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Chapter - 5

“True redemption is seized when you accept the future consequences for your past mistakes.” - EDUARDO MACEDO

Present day…

Alicia cried her heart out as the judge announced her sentence. She was going to jail.

Her association with one of the most wanted criminals had gotten her arrested and the cops had found too many skeletons in her closet. Alicia fumed as she looked around the courtroom for support. Sadly, there was no familiar face, including her mother.

On her way outside, she saw Valtini being led up by a group of four armed guards and screamed at the top of her lungs, asking for help. Valtini looked at her with disgust and scrunched his nose when she tried to lunge at him, only for the cops to limit her movements.

“He is here for some legal procedure, girl,” one of the cops informed. “He will leave the country tonight and he’d rot in prison for the rest of his life.”

A shiver of fear ran through her spine as the cops continued to talk among themselves. Apparently, he’d committed more crimes than she was aware of and they were handing over the evidence to the Interpol to try him at the International Criminal Court.

More uniformed guards lined up in the corridor as they dragged her away to lock her in a hell, designed for people like her.

No amount of knowledge had prepared Alicia for a life in prison.

The first trouble started when she was asked to change into the prison uniform which was nothing but an orange jumpsuit. She hated the color and told the cops she wouldn’t touch that shit even if she were to die. The material was nowhere near to the branded clothes she was so used to and no way would she want to wear it.

The female prison guard, Delonda Sims stared down at her with her dark eyes for a good five minutes, not moving from her spot. Alicia didn’t feel afraid to show her defiance to the strict cop. She was so used to the one who ordered and foolishly believed that her power would somehow sell.

Delonda just smirked and popped her knuckles. “You see, woman, I am not known for my patience around here. Right now, I am trying hard not to hit you. You have exactly three minutes to change into that uniform. You don’t want to know what would happen if you don’t,” she warned in her African accent that broke Alicia’s resolve.

The woman was taller and well-built. Her no-nonsense tone told Alicia that she meant every single word spoken and she found herself jumping into the suit in no time.

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