Seduced By My Professor

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Chapter 11

Waking up, I’m surprisingly more excited about going to help Professor Ingram. Yes, I was going to do my T.A. duties, but I also wanted to engage in some extra activities. I walk into his class feeling cheerful, but then my face falls in disappointment. He wasn’t alone. There is an older man in the class talking to him.

I clear my throat to get their attention.

“Oh. Ms. Smith, come on in. This is Dr. Arlington. He is taking over my night classes.”

I walk up to the man “Hi, Dr. Arlington. I’m Krystal Smith” I shake his hand and I feel Professor Ingram’s hand on my back.

“Ms. Smith is one of my best students and my T.A.” His hand begins to slide down and I fight the urge to blush. I keep my composure and Dr. Arlington asks about the class sizes and other concerns he has. I can hardly pay attention as Professor Ingram’s finger trails under the edge of my shirt, tickling my skin.

When Dr. Arlington Leaves and Professor Ingram’s hand leaves my back, I breathe a sigh of relief. I set my things down and go into the file room to get some papers. I’m struggling to reach the folder at the top shelf when I feel a pair of hands snake around my waist.

“Mmm I’ve been waiting to touch you all morning, Ms. Smith” he whispers

I smile and turn around “That was so mean what you did earlier.”

He chuckles “I know. I just wanted to see how you reacted under pressure” He leans in and kisses me.

“And how did I do?”

“Perfect” He kisses me hard from behind and my head spins. I feel his hands under my shirt and chill bumps develop. I moan against his mouth.

He lips leave my mouth and trail my jawline, down to my neck. He begins sucking on my neck lightly, making sure he doesn’t leave any evidence. Catching me off guard, He turns me around and pushes me against the wall.

He pulls my shirt up showing my stomach and kneels down in front of me. I close my eyes as he begins licking my stomach. I catch a chill when his tongue slides across my belly button. I moan loudly, but bite down on my lip to quiet myself. Professor Ingram unbuttons my jeans and my heart begins beating harder. He pulls the zipper down, making my boy shorts visible. He kisses along the edges of my underwear as I run my fingers through his hair. I know this is wrong, but it feels so good.

Just then, I hear the class door open and I throw my hand over Professor Ingram’s mouth stopping him.

“Krystal, are you in here”

It’s Todd. What the heck is he doing here?!

I pull my shirt down, zip my jeans and grab a folder before walking out.

“Hi, Todd. What are you doing here?”

He walks up and kisses my cheek. “I haven’t heard from you all weekend. You bailed on our date and everything.”

“I’m sorry Todd. I went home for the weekend. It completely slipped my mind” I tuck a piece of my hair behind my ear.

“You know, I’m really trying here, Krystal. I told you I was sorry about that night and it’s like you’re not even giving me a chance” He begins getting mad and I honestly don’t blame him. I was giving him false hope.

“I’m sorry Todd. I just don’t think this is going to work out” I mumble.

He paces around and I can tell he is angry. He steps in front of my face and I try to back away, but he grabs my arm “I said I was sorry. You don’t have to be afraid of me.”

I nod “Okay Todd just let me go” I try to pull my arm away, but his grip is too tight. “Todd, you are hurting me, let go!” I push him back hard. He bumps into the wall then tries to walk towards me, reaching for my arm again

Just then Professor Ingram’s comes out of the file room with a small stack of folders “I suggest you listen to Ms. Smith, young man”

Todd immediately drops his arm “I…I’m sorry sir. I was just talking to Krystal”

I know he wants to kill Todd right now, but he keeps calm.

“Talking doesn’t involve being physical. Now, I suggest you leave now. Campus police take harassment pretty serious.” He sits the folders down and stares at Todd.

I scan over Professor Ingram and his fist are balled up. He catches my look and slides his hands in his pockets. Todd looks at me “I’ll call you later” He starts to walk out and I eye Professor Ingram.

I remember that he told me that it was over between Todd and me. “Wait” I call out to Todd.

He turns around.

“Don’t call me or come see me. I don’t think this is going to work out” I whisper. I start picking at my shirt and I pull a loose string off, twirling it around my finger.

“Are you serious?”

I nod “Yes.” He doesn’t say anything. He just walks out and slams the door.

I let out a deep sigh. My heart is going 100 miles per hour. I turn around and Professor Ingram is there. He grabs my hand making me let go of my shirt.

“Calm down, Krystal. You let your nerves get the best of you.” He tucks my hair back and kisses my forehead.

“I’m gonna go get some water” I rub my arm where Todd grabbed me. It’s sore.

I go into the bathroom and take my arm out of the sleeve. There is a small bruise forming. No one has ever grabbed me like that before. I hear a knock on the door and I try to put my arm back in the sleeve, but the door opens. Professor Ingram’s walks in and looks at me.

“Let me see” he orders. I pull my arm out and he frowns. He runs his thumb over the forming bruise. I put my arm in my sleeve and straighten out my shirt.

“It doesn’t hurt” I lied. The fact that Todd grabbed like that scares me a little. I’ve never been around abuse before and the first time I encounter it, it’s me in the situation.

“Come on, let’s go back in the class” He places his hand on my back and leads me out of the bathroom. There are a few people in the hall including, Mya. She looks at me and makes a face.

“Hey, what’s wrong” She looks at me then Professor Ingram.

I start to say something, but Professor Ingram interrupts “That Todd guy is not allowed to be around her anymore. He clearly as a problem with rejection.”

Mya’s face is a look of anger that I’ve never seen. “I’ll be right back”

She turns around and marches outside. Professor Ingram and I run after her. When we get outside I see Mya going over to Todd who is still on campus. He is talking to a group of girls.

She steps in front of Todd and says something. Then all of a sudden she punches him in the face. A few guys outside start laughing. Todd bends over holding his nose. I hear him call Mya a bitch and she smacks him on the side of the head with her book. He falls on the ground.

“If you ever touch my best friend again, I’ll kick your ass!” she yells. I see Chris running to her, pulling her back. He picks her up around the waist and her legs are kicking trying to get down. A few of Chris’ frat brothers pick Todd up off the ground and push him towards his car, yelling for him to get off campus. Another perk of being Mya’s best friend is all the frat guys know me and treat me like a sister.

After she is a little calmer, Chris puts her down and I walk to her. She pulls me into a hug and I squeeze her tighter. “I love you like a sister, Krystal”

“I know, Thank you. I love you too, J.I. Jane”

We start laughing and Chris stands next to her “You okay, Krystal?”

I nod “Yeah. Your girlfriend is crazy” He smiles “Hell yeah! Did you see his face? I think she broke his nose”

Professor Ingram walks up “Alright folks, everyone gets to class.” He leans over to Mya “Good arm, Ms. Graham”

She smiles hard.

The class goes as normal as it does any other day despite the events that took place earlier.

While Professor Ingram lectures, I peek down at Mya’s hand and one of her knuckles has a little scratch with blood on it. I go in my bag and dig around for a bit until I find a Band-Aid. She looks at me then her hand. I unwrap the bandage and lay it over her hand.

She whispers “Thanks”

I smile at her and go back to writing.

The rest of the day goes without a hitch. My math class is boring as usual.

During class the rest of the week, I treat Professor Ingram like a professor. I don’t expect any special treatment. I plan on doing my work like I normally do. I take my notes down as he lectures. Occasionally, he’ll look at me, but breaks eye contact before anyone notices. We don’t fool around because there is always a student or another teacher stopping by. It’s rather frustrating to the both of us. The sexual tension is hard to deal with.

Julius texts me a few times during my math class on Friday.

J: Hey beautiful

Me: Hey handsome

J: I’d rather you be here with me than this class full of half sleep students

Me: I know, but I can’t let my work get behind so stop texting me. lol

J: Don’t you do all your work 1 week in advance? And you’re afraid to get behind? You are such an overachiever

Me: lol you’re just now realizing that?

J: come over tonight?

Me: sure

J: I can sense your excitement


J: Funny, real funny. See you at 9

After class, Mya, Christopher, Robert, and I go out to eat for an early dinner off campus. We talk about Mya punching Todd which is a lot funnier now than it was when it happened. I’m eating my food when I feel a hand on my thigh. I nearly drop my fork. I look around and no one notices my reaction.

I look at Robert and he gives me a soft smile. I shake my thigh, but his hand stays. I take the knife and poke his hand hard while he isn’t looking. He jumps and his hand flies from my thigh. Everyone looks at him confused and he says he caught a chill.

I don’t know why he believes that the affection can still remain after a year. I don’t have feelings him anymore and I’ve made that more than clear. I have feelings for someone else, too bad I can’t tell him that. Too bad I can’t tell anyone that.

I’ve never had to keep a relationship a secret. Technically I’m not in one. This is so confusing. The guys get up and go to play pool leaving me and Mya at the table.

“That punch is going down in history” I mumble

“I know, and Professor Ingram looked like he wanted to do worse”

I roll my eyes “It was crazy”

“Soooo, have you told him yet” She nudges my shoulder, smiling.

“Umm yeah”

Her eyes widen and she smacks my arm “Details!”

“He was in is class late Sunday night when I got back so I went to see him and I told him” I shrug trying not to make it more exciting than it was.

“Well. What happened?”

I can’t hold it in anymore. This girl threw a punch for me, there is no way I can keep a secret from her. “Well, He kissed me”

She slaps the table “Oh my fucking gosh! That is so hot!”

I blush hard and lay my head back. I feel like I’m back in high school, talking about how hot a teacher is, only now I’m making out with the hot teacher. Maybe I should be lucky.

“Yeah too bad it has to be a total secret, therefore, you can’t tell a soul. Not even Christopher.” I was my finger at her.

“Oh don’t worry. I’m not telling anyone. I want to keep this secret locked up for forever that way when we are old and in rocking chairs, we can still have good conversation”

“I’m going to his apartment later”

“Are y’all going know?”

I clear my throat “Um I don’t know. I think it’s a little too early to”

“You’re right, but if you do then use protection.”

“Yes ma’am”

Having sex with Julius wasn’t on the front of my mind until Mya brought it up. Now it’s all I can think about. What if he wants to have sex tonight? I mean he is older. He may have expectations. I guess I should just be prepared for anything.

Later that night we all head back on campus. I go up to my dorm and take a quick shower. I blow dry my hair straight and pin one side back. I put on a light coat of foundation so I don’t look pale. I apply eyeliner and a tinted lip moisturizer to finish it off. I pull on a pair of thick black patterned tights. I put on a short grey jumper dress with a burgundy long sleeve under it. I look in the mirror and smile, approving of my look.

I reach for my boots, but put them down when I see a pair of black heels with a strap across them. Slipping my feet into them, I stare down wondering if it’s too over the top. I’ve only worn these shoes once and it was for Halloween.

Brushing the thought of my shoes from my mind, I grab my bag and phone before heading out the door.

When I pull up to the building I look in the mirror at myself. “Here we go”

I start to feel butterflies in my tummy as I walk to the door. I knock lightly and the door opens. Julius looks me up and down. “Wow, you look great”

I walk in the smell of food hits my nose. I didn’t eat that much earlier so I was still hungry. My stomach growled a little. Julius reads my mind “Yeah, I know you’re hungry. I cooked lasagna”

“Yum. It smells great”

He pulls my coat off and hangs it up. He kisses me and heads back into the kitchen. I follow him and stand in the doorway.

“Pour us a glass of wine, please” He says as he makes a salad.

I grab two glasses off the wine rack and a bottle of red wine. I take our glasses to the dining table which is already set up “You’ve been planning this in your head all day, haven’t you?”

“Oh yes, now sit” I take my seat and he brings out 2 plates with lasagna and salad on it. My stomach makes a hard growl sound. Julius chuckles when he hears it. During dinner, we make small talk about each other. I find out that Dr. Quinn was actually his professor when he was in college. He failed her class the first time which surprises me because her class is a piece of cake for me.

After eating, my stomach is full and I’m happy. “That was so good Julius”

“Thank you, I try” He smirks trying to sound humble.

We move to the couch and I kick off my heels as we watch Dear John. I have cried every time I’ve seen this movie and this time is no different. Julius looks at me as I wipe a tear away when Channing Tatum’s character, John is crying in the car after leaving Savannah.

Julius tightens his arm around me and I lay my head on his shoulder. Every time I get comfortable with him I remember that what we are doing is wrong. I’m his student and he is my professor. I shake the thought from my mind and just enjoy the moment.

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