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Chapter - 10

“A new dawn. A chance for redemption.” - ANONYMOUS

Rebecca held Alicia and helped her to the cell as she broke down. No one came near her and a few cast sympathetic looks when she walked past them.

Alicia felt alone when Rebecca left her to her own devices. The thoughts of Francis Kaufman were too much to bear. A sudden urge to see her abandoned son sprung out of nowhere.

Unlike she told others or made the world believe, she never aborted his child. When she went to the doctors it was too late and they warned her that an abortion would endanger her life. She’d carried and delivered the baby in secret and put the healthy baby boy for adoption.

Her mother was with her the entire time and Alicia didn’t bother to take a peek at her son’s face. A fact she regretted now. Did he look like Kaufman or did he share her looks? She’d never know.

A gut-wrenching sob left her throat as the thought intensified and she cried out loud for the first time in years. She’d never cried. She only made others cry and never felt an ounce of remorse.

A few weeks later...

Alicia looked startled when she heard one of the prison guards calling her while she was cleaning the toilets.

“Valtini spoke. His statement clears your name of the crimes you’ve been accused with and your sentence is reduced,” the guard announced.

“I-I don’t understand.” Alicia blinked, unable to comprehend what it meant.

“Valtini claimed that you didn’t know who he was and had no part in the shady things he did. He said you both hooked up occasionally and kept you close because the sex was mind blowing–his words,” the guard grimaced.

“You are lucky, Alicia. The judges have reduced your sentence to sixty months.”

She was charged not only for her association with Valtini and her active role in Kaufman’s case. They also filed additional charges against her, for trying to change her appearance by shaving her head and ruining her flawless skin.

Only she knew it was a regular spa routine that went wrong. No one would believe her and after a while, she stopped trying to make them believe. Alicia had resigned to her fate and knew there was no saving for her. Even her mother didn’t want to do anything with her.

Alana had never once visited her in the prison that became her living hell for the past couple of months. She’d written several letters asking for her mother to visit her once in the prison. Most of them went unanswered and the last few returned to her as Alana had moved out of her temporary housing.

Alicia didn’t know what to feel about this news. What difference does it make? She was already in prison and will be here until her term ended. One week in prison taught her things she couldn’t learn in the outside world. She still struggled to adjust to her life in prison. It was never easy to let go of your habits.

“What the fuck are you staring at?”

Alicia almost jumped out of her skin hearing the voice that haunted her dreams.

“I-I,” she stuttered.

“You ain’t got all day. You have ten minutes to complete the task and get your ass out of there,” Erika warned in her high pitched, yet threatening voice.

Alicia sighed, picking up the brush and started scrubbing the toilet floor. It was really hard to keep the breakfast down. She gagged several times and held her nose with her free hand. They did it on purpose, she knew. They made her scrub the toilets right after she’d eaten.

At least, they weren’t starving her like before. She’d come to appreciate the food they served and stomach the contents without any complaints.

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