer now?”

I nod.

“Yes, it really is. I guess Google can’t beat the real thing.”

“True.” Ronan chuckles.

I bit down on my lip and wonder if I should really take these questions a step further. If I don’t ask then I’ll never really know what I’m getting myself into. I don’t want Ronan to expect things that I’m not willing to give. I don’t even know what activities he’s really into. He could have a fetish for beating young girls or something.

“Ronan, I have some personal questions now.”

“Go ahead, sweetheart.”

I smile.

“Um, I know you said that this is mostly about companionship, but we’re both adults so I need to know what you expect of as far as being physical.”

“You mean sex?”

Straight to the point, I see.”

“Yes, sex.”

Ronan doesn’t speak for a moment, but he does stand up. I watch as he comes to the front of the desk where I’m sitting. Leaning back on his desk, he crosses his arms and looks at me.

“And if sex was on the table, would you agree?”

“I’m not sure yet.”

“So what if this wasn’t an agreement and we were just two people who are attracted to each other? Then would sex he considered?”

I see where he’s going with this.


“Do I affect you sexually?”

How do I even answer that with a straight face?


“Yes or no, Malina?”

“Yes, you do.”

“So if I were to kiss you right now, would you stop me?”

Slowly, I shake my head, looking away as my cheeks heat up. With my answer, Ronan reaches down and stand my hand, pulling me to my feet. Standing in front of him, he turns up around so that I’m now leaning against the desk. I don’t know what to expect, but the anticipation is turning me on. Ronan slides his hands over my hips before gripping them tightly and lifting me onto his desk. Knocking a few things over, I gasp softly, laying my hands on his forearm.

With my breathing slightly erratic, I look up into Ronan’s eyes and he’s staring at me with a sinful glare.

“Money doesn’t have anything to do with me wanting to fuck you on this desk, Lina. Money is just money. It’s part of the agreement. Sex is what we feel. It’s not an obligation.” His hand runs over my inner thigh before pressing his fingers against my sex.

I want to clench my legs together, but I don’t. I’ve been craving his touch for the longest. Every night I think about him. My chest is heaving with desire and I notice that Ronan’s chest is rising and falling at the same rate as mine. The pull to him is so strong that I don’t even feel like myself right now. Completely out of control of my own mind and body, I lean in and press my mouth against Ronan’s catching him off guard.

He moans loudly, stepping between my legs so that he’s closer. His hand comes up and cups the side of my neck, firmly, holding my face in place as he ravishes my mouth. His mouth on mine sends little electric shocks over my body and especially between my legs. My panties begin to moisten and the lack of sex in my life becomes very evident.

I think Ronan is about to find my tongue with his, but instead, he begins kissing down my jaw. Letting my head fall back, I moan as his tongue sweeps over my neck.

“Mmm, your heart is racing for me, little Lina. Say yes and be mine.”

Every logical bone in my body yells for me to say no. It tells me not to move so fast, but my body overrides all of the logic.

“Yes.” I whisper. “Yes, I’ll be yours.”

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