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A teen romance with a strong female lead, trying to outwit the schemes of a playboy Billionaire who wants to marry her. Sophia Ava Valentine and Noah Parker are in love with each other for over three years. The lovebirds had nothing to worry until Sophia’s father arranges her marriage with a ruthless billionaire playboy, Irwin Pierce to seal their business partnership. When Irwin discovers her love with Noah Parker, he makes it his mission to ruin his life and that of Sophia’s friends. Sophia accepts his proposal with one condition – Irwin must leave her friends alone. Now, it’s up to Noah & her best friends to save her from Irwin and his not so innocent schemes.

Romance / Drama
Catherine Edward
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Chapter - 0.5 | Morning Routine

The calming breeze brushed against my skin and I inhaled the fresh scents of the ocean and the trees. Doing yoga on a fine morning was not only relaxing, but also refreshing. The luscious waves of the ocean sprayed my face with salty water and I smiled, opening my eyes, as I finished the asana.

Gazing into the blue depths of water as the sun soared to the sky to perform its daily duty while listening to the rhythmic beats of the waves crashing into the sand itself provides the full effect of a medication.

The distant sounds of seagulls provided an added effect, reminding me of the docks, which was not too far from here. Nothing will give you an instant sense of calm and relief as the sea.

I can’t imagine a day going without my morning routine, which included answering the nature’s inevitable call, brushing my teeth, drinking a cup of warm water, then taking my baby girl Trixie to our private beach, where I did my yoga while she performed her morning rituals, followed by a shower, eating and then, university and all the related chores normally a girl would do.

Being a Pisces, I also loved to be near any form of the water body. I found a sense of calm every time I am near one, just like I am feeling now.

A bark towards my right had my attention and I turned to see Trixie, barking at a crab, wagging her tail as she invited the little sea monster to play with her. Mr. Crab tried to burrow his way into the beach sand while my pooch just pulled him back and dropped him as if they were playing their own version of hide and seek.

“Trixie, enough girl! Let’s go home,” I called with a smile on my face. Her expression always brought me a smile. Huskies got the best facial expression among the dogs, do you know that?

With one more bark, she took off after me, occasionally bumping her body into my legs as we walked home.

Trixie, the name itself is enough to bring a smile on my face. She is my three-year-old husky, I rescued from the roadside on a cold winter morning. Sounds cliché doesn’t it? But that’s what happened.

It was also the day I met Noah Parker. Hmm... You may ask who he is–I will not say it now. That’s what this story is all about, isn’t it?

I am Sophia Ava Valentine, the only daughter of the rich and arrogant businessman Mr. Jaxon Valentine and Mrs. Kate Valentine.

And this is my story...

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