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Chapter - 7

“The recognition of pain and fear in others give rise in us to pity, and in our pity is our humanity, our redemption.” - DEAN KOONTZ

Alicia somehow made it to the breakfast and was glad that Rebecca saved a plate for her. Her throat felt parched and sore with all the vomiting, she’d done while cleaning the dirty toilets.

She’d scrubbed her skin under the shower until someone yelled for her to come out. Alicia kept sniffing her hands as she ate her porridge. She’d never tasted the sticky stuff before.

Her taste buds watered at the thought of delicious pancakes smothered in chocolate syrup. How many days she’d chastised her cook for making chocolate pancakes? Despite the taste, she’d always dumped them thinking about the calories it added to her slender body.

“Eat up. You’ll need all your strength for what lies ahead,” Rebecca commented under her breath.

“This stuff tastes like sand.” Not that she’d tasted sand before.

Rebecca shook her head. “As I said earlier, you are no longer in the comfort of your home. If you want to survive you eat this and better get used to the life here.”

“I can never get used to this life.”

“Alicia, I know how your life was before you come here. We all read the newspapers. Many prisoners dislike you for who you were. Don’t fuel their hatred with your actions.”

Alicia clenched her jaws and continued to swallow the porridge without chewing. That was the only way to stomach the content. Her hungry stomach settled down as she wiped her mouth with her sleeves.

There were no napkins here and she didn’t know how to ask without getting another round of lecture from Rebecca. The African prisoner had been a Good Samaritan since her arrival and she didn’t want to spoil that.

She’d already had enough on her plate. She needed to write to her mother and ask her to get her out of here. Again, it was highly unlikely, considering she didn’t even come to the trials.

“Hey, didn’t your mama teach you to scrub the toilets clean?”

Alicia jolted up noticing a furious Eleanor. “I...”

“Save it, Princess. Privileged people like you never knew what it is like to live on the unprivileged side. Now, get your ass up there scrub them spotless.”

Alicia looked at Rebecca for support, who averted her gaze. Eleanor quirked her eyebrows and Alicia knew that was her cue to leave. The porridge she managed to swallow rose from the confines of her intestines just at the thought of cleaning.

Eleanor stood watching while she worked. She’d occasionally pointed out the places that needed more scrubbing and directed how to use the brushes. Alicia’s hands screamed in protest as scrubbed, scrubbed and scrubbed.

By the time she was done, it was lunchtime and she took another shower before heading to the dining hall. Once again, Rebecca saved a plate for her and this time she didn’t thank her.

The bitch didn’t help when Eleanor asked her to clean the toilets again. Alicia’s scornful thoughts grew as she looked at her lunch with distaste. Boiled vegetables, soup, bread and a bowl of rice with some gravy she didn’t recognize occupied her plate.

“I am not eating this,” she growled. She glowered at Rebecca, who munched on the carrots.

Before Rebecca could respond, someone pulled Alicia’s plate away and Rebecca’s shoulders slumped.

“Look, the Princess doesn’t like the food...” A dirty blonde she didn’t know the name for, snickered as many other inmates soon joined her.

“Ooh... Do you want a gourmet cuisine?” The second prisoner, a brunette, drawled. “Hm... Let me think. How about delicious creamy pasta or a chicken casserole?”

A bunch of snickers echoed through the table as the brunette continued.

“I’d love that,” Alicia responded, ignoring Rebecca’s warning glare. “I am sure you bitches never had a chance to eat a gourmet meal before.”

That was the biggest mistake and it wasn’t long before Alicia regretted her words.

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