Seduced By My Professor

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Chapter 20

When he drops me off at the building, I take my scarf off and make a small nest in the front seat. I place Beanie on it and tell Julius to drive slowly. I walk around the car to the driver’s side and kiss him through the window.

When he drives off I walk into the building and here someone clears their throat. “Ms. Smith....”

“H…Hi Dean Martin” Oh God I am in so much trouble.

“I would like to say that I didn’t see that, but unfortunately I did” Dean Martin clears his throat and I am near tears from being terrified right now. I couldn’t even explain myself right now. No words would form in my head or escape my mouth. My head was swimming with all the consequences that would come from this. I knew Julius would lose his job. I felt it in my gut. Nothing like this has ever happened at this school and I don’t think they would tolerate now.

A few girls walk by being nosey and Dean Martin tells them to go on their way. “Ms. Smith please see me in my office tomorrow morning first thing. Don’t go to class, come straight to my office. We will need to sort this situation out immediately”

“Yes, Ma’am. Will he lose his job?” I look down at my feet.

Dean Martin looks at me “That is none of your concern young lady”

What was she even doing here? She only shows her face at events which is why she knows me personally. I’ve been on Dean’s list twice and had brunch with her. I feel my stomach in my throat as I go up to my room. I fall on the bed and cry into the pillow. I have no clue what I was going to say or do to get Julius off the hook for this. Not that there is much to say or do because we were caught red-handed. I wonder if I should call Julius to warn him, but I can’t. I can’t bring myself to pass on this message. Damage control is out of the question, but I know he would stress himself out trying to think of something.

I text Mya and tell her about it and she comes to my room almost in the same second. She takes the liberty of forming a best friend spooning session with me being the little spoon as I cried most of the night. She reassured me that everything would be okay, but I found it hard to believe her. My life was slowly, but surely crumbling. The only thing that stayed in tack was my grades. My parents would be so proud seeing that it would be the only thing they care about if they found out about all this.

I get a total of 2 hours of sleep all together before Mya wakes me up. I get dress slowly dreading the fact that my secret relationship would no longer be a secret between the school officials and I’m sure the students will eventually find out too.

I walk into Dean’s building and I feel like everyone is staring at me. When I get to Dean Martin’s office, her door is open and she is waiting for me. I tap on the door and she looks up. “Ahh Ms. Smith, come in please”

I go in and take a seat and she looks down at a file which I assume it’s mine. My hands begin to shake so I squeeze them between my thighs to calm them. “Am I in trouble?”

“No dear, you’re not in trouble. I just want to get to the bottom of this problem. This school has a policy on teacher/student relationships. Most colleges don’t, but as you know, we take it quite serious”

If rubs me the wrong way how she refers to Julius and me as a ‘problem’. I sit there for a few minutes and the room is quiet. Every few seconds she flips a page as I watch her.

“Ms. Smith has Professor Ingram altered your grades in any way?” She looks at me over her glasses

I shake my head “No ma’am. I made straight A’s before he even arrived. I maintain my grades. I even turn my assignments in a week or two in advance. He has no reason to alter my grades and if there were a reason, I would want him to alter them. The grade I work for is the grade I deserve”

Dean Martin looks at me as if she is analyzing every word that just rolled off my tongue. My heart beats at a hard steady beat and I take a deep breath to calm myself. I have never been under so much pressure in my life. I feel like there is a giant spotlight on me right now.

“You are very wise for your age Ms. Smith and that’s why I just can’t figure out how you got yourself into this predicament. You are one of the top students and should know all the policies” She sounds like she genuinely cares.

“I know but love makes even the wisest person dumb. Not that I’m calling myself dumb, but isn’t that what love is. Letting all your worries and cares to go. Letting your guard down. Not caring about the rules or consequences. Basically being dumb” I smile a little and so does Dean Martin.

“Well Ms. Smith, I’m going to have a stern discussion with Professor Ingram about is lack of judgment. Also, I see you have a class with him next semester, but I’m going to have you taken out of that and transferred to another class. I don’t need anyone thinking you have received any special treatment from him. I usually do not encourage situations of this nature, but you are very responsible and bright. And even I have been dumb in love a few times.” She laughs and I feel a weight off my shoulders. This could have gone a totally different way.

“Ms. Smith, I know this is asking for a lot, but can you please keep your relationship on the hush, hush. I have already discussed it with the President and we both agree that the school doesn’t need a scandal”

“Yes, ma’am we will be more careful. I promise”

She stands and shakes my hand. “Good. I have high hopes for you Krystal”

As I leave the office, I see Julius. I give him a blank stare not wanting him to know if it went good or bad. I want him to be just as scared as I was. And he better be taking care of Beanie.

I text Mya and let her know that it went well. She asks me to meet up for lunch later, but I have to pass. I need to go take a migraine pill. This morning has stressed me beyond belief and I just want to lay down.

I go to my dorm and get my car keys to go to my math class.

The time goes by extremely slow and when 12:50pm hits, I’m the first one out of class. I throw my book in the trunk and drive to Julius’ apartment.

When I get there, I remember he leaves a spare key taped to the bottom of the doormat. I go inside and Beanie is whining. I walk into the kitchen and see her in a cute pink cage with a zebra print blanket. I also see that there is a small stuffed football in there. Julius just had to add a touch of masculinity to it. It makes me happy to know he went out and bought all this. I reach into the cage and pull Beanie out. I take her for a quick walk so she can use the bathroom. We hurry back in and I feed her and play with her before we both get sleepy. I take her back out once more just in case she has to go potty again and she does. I’m providing much more effort in house training than Julius is. Taking care of a puppy is exhausting. Beanie goes back into her cage and quickly falls asleep.

I go into the bedroom and kick my shoes and jeans off before crawling under the covers. Due to my lack of sleep last night, I fall asleep quickly. I sleep so hard that I have zero dreams which is good. I have had enough entertainment for one day. I don’t need it in my dreams either.

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