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Chapter - 3

“Understanding and tenderness would arise among us no matter how bad things got, and we found redemption in the very places we hurt most.” - LIN JENSEN

Understanding and tenderness would arise among us no matter how bad things got, and we found redemption in the very places we hurt most.

Another year, another birthday, another party... Alicia was on cloud nine as she took in the party decorations. Every year it was a new theme.

Alana always threw huge parties for her birthdays. She would invite all her popular friends and they would come over with their kids. Alicia grew up loving the parties and even looked forward to one, these days. Mostly because of the gifts she was showered with and all the fun games they could play.

At thirteen, Alicia was addicted to shopping just like her mother. Alana started taking her along to the spas and shops when she turned ten and she found out that she liked it more than anything.

There was a gift from Seemus like every year and Alicia didn’t bother to open it. She knew what would be inside. A few books that children read at her age and clothes she didn’t fancy. She’d stopped talking to him after he tried to tell her what’s wrong and what’s right.

She didn’t want someone to tell her that and like her mother always said, she was capable of taking her own decisions. Alicia looked at her sheer lace Bodycon white dress with elbow length sleeves. It accentuated her developing assets and made her look like a mature woman. The matching white strappy heels hugged her ankles and made her feel sexy.

The appreciative glances of young males thrown in her way made her spine tingle with a feeling that was so addictive. One particular boy, Brendan, caught her eyes.

She knew the fifteen-year-old that was so popular among the girl’s circle. They stalked him on Instagram and drooled over his shirtless photos. They were ready to kiss the ground he walked on. They didn’t go to the same school much to her dismay and met only during her mother’s lavish parties.

Brendan caught her eyes and smirked. Alicia’s insides went mushy as he walked towards her with confident strides. The tight jeans he wore hung low on his hips, hugging his lean muscles that appealed to the girls of her age somehow.

“Happy birthday, Alicia,” he purred seductively and kissed her knuckles, making her stomach flutter.

“Thanks, Brendan.”

“You look so beautiful in this dress,” he said, tracing her arms suggestively and she felt that odd tingle again.

She maybe fourteen and a virgin, yet she knew what exactly sex was all about. Her mother would bring unknown males to home at times and she’d hear nothing but moans and grunts the entire night. One of those nights, when Alana left the door ajar on her drunken stupor, the curious teen had caught her mother in action.

Instead of it feeling uncomfortable, the guilt of watching it gave her a thrill. However, she just didn’t want to do it yet. That was until Brendan.

Brendan knew the game very well and touched at the right spots, which left her with a longing by the end of their first dance together. Every touch would appear normal and innocent to a spectator’s eye. However, it was far from innocent.

Each wisp of touch was borderline sinful and Alicia knew that she had to take the chance that was offered to her on a silver platter. She’d taken him to her room and let him do everything to her, sinking in the new addictive feeling that lured her to the depths of no return.

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