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Chapter - 13

“God has such gladness every time he sees from heaven that a sinner is praying to Him with all his heart, as a mother has when she sees the first smile on her baby’s face.” - FYODOR DOSTOEVSKY

Alicia didn’t know how to feel when Alana, to her surprise, was locked in the same prison as hers.

“Oh, hi...” Alana chuckled. “Isn’t that my favorite daughter? Orange suits you well.”

Alicia grimaced when her mother embraced her. The inmates were watching with a renowned interest and she could only imagine what would happen next. Their insults would come pouring and she had no choice but to take it all.

“No greetings to your mother? No pleasantries? I was good by the way.

“You didn’t write back. You didn’t come to any of my trials. You-”

“What did you expect me to do? I had no money to pay the lawyers. The landlord kicked me out when I couldn’t pay my rent.” Alana shrugged. “I am in a good place now though.”

“You are in a prison, mom. You call this a good place?” Alicia couldn’t hide her growing annoyance.

“I won’t be here too long. Danny will come for me.”

“Who’s Danny?”

“Oh, he is tall, black and handsome. He is my boyfriend.” Alana giggled, her legs wobbling. “Do you know that Danny has tattooed his dick? Ooh, and that ring on the tip of his cock...”

“Mom...” Alicia ground her teeth. “Who the fuck is Danny? What does he do for a living?”

“I don’t know. He has a nice place, not like the one we used to live. But, like a kinky club. He has a lot of booze and the sex...” Alana’s eyes rolled back in her head. “The sex is amazing. Did I tell you that they were into this kinky stuff? I love being his submissive.”

“Mom! Snap out of it. I don’t think you should see this Danny guy again. He’s not good for you.”

Alana cackled. “You are in jail because of that dirtbag. I heard that your’s good for nothing boyfriend is going to be hanged.” She turned to walk in the other direction. “Oh, and Danny, he will come for me.”

Who is this woman? Alicia stood there, watching her mother waltz around the prison as if she owned the place. Her body tensed when she noticed Erika coming her way.

Erika, however, surprised her by patting her back once. “It’s not a surprise that you grew up this way. I wonder what kind of life you had as a child.”

Alicia stood unmoving when Erika left her. The other inmates shook their head in dismay, but did not comment. Alana spoke mindlessly about her Danny and created a fuss with everything she did.

Soon, the toilet scrubbing was allotted to Alana and her mother cursed like a sailor, making everyone grimace. Erika wasn’t the easiest one to get through and Alana after her initial tantrums, she followed the orders.

Alicia didn’t try to speak with her mother again and Alana behaved as if her daughter wasn’t there. The inmates, to Alicia’s surprise, warmed up to her during her mother’s presence. Their attitude towards her changed in a course of two days and they engaged her in a casual talk.

Alana was subjected to everything Alicia went through and unlike her daughter, she threw insults at everyone. True to Alana’s words, Danny did come for her after five days. Alana cursed and flipped everyone as she walked out, not once meeting Alicia’s gaze.

She didn’t think that the life in prison had changed or affected her mother.

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