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Chapter - 14

“Mistakes are the portals of discovery.” - JAMES JOYCE

The prison buzzed with activities as Thanksgiving rolled in. The prison authority had arranged them a generous meal and almost everyone had visitors except Alicia.

Even Rebecca’s brother came for a visit. Alicia lay on her hard mattress, wondering about all the Thanksgiving, she’d spend so far. All those candlelight dinners at expensive restaurants felt like a dream now.

“Alicia, this came for you,” one of the guards called and Alicia jumped off her bed, rushing to the uniformed guard. Her heart raced as her eyes landed on the Thanksgiving cards. Who would send those to me?

Even before knowing from whom it was her heart flipped. It felt good to know that someone remembered her. She opened the first card in a rush. It was from Samantha.

The Sinclair heiress had wished her well on this day and signed the card with much love. Alicia turned the card over, surprise welling within her. Why did Samantha send her a card?

The second card was from the Kaufman’s. Alicia’s heart lurched as soon as she saw their name.


I had no intention of writing you.

I was writing Thanksgiving cards to my friends and family when I saw my grandson running in with his grandpa.

Young Harris is full of life. He is the exact replica of my Francis and reminds me so much of his childhood.

He now lives with a lovely middle-class couple in Brooklyn. It took us time, but we found him and his parents were happier to let him spend his time with us.

He now visits us every weekend and during his holidays. He is being spoiled rotten by his grandpa and grandma.

You might’ve ruined our lives. But, you also gave us a purpose to live by giving a grandson. My husband smiles for the first time in years. For that alone, I forgive you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

- Lelia.

Alicia sobbed as she finished reading the letter. She reread it again. Mrs. Kaufman forgave her. She felt an unknown weight being lifted off her shoulders as she cried.

Her son would have a bright future. She traced her flat belly as an unknown emotion surfaced. She never once appreciated the life when it grew within her. She didn’t deserve to call herself a mother. But, if she was to die now, she would gladly do so without any remorse.

She’d hurt so many people in her life. The list was endless, but there were few, who stood out. The most hurt of all. She remembered the maid she’d ashamed in front of her servants.

She hired the maid through an agency and hoped they’d have her details. Pulling out a paper and pen from her desk, she began to write.

Rebecca’s words were true. “You ended up in a prison because of your wrong choices and your upbringing had to do a lot with it. But, if you went out as the same person, the blame is on you,” she’d said.

Alicia vowed to set things straight. She also wrote to Samantha, thanking for her card and wished her only the best of everything. Suddenly, she didn’t feel lonely anymore.

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