Seduced By My Professor

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Chapter 3

I wake up the next morning, 3 minutes before the alarm is due to go off. I groan and roll over for those 3 minutes. I’m starting to rethink this whole T.A. gig. I turn off the alarm when it goes off and roll out of bed. Since I’m actually up on time today I can be cute for class.

I lay out a pair of black tights and an oversized burgundy sweater before I jump into the shower. Once out, I spritz a light body spray over me before I put my clothes on. Once dress, I pull my hair up into a sock bun after I blow dry it and apply a little makeup so I don’t appear as pale.

For makeup, I settle for BB Cream, eyeliner, mascara, and a little lipstick. Checking myself out in the mirror, I’m satisfied with how I look compared to yesterday. I check the time as I slide on my boots and stand to get going. I put on my Pea coat then grab my scarf and books as I head out.

As I walk across campus, the wind beats me up, blowing from all directions. It feels as if the temperature is dropping by the second. I should have worn gloves. When a hard gust hits me I close my eyes as the wind dries my contacts a little. I look around and see other people tightening their coats. As I continue to walk a few students wave and say hi. I wasn’t totally invisible thanks to Mya.

She took me under her social wing our freshmen year, even tried to talk me into pledging with her. I had to put my foot down on that. I go out and socialize enough to survive and enjoy my college years. Occasionally, I even get drunk.

I look at my phone and see that I have a little extra time and decide to go to the campus cafe to get a blueberry muffin and coffee. When I walk in, Mya is behind the counter. She works in the cafe in the mornings and some weekends. When she sees me she waves.

“Hey, you look gorgeous today compared to that zombie look you had yesterday. I guess someone woke up on time.” She put a muffin in a brown bag and poured my coffee. I hear a few people complain about me getting my order before them, but I ignore it and so does Mya. I try to hand her a $5 bill but she waves it away.

“Ooo I love that scarf, I’m going to have to borrow it.” She smiles hard trying to get me to agree.

I roll my eyes “You can borrow it anytime as long as I get it back. I’m starting to miss my earrings, jean jacket, and red heels”

She puts on an innocent look “I will return them as soon as I stop loving them”

Our conversation is cut short by an angry customer who must be in need of his coffee. I dread walking back outside, but it must be done. I walk fast so my coffee and muffin don’t get cold. I get to the building 5 minutes early. When I walk into class and set my things down I hear swearing coming from the file closet.

“Professor Ingram?”

“Yeah, in here” I peek into the closet and see him. He looks defeated. “Ah, Good morning, Ms. Smith.”

“Good morning. Um, are you looking for something?” I walk over and stand in the closet doorway.

“Yes, I need the folder with all the assignments for African American Lit. I don’t know how the hell everything is organized in here” He runs his fingers through his hair slicking it back. I see his lips tighten into a line as he starts looking again. I take a moment and do a quick scan of his outfit. He has on a light blue slightly fitted button down and black slacks with black Stacy Adam’s shoes.

“It’s over here on the top shelf” I slip past him and I swear I think I hear him inhale deeply. Was he smelling me? I catch a whiff of his cologne and fight the urge to moan. He smells amazing.

Reaching up to grab the file, my height fails me. My heart jumps when I feel Professor Ingram behind me. Pulling my arms down to let him take over, he reaches up over me and grabs the file. When I turn around he is so close, staring down at me. As much as I want to break eye contact, I don’t.

“Uh, thanks.He says then clears his throat “Now let’s get to work” Professor Ingram walks out of the closet leaving me standing there feeling vulnerable. How does he do that?

Professor Ingram lays a large stack of folders on the desk I’m supposed to sit at. Walking towards it, I stare at the stack then at him. “What do you want me to do with these?”

“I need you to sort them out. Make a stack of assignments and exams the class has already done then another stack for the ones the class hasn’t” He sits at his desks and starts writing.

I take a large gulp of coffee, thanking God that it was still hot. Halfway through the stack I decide to take a break. I pull my muffin from the bag and take a bite. When I finish eating, I get up and get a cup of water and stretch.

“Too much work for you, Ms. Smith?” He asks from behind his computer.

“Nope, just taking a little break. It is a lot though.”

When I realize that papers were starting to flood the desk, I moved all of it to a small table adjacent to his desk. I sit down and cross one leg over the other making my dress move up my thighs a little. Out the corner of my eye, I see Professor Ingram looking. Tapping into my inner Mya, I decide not to pull my dress down. A little thigh never killed anyone, but it wasn’t very professional to be eyeing a student.

“You look really nice today, Ms. Smith.” He says nonchalantly.

I look over at him “Thank you, I actually woke up on time this morning unlike yesterday” I shake my head trying not to remember my bed head look.

He chuckles. “Ahh yes, I still miss that coffee.”

I laugh and blush “I’m so sorry about that. I just really like being on time. I’m usually not a total track star”

Professor Ingram chuckles “It’s ok. I just know to lookout for you and my coffee.” I check the time and class starts in 10 minutes. I finish sorting out the assignments and store them in a place he can find them. I take my seat and wait for everyone else.

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