Seduced By My Professor

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Chapter 19

“Krystal, wake up”

I open my eyes to see Julius staring at me. I smile “Hi”

“Krystal, we need to talk” His voice is serious and it makes me nervous. I prop myself up on my elbow mirroring him. “What’s wrong?”

He looks at the wall behind me and his face is slightly angry, “Krystal, we didn’t use protection”

It dawns on me that he is right. We were so caught up in the moment that we didn’t even bother with a condom. I know he is probably thinking that I will announce to him that I’m pregnant by the time we return from Christmas break. He probably lost sleep from thinking about it.

“Julius, it’s okay” I rub his arm, but he doesn’t let me finish talking.

“No, it’s not! I can’t get you pregnant! How do you think that will look? We would have to come out and tell everyone and I will be fired. Why would you say it’s okay when it’s not” Julius rolls over and gets out of bed leaving me there, appalled.

I frown and follow him “Julius”

“Not now Krystal”

Anger builds up inside of me “No, you are going to listen to me this time. You aren’t going to just push me away like last time. You’re ranting and raving over something that isn’t going to happen!”

“How do you know? I don’t want a baby! ”

“And you think I do? What the hell kind of nonsense is that?”

He stands up in front of me “You are the one all calm about not using protection. What, are you going to try to keep me with a baby?!”

I gasp and step back “How dare you?” I open the front door and storm out not caring that all I was wearing was a long shirt and ankle socks. When I get outside I wrap my arms around myself and watch the snowflakes fall. Julius can be such a jerk. If he would have listened for 2 seconds then I could have explained, but no he had to be pigheaded. The wind blows my hair around, but I don’t bother to try to contain it.

The door opens and Julius appears “Come back in here, Krystal”

“No, leave me alone”

He comes out with a jacket and I walk off. “Krystal, get your ass back in here now”

He runs and catches up with me, throwing the jacket over my shoulders. Julius grabs my arm and leads me back to his apartment. He slams the door and I go into his bedroom and slam the door.

Julius knocks on the door “Open the door Krystal, I’m sorry”

“No, you’re not. You just got me back and you’re screwing up already. Why should I open the door? If I had any sense and my car, I would leave.” I sit on the corner of the bed and cross my arms.

It gets quiet, but I know he is still out there. I decided to open the door and when I do, Julius catches my wrists and pushes me against the wall. My heart races as I look into his eyes. My breaths are fast and I feel a melting from between my legs.

“Don’t run from me again, okay?” He says softly

I nod as I fall under his spell “Okay, but-”

“But nothing, don’t run from me again, please” His eyes soften and I realize he is truly afraid of losing me again.

“Julius, I’m not going to get pregnant” I mumble

“How do you know?”

“Because I’m on birth control” I finally get out.

He looks confused “I’ve never seen you take a pill”

I laugh softly “I’m not on the pill” I slip my left hand out of his grip and point to my upper arm “I have a birth control implant right there” I take his finger and slide it over the spot for him to feel.

“It’s a little stick that they put there and it prevents pregnancy. I tried to tell you, but you kept interrupting me” I slip my other wrist from his hand and crawl back into bed, throwing the covers over me

I feel his weight on the bed and on me. “I’m sorry Krystal. I just panicked”

I don’t say anything. I just let him lay on me. We lay together and eventually fall back to sleep. I wake up before he does and I stare at him for a moment. I like the way his messy hair falls. I run my fingers through it and his eyes flutter open.

“Hi, handsome”

He smiles and pulls me close to him. He lays his head on my chest and plants kisses on my breasts. I laugh and he throws the covers over us. I am quite happy we have had sex. Now don’t feel so nervous about it.

Julius takes me out to lunch. I am a bit apprehensive about being out in public, but Julius says that people from school don’t come here. It’s a little jazz place with the most delicious food and wine. I look around and he is right. No one I recognize his here. There are mostly older couples here. “So is this a first date?”

He smiles “Yes ma’am. Did I do well?” His hand slides to mine and rubs over the top.

“Yes, you did very well. It’s beautiful in here”

After lunch, he drops me off on campus and I run into Mya on the way to my room. She lays on my bed and yells in my pillow “God, Saturday was crazy!”

“Tell me about it” I clean up my room as she lays there going over all the details about that night and Robert. I would have never guessed his feelings were that strong for me? He never gave me any reason to be afraid of him or question his intentions. I guess you only know someone so much before they really show their true colors. I really hope Robert finds peace in himself and doesn’t come back. I really don’t have time to look over my shoulder every few seconds when I am already slightly paranoid since I’m with Julius.

“Mya, what do you think of Julius? Do you really think there is something there between us?”

Mya flips over on her back “Of course. You two are so cute together. I know he likes you a lot”

“Maybe more than a lot. Last night when he thought I was sleep, he told me that he loves me”

She sits up and gasps. “Oh my God! He loves you. That’s so adorable!”

I laugh and sit on the bed with her. We spend a whole hour talking about Julius and Christopher. I even tell her about us having sex. We crack jokes and compare Julius to Christopher. It’s just what best friends do as weird and personal as it is. I know Mya is always there for me.

We order take out and I help Mya study for her finals. When our stomachs are full of Chinese food, we go over to the boy’s dorm to watch a movie. I feel a little alone since Julius isn’t here and Mya his borderline make out with Christopher. Halfway through the movie, I decided to bail. The girl’s dorm is across the campus so I am a bit on edge about walking that far. I text Julius and he tells me that he will pick me up so I sit at the bus stop and wait. As I’m listening to music, I hear something behind me through the headphones. I pull an earbud out and look around, but no one is there. I shrug it off and turn back around only to jump when I see a little puppy at my feet.

I scoop it up and it’s shivering. I open my coat and place the puppy inside. I peek down a few minutes later and its sleep. When Julius pulls up I hurry into the car. “Look what walked up on me”

I unzip the coat and show Julius the sleeping puppy. I smile down at its little face.

“You know you can’t keep it in the dorms, right?” He mumbles as his rubs its head with his index finger. “Yeah, I know....that’s why I was thinking that maybe you could keep it in your apartment” I smile innocently trying to win him over. He eyes me not really falling for the act.

I pout my lip out and whine like a puppy. Julius still doesn’t fall for. I realize I have to step it up and release my seductive side. I’m not quite sure is I even have one. I put my hand on the side of his face and kiss him. I let my tongue flick over his and he groans, putting his hand on my thigh. I pull back just slightly and whisper “Keep the puppy”

He shakes his head “No” I slam my lips into his and grip his hair. When I bite his lip, I can feel myself winning. I pull back again and he clearly doesn’t like that. “Keep...the...puppy” I slide my hand down from his face and place it in his lap. I rub his hardness and my tongue trails his bottom lip.

He moans loudly and grabs my hand “Fine. I’ll keep the damn puppy”

I clap my hands in victory and wake the sleeping puppy. I pull it from my jacket and see that it’s a girl. “I am going to name you.......Beanie” I hold Beanie up to Julius’ face and Beanie licks his nose.

“Awww. She likes you” Julius rolls his eyes and puts the car in drive “You better be lucky I love you” He tenses up at his words realizing what he just said. I don’t think he was planning on saying that to my awake face so soon. I smile and kiss his cheek “I love you too”

His face turns to me “Really?” The corners of his mouth turn up slowly as he tries to fight a huge smile. I nod “Yes........we both love you” I giggle and hold Beanie up. Julius shakes his head and drives.

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