Ex-Wife of a Billionaire: BOOK 2

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I want to bid goodbye to that past of mine. I was never more aware of the burden on my shoulders than right now. BOOK 2 Being separated from her life and forced to be someone else, Kaley starts her life far from Blake, in London. She hasn't forgotten about her name and the one that forced her to abandon it while hoping that her chance to return to Blake will soon come. However, things on her end of making everything better aren't really in her odds. She's slowly running out of time, and she's been watched all the time. One wrong move and the ones she loves will die. Just as she thought that things couldn't get any worse, a man that seems to know something about the real Ava Niall appears bringing a storm in her life, but also a chance. A chance to escape from her hiding. A chance to return to her life. A chance to make Lucas pay for what he did.

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“Simply winning one battle doesn’t mean that you’ve won the whole war”

They say that the most unexpected things happens the moment we decide to let loose because we think that we’re just about to make it.

Whether it's a good or a bad spin off, it happens.

Life is a gamble itself, you are either strong to protect everything, or you are too week and lose it. In my case, it was the later. But, even though I was too weak and lost my life I could once spend living happily ever after, one part of me is satisfied. My son, my husband and my little brother are all protected... Though Ade and Blake don’t know that I’m alive. That is probably the only thing I’ll regret for the rest of my life.

Lucas kept his promise. I pretended to be dead and he made sure that I had enough money to start my own life. One part of me had that silly idea that it was because deep down in his heart, he actually cared for his grandson, Chris, but the more rational part of my mind was telling me that a man that decided to kill his own children could never care for anyone but his own head. I decided to go with that thought, after all I didn’t want to understand the mind of a psychopath like him. Maybe that was the reason I tried my hardest to stay away from him as much as it was possible, however I was far from lowering my head in submission to the tyrant that destroyed my son’s future, leaving him without a father. This war wasn’t lost. In fact, it has just started.

Two years. It’s been two bloody years after that day and I could still replay it in my head as if it was only yesterday. It took me a whole year and a half to be able to walk again, though running is off limits for few years, otherwise I could make more damage to it and risk to never be able to walk again in my life. I won’t say it’s easy, I can barely move due to exhaustion I feel when walking, but it isn’t so bad actually. I live in a apartment in a building with an elevator and a greatest roommate I could ever get, Alis. She’s a year younger than me and she came here to go to the college starting this year and was a real menace... If she hated you, that is. Otherwise, she was like a weird combination of angel and super-hyper girl that would get overemotional to the first thing she saw. Like Chris. She was looking for apartment when she saw me struggling to unlock the doors of my apartment with Chris and food in my arms and immediately jumped to help me. She fell in love with him, as weird as it sounds, and became his second mother. He loves her, she loves him,so I didn’t really have any objections when she offered to move in with me. And so, the monthly rent of 400 euros I used to pay existed no longer. Why?

Her rich parents bought it for her and we’re free from that loan. They actually don’t like me, but I don’t like them either so it’s alright. They have that weird theory that I’m part of some wicked Israel mafia, which I can’t explain how happened because in all honesty, I don’t even know it myself. I’m not exaggerating, they said it in my face. Later on, I’ve found out why. It was because of my scar.

A scar on my right eye.

A scar that reminded me of that horrible day over and over again.

A scar that was the only thing that connected me to my past life now.

Well, at least, Chris seemed to like it finding me amusing every time he saw it. He’d always giggle to it and kiss it as if he understood it’s weight, but then again who knows. Maybe in his baby mind, he wanted to become a pirate and saw me as his inspiration, you can never be too sure with them, after all babies are at that age when everything is possible to them. We grown ups will never be able to understand the potential of a child when we, ourselves forgot how does it feel to be one. Now that I think of it, I really grew up after meeting Blake, even my way of thinking changed.

“Where the hell are you?!” I heard her voice from the kitchen. She’s such an early bird, but then again it is her first day of college.

“Breakfast is in the under the sink, serve yourself!” I yelled back at her and glanced at the clock. Six at the morning, time when Chris will wake up and start screaming. With a happily sigh, I got up from the chair and glanced at my laptop I was staring at since I woke up. Good thing Blake was famous so I had plenty of his photos to look at on the Google.

“Hurry up, I’ll be late!” she said and I chuckled. Sure, late with two hours to kill in the meantime. Only she can be so stressed over nothing...

“I swear to break the college’s gate if we do, so don’t worry. Now shut that annoying butt of your and eat, I have to take care of Chris!” I yelled right back at her as I exited my room.

“Yeah, yeah. C’mon I know you ogled that rich billionaire you have crush on, his wife is dead, but that’s not a reason for you to stalk him like that!” if only you knew that I am his “dead wife” you defended so much. She always felt sorry for him when she found out about what happened to his wife and son that “died in the accident” and was against my “so called obsession with him”, but that’s a part of to why I loved her so much. As I said, she was a little tenacious menace of an angel.

“It’s not my fault for loving him. Love is a feeling, not a decision.” I sighed as I came eye to eye with a beautiful blonde girl in pyjamas. I never told her the truth. She found me one day looking at his photo on the computer and I had to lie about me having a crush on him ever since. At the beginning, she didn’t know who he was, but she found out later. We may know each other for half year, but I have a feeling like we were best friend since diapers. That thought itself made me remember Melissa. I really missed that girl.

“I feel sorry for the poor guy. If you two ever meet, I wonder what will happen...” she shook her head before grabbing a pizza I left her.

“We’d get married.” I happily exclaimed like a real fangirl and she chuckled.

“He’s probably not that crazy. If I were him, I’d send you to the asylum.” she chuckled and I almost groaned to that, knowing him, he’d probably do the exact same thing.

“Hey, I’m pretty normal.” I defended myself, however even I doubted that statement. Normal people don’t go through what I did and stay sane... Maybe.

“Everything about you screams the oposite, now hurry up or we’ll be late.” she said munching down the piece of pizza.

“We have two more hours...” I was about to brush her off when I felt a tiny hand tugging on my pyjama. Glancing down, I saw Chris rubbing his eyes and yawning at the same time. I picked him up and kissed him o his cheek which only made him snuggle in my neck.

“Mama,” he mumbled and both I and Alis chuckled.

“I’m here, munchkin.” I responded to his call. I still remember the was Blake would call me his munchkin and now it became the name I caller Chris, my little bundle of happiness.

“Pamkey.” he mumbled again, but I understood what he wanted. Pancakes.

“Alright, alright.” I gave him to Alis who gladly grabbed him from me as I headed to make some pancakes for him.

This was my new routine. Wake up, make food, chat with Alis, go to my exercises for legs, and work at the library. I was originally meant to leave to Paris, but since I couldn’t even mutter a single word in that ‘lady’s language’, Lucas mover me to the London. At first, it was weird to listen to their accent and get used to their life, but after getting job at the library where I had chance to meet with their language, my life got better and easier. And now, Alis is finally getting enrolled in the university.

It was calm. The times I lived in now we’re way too calm and peaceful.

But it’s just as I say at the very beginning of my life.
‘The weather is always calm before the hurricane.’

Only this time, the one that will wreck the havoc in everyone’s life was me.

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