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Chapter - 8

“At some point you will meet my imperfections. Will you leave or will you stay for my redemption?” - SHANNA RODRIGUEZ


“Becca, please...” Alicia whispered in the middle of the night when no response came from the other side.

Her stomach rumbled and growled as a feeling she’d never known before gnawed her thoughts. Hunger.

That was their verdict. They’d surrounded her and announced that they’ll teach her a new lesson. They’d starved her and made her beg for food. They laughed at her while eating the extra food on her plate.

Some prisoners, who felt pity, threw a piece of bread her way, but it wasn’t enough to fill her stomach. Alicia realized how hard it was to live with hunger and regretted making such comments.

When they made her beg this morning, Eleanor poured the porridge on the floor and demanded her to lick it off. “I feel gracious today. Lick it off the floor like a good bitch you are,” she’d said.

Alicia’s gut wrenched as she felt the pang of guilt. Hadn’t she done the same to one of her maids? An incident, she forgot over the years, surfaced feeling fresh as it had happened yesterday.

“Careful. I don’t want any mess,” Alicia warned as her servants carried the dishes to the lavish dining hall, now decorated with flowers and balloons.

It was Francis Kaufman’s birthday and she took it upon herself to impress the old goats, he called his parents. He was a good catch and had more money than her good for nothing father. Marrying him seemed like a better option that time.

He’d drafted a prenuptial agreement that left her with an attractive sum of millions that was too sinful to let go. She’d planned to invite his parents for dinner and Francis would announce their engagement.

A clang of glass connecting with the floor distracted her daydreams and Alicia grew furious at the sight before her. One of the maids had accidentally dropped a bowl of dessert and stood, shivering under her unforgiving gaze.

“I told you to be careful.”

“I-I am sorry, Miss. It was an a-accident. I-It won’t happen again.” The poor maid’s body trembled.

“Shut up, bitch! You ruined my carpet. Do you know how expensive that was?” Alicia didn’t feel any remorse when her hand connected with her unsuspecting cheeks that flared red.

The maid stared at her in shock, her lips trembling and her cheeks wet with a new set of tears.

“Kneel down. Lick it off my carpet!”


Every staff had now stopped what they were doing and watched the interaction with an appalled look.

“I am feeling gracious today. Lick it off my carpet like a good bitch you are and I’ll forgive you.”

The maid sobbed when Alicia forced her to her knees and clamped her mouth shut, shaking her head in denial. Alicia grew furious as she pushed the maid’s head down.

“Don’t make me say it again. Do it! Or I will see that your sorry ass ended up in jail for stealing from me. I’ll make sure nobody hired you ever again.”

“Miss, please...”

That day she’d watched with satisfaction as the maid licked the contents of her carpet with tears streaming down her cheeks. She’d stopped abruptly before dashing out of the room and then her mansion, sobbing all the way out.

Alicia never knew what happened to the maid again. She stopped working and Alicia had been busy with her own schemes.

“Here.” A voice distracted her. “I saved a piece of bread from dinner. Eat up.”

Alicia grabbed the bread and almost swallowed it full without chewing. She never knew how worse, her hunger could get. That morning she licked off the porridge from the floor as the others laughed at her. Her thoughts strayed to the maid as a small voice within her whispered that she deserved it.

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