Seduced By My Professor

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Chapter 5

“Are you serious? It’s Saturday morning!”

I’m standing at my room door with major bed head, wearing a t-shirt, looking at Mya as if I want to kill her.

“Oh come on we have to go get our hair done! Aren’t you excited about tonight?” She jumps up and down like a fool.

I should have known that she would do this. She did it last year, but I hoped she took my similar reaction as a sign not to do it again. I was so wrong. I guess I should be happy that my best friend is so excited to have a mini girl’s day. I could still sleep with no friends and no plans tonight. That sounds incredibly dull, even for me.

I see a bag in her hand and the corners of my mouth turn up. “Is that a chocolate muffin?”

Mya smiles “I had to bring a plea deal to get you out of bed at 8am on a Saturday. I also have coffee” She holds up the cup.

I let her in and she flops on the bed as I pull a pair of black skinny jeans and a hoodie out of my closet.

“Oh, no jeans.”

I look at her with a confused look. “Why?”

She smiles “Just no jeans”

I shrug and put the jeans back in exchange for some leggings. I put my hair into a ponytail and get dressed.

I’m half way done with the muffin by the time we get to her car. I feel a little more awake from the coffee so I can start enjoying today’s agenda. Mya decides to go to the nail shop first to get our toes and nails painted.

It’s relaxing to be pampered. Frequent indulgences such as this are more of Mya’s thing. I don’t do anything as much as her except homework. While my toes are getting down I go through my phone, checking twitter and Facebook. I see a lot of people discussing the ball.

I check my email for some reason, sort of wondering if Professor Ingram emailed me again, but nothing new in my inbox. Locking my phone, I slide it in my hoodie pocket. A ping of disappointment washes over me. I don’t know why I thought he would.

We finish getting out nails done and Mya has the need to go get her legs waxed. On the way there, she remains unusually quiet. I sense that there is something she isn’t telling me. When we get there, I find out her real intention.

“Are you really going to make me do this” I’m sitting on the spa table with my lady business covered with a towel. Mya is standing in the corner of the room trying not to laugh. She somehow has convinced me that a Brazilian Wax would be “fun”

“Yes! I’m telling you it’s amazing. I get it done all the time.” She sits down as the woman comes in with a bowl of hot wax.

My hearts starts pumping. I know this is going to hurt. Adding insult to injuring, I didn’t even have a chance to prepare for this. Mya could have at least slipped two painkillers into my coffee. I have always been a shaver, but I guess it’s time for something new.

I really don’t know how I let her talk me into this.

Closing my eyes, I reach for Mya’s hand to squeeze. The least she can do is let me squeeze the life out of it. The woman spreads the wax on my skin, causing me to flinch in surprise. No warning what so ever. My thighs shake as she lays the waxing paper down. I feel extremely violated.

The woman tells me to take a deep breath. “Are you ready, Hun?” She says nonchalantly as she chews her gum.

I shake my head quickly “Just do it” My eyes are closed so tightly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they got stuck like this.

“Alright, sweetie. 1...2....3.” She yanks the paper and I scream.

“HOLY SHIT!” I’m usually not a swearer, but this time it rolled off my tongue like butter. My eyes water as the woman smooths over a second coat further down. I squeeze Mya’s hand again. I know I’m hurting her, but she doesn’t complain. She just quietly snickers, enjoying this torture I’m subjecting myself to.

She repeats the process 2 or 3 more times. By the 3rd time, I begin to feel dizzy and nauseous.

“All done!” The woman cleans off these excessive wax, applies some sort of soothing oil and exits to let me put my clothes back on.

I lay there to compose myself. “That was so painful. How do you get this done?”

Mya smirks “It gets better and it definitely feels better down there. Like a baby’s bottom” She points to her crotch and winks.

I shake my head and get up. My vagina is throbbing like someone kicked me with cowboy boots on.

My lady parts are sore for the rest of the day but it eases as time goes by. So it’s not distracting anymore. When we get back to the dorms, Mya and I decided to get ready in my room since there is more space.

My room becomes hectic as we take turns showering and laying out makeup and curling irons. By the time she gets out of the shower, I’m already doing my hair.

“So how was your shower? Did everything so smoothly? ”She giggles.

I roll my eyes at her, but in my mind, I was actually happy about getting waxed. I feel brand new downtown. She takes a seat next to be in front of the mirror and begins doing her hair.

I hear a knock on the door and hop up to answer it. “Hey Robert, Christopher”

They both say “Hey” in unison. They come in with their suits in cleaner’s bags. The guys take just as long as we do to get ready. I have to open the window as my room begins to flood with the smell of cologne and perfume.

When we are all dressed we take turns fixing each other up. “Oh my, we look hot” I mumble.

“Hell yeah!” The guys say as they exchange high fives.

Mya did an amazing job on my makeup, giving me a dark purple smokey eye to wear under my mask. Try the mask on and I barely recognize myself. I smile, feeling extremely confident. I run my fingers through my curls a little. As we are gathering our things, I hear another knock on the door and I assume it’s my date. I open the door and I’m speechless. Todd is an incredibly handsome blonde. His hair is slicked back with a part almost as if he is from an episode of Gossip Girl.

“H...Hi, you must be Todd” I try to hold on to my confidence, but on the inside, I’m a ball of nerves.

“Yes, and you must be Krystal. You look beautiful” His eyes scan over me and my face gets warm. Thank God for foundation so he doesn’t notice me blushing so much.

“Thank you.” I smile

“The limo is downstairs waiting if you guys are ready”

I turn around “Is everyone done?” Everyone nods as we head out. I hook arms with Todd as we walk down the hall to the elevator. Once downstairs a white limo is in front of the building. There are a few other expensive cars and SUVs are in front of the building waiting to transport people to the ball.

The driver opens the door and Todd and I slide in first. The inside is beautiful and there is chilled champagne ready for us. On the way to the event hall, Christopher makes a toast to good friends and good times. We all click glasses and drink up.

I chit chat with Todd during the ride, trying to get to know him and such. He actually isn’t even in college which is why I have never seen him around. He works in an auto parts shop fixing cars. He spends his free time restoring old cars for people.

I feel a little chemistry between us. He makes me laugh during the ride and my nerves die down. It also helps that I’ve had a few glasses of champagne.

When we arrive at the ball we all smile and put our masks on. The driver comes around and opens the door. Everyone else slides out and when it’s my turn Todd grabs my hand. I turn around and lift my mask “Is something wrong?”

“No, I’m just really happy to have you as a date” Leaning in, he plants a swift kiss to my cheek and slides my mask back down over my face.

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