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This book is a spin-off/sidequel to Perfect Revenge (Axel's Revenge). Read Perfect Revenge before starting with this one for a better understanding about the characters and the plot. Alicia McKenna is a beautiful and self-centered temptress. All she cares about in life is money and the power that comes with it. She is like a butterfly that hops from one flower to the next, sucking them dry until there is nothing left. Butterflies are beautiful creatures created by nature to help pollination, instead, Alicia destroys the men she is with and leaves empty shells behind. What happens when the tables turn? Alicia finds herself in prison when her past mistakes catch up with her. She’d lost everything in a blink of an eye. Everyone she knew had turned their backs on her including her own mother. Born with a silver-spoon will she be able to survive the life in prison?

Romance / Other
Catherine Edward
5.0 3 reviews
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Chapter - 1

"Redemption is something you have to fight for in a very personal, down-dirty way. Some of our characters lose that, some stray from that, and some regain it." - JOSS WHEDON

“Mommy, can we go to the park?”


“Mommy, please...”

“Quiet, Alicia! Rich people don’t go to parks.”

The little girl’s excitement seemed to drain at her mother’s outburst. At six-years-old, she didn’t understand why her mother wouldn’t take her to the park. All her friends went to the park.

It was Saturday, and she was once again left to her own devices. Tons of Barbie dolls and stuffed toys she didn’t fancy anymore filled her private space.

She wanted a simple car to play with, just like the one her friend Jason had. Her mother wouldn’t buy one saying they aren’t for her. Alana even went as far as to warn her daughter from being friends with Jason.

“Here, order pizza for dinner. I won’t be home tonight.”

Alicia eyed the dollar bills with disinterest. She didn’t want pizza again. She wanted to eat pasta, a homemade one that tasted like cheese heaven. Raiza’s mom always sent her an extra box whenever she made one.

“I don’t want the pizza,” said Alicia in a low murmur, too afraid her mother would lash out.

“Then order something else,” Alana responded as she secured the Garter around her broad hips.

“What is that for mommy?”

“It makes me feel sexy.”

“What is meant by sexy?”

“You will know one day, Alicia. Now, leave and let me get ready,” Alana ordered without meeting her daughter’s gaze.

Alicia’s shoulders slumped, and she left her mother’s room without a further word. Her mother wasn’t known for patience and the last time she spoke out of line, she had hit her. It hurt and Alicia learned her lesson.

Her little mind wondered why her father didn’t come often. Then she remembered her mother telling her that Seemus wasn’t her father and she shouldn’t be referring him as her dad anymore. Everyone at school had their own dad, and she wished to have a dad of her own.

The doorbell dinged a few minutes later and Alana hollered from her room. “Open the door!”

Alicia obeyed and noticed a different man standing outside. Last night it was someone else. Her innocent mind wondered why her mother had so many friends.

“Oh, hello there…” The anonymous male threw her a confused stare with a frown.

“Mommy is getting ready upstairs,” Alicia supplied before running in. She plopped at one of the couches in the living room as the man strode in with unsure steps, his eyes looking around.

Alana’s heels clicked on the tiled floor as she descended the stairs. The man’s face lit up and the mesmerized look on his face confused little Alicia. Her mother shared an open-mouthed kiss with the stranger, making her gag. Why would anyone swap saliva?

The man’s hands were all over her mother and Alicia averted her gaze, unable to look anymore. A sound of the door being closed alerted her and Alicia went to lock the door just like Alana taught her.

Her stomach growled with hunger and with no other option coming to her mind, she ended up ordering the pizza she’d grown to hate so much.

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