Confused Friendship

By thenovelseller All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy


A simple and most loved girl around the people is Poorvi Dixit tall, pale, lovely black bouncy long hair, brown eyes and not to forget the cute dimple on the right cheek. She vows not to make any boys as her friends and hates them because of her past. Who was in her past? Bhuvan Khanna handsome, noticeable, intelligent, tall, fair, short dark brown hair, and dimple on the right cheek that made all girls go crazy. He names the things he needs and it is with him in minutes. The girls want him but he wants only one girl. That is Poorvi. He did not have the gannets to ask her but stood behind and watched her during the school days. Poorvi joins Bangalore University to pursue a career in engineering and start a great professional life. She is trying hard to let go her past and someone is already doing that unknowingly. He is keeping her mind occupied with thoughts. She is scared thinking what if the past repeats but what her fate with Parham Mehta is. The strikingly handsome and cleverest of all Parham Mehta who is tall, fair, short black hair and a lovely green-eyed boy. All girls fantasize when he walks around joins the Bangalore University.

Author Note

Hello Minions

I am glad you choose this book to read but I would like to bring to your notice that there are a lot of grammar error and I am fixing it. I will need some time.

I work in an IT Firm and attend Fine Arts College on the weekends so it is very hard for me to balance the time. Hope you understand this and encourage this book.

I would love the feedback and I will try my best to cover all the feedback provided.

Thank you so much for dropping in here.


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