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Chapter - 15

"The idea of redemption is always good news, even if it means sacrifice or some difficult times." - PATTI SMITH

Alicia’s spirits ran high when Christmas approached. She’d sent cards to Seemus, Samantha and Mrs. Kaufman.

Though Seemus wasn’t her biological father, he always tried to play the part, even when Alicia shut him out. The life in prison had taught her to see through the facades.

She’d spoken to many inmates, who had shared their experiences with her and every story was a lesson to Alicia. She’d listened and vowed to change herself for good when she went out of here.

The prison guards ran among the inmates, ordering them to decorate the place. A huge Christmas tree sat on the veranda near the office. The inmates weren’t allowed to go there unless invited, but seeing it alone, ignited the Christmas spirits.

They were receiving cards, photographs of their families, small gifts. No one except Samantha had sent her a gift and Alicia treasured the little snow globe.

She’d learned to appreciate small things and for the first time in life, celebrated the Christmas Eve remembering the true purpose. It wasn’t just a night of gourmet dinner and mindless sex anymore.

They’d distributed cakes and watched from their prison yard when fireworks lit the night sky. It was beautiful and Alicia found herself enjoying the occasion. That night for the first time in years, she fell asleep, clutching the snow globe to her heart.

The New Year came sooner and Alicia was once again surprised with an unexpected gift.

Seemus sent her a book and a card. There was a card from Samantha and a letter from the maid she’d written weeks ago. The most surprising and wonderful above all was the gift from Mrs. Kaufman.

Alicia held the photograph between her trembling fingers as she looked at her son’s photograph for the first time. Harris had a dirty blonde hair and grey eyes just like his father.

She choked a sob as she looked at her boy, unable to bat an eyelash. The buried memory of his first cry surfaced from the depths of her mind. Her son.

Regaining her composure, she opened the letter that came with it.


I had enough time on my hands recently and thought about everything.

I don’t want to blame you anymore.

My son won’t come back and I don’t know what to do with this hatred within me. I am not getting any younger and when my time is up, I want to go with less burden as possible.

You might’ve abandoned your son, but when I see him being loved and happy with his new family, I realize that you did well.

Attached is the picture of our grandson. He knows about his biological parents, and he is far more mature than his grandparents. He drew a card for you.

Alicia checked the next paper, noticing a drawing by her son. Happy New Year, Mommy!

Mommy... He called me mommy.

Alicia’s eyes welled up as she traced the scribbled handwriting that had just become her favorite in an instant. She turned the paper to read the rest of the letter.

My husband isn’t very fond of you at the moment. But, he appreciates that you gave our grandson back.

You’re welcome to visit us after your release.


Alicia couldn’t believe her eyes. Did I read that correctly? Mrs. Kaufman just invited her to visit them. She went to look at her son’s photograph again, soon getting lost in his innocent smile.

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