My Brother Says I'm Dangerous

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"Get in the car!" He spits at me. "No!" I yell. "I'm fine. You can't tell me what to do!" "I swear Eva, you are out of control!" Nick finishes. "And something has to change." Eva was always one to follow the rules, the poster child for good behavior. She lives with her brother, and never gave him any trouble. After a traumatic event, Eva spirals out of control. She falls in with the wrong crowd, and couldn't care less about her future. Eventually, her brother can't take it. So he decides to do something about it. Moving halfway across the country, to a town full of strangers, should do something, right? Eva doesn't think so. But maybe it's for the best. After all. Her brother says she's dangerous.

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Chapter 1

I wake to my brother Nick, banging on my door, loud.

“Eva, get up!” He shouts. “You’re going to be late for school!” I throw the covers over me, holding my beating head. I had way too much to drink last night. I hear the door kick open, and my sheets are ripped off me.

“What?” I groan, rolling over to face Nick.

“You have to get up!” He says. He narrows his eyes. “Are you hungover again?”

“No.” I protest, sitting up.

“Yes you are.” He says, throwing the sheets on the floor. “Did you go out last night?”

“Only for a little.” I say. “Jesus, I’m seventeen, I think I can go out with my friends without a whole investigation afterwards!”

“Your friends?” Nick snorts. “Those sleazy, lazy dropouts that hang out under the bridge aren’t your friends.”

“I think I can make up my mind about my own friends.” I tell him. “And they’re not like that.” Nick sighs, running his hand through his hair.

“Eva, just get up.” He finally says. “You’re late for school, we’ll talk about this later.” He leaves my bedroom, closing the door behind him.

I guess I may as well get dressed, he’s not going to let this go. But I don’t have to make an effort. I throw on some jeans, a top and a army green jacket over the top. I lace up some boots, and kind of comb through my hair with my fingers. I leaf through my desk papers, trying to figure out what’s important. I chuck some random math worksheets into my bag, and I go downstairs.

Nick is waiting for me, and chucks me a granola bar.

“I’m going to be late for work.” He says.

“Please.” I roll my eyes. “Tyler won’t fire you.”

“That’s not the point Eva.” He says. “Just get in the car.” I follow him, and jump into his truck. We drive quietly, not wanting to have to talk.

“We’re staying home tonight Eva.” He says.

“I’m going out.” I tell him.

“No you’re not.” He says. “We’re having a family dinner. We can order in, maybe watch a movie.”

“Great.” I smile sarcastically, unbuckling my seat belt as we pull up to my school. “And what a great family the two of us are.” I jump out of the car.

“See you tonight.” Nick says tiredly.

“Whatever.” I walk away, and he drives off. I make my way through the masses, hating the cliche groups that this school has formed.

“Eva!” I look behind me, and grin, as Andy catches up to me.

“Hey dude.” I greet him.

“You coming tonight?” He asks. “Last night was sick.”

“Yeah, definitely.” I say. “The usual crew?”

“Of course.” Casey says, slamming her locker door and joining us. “Is your brother gonna chuck a mental?”

“Probably.” I say. “But I don’t care. He’ll just have to get over it.”

I sleep through most of my subjects, I really did drink way too much tonight. I know my brother is trying to help, but he’s going about it entirely the wrong way. I can be friends with whoever I like.

“Boo!” I scream, practically jumping out of my skin, as Andy jumps out at me in the hallway.

“Dude, don’t do that.” I laugh, holding my heart.

“Sorry.” He snickers. “Come on. Everybody’s already out back.”

“Sweet.” I smile, following him. We enter the cafeteria, and sneak out the back yard into the alley.

“Hey.” Spike calls out. “Eva.”

“Sup Spike.” I grin. He chucks me a pack of cigarettes, and I take one.

“Anyone got a lighter?” I ask. Casey chucks me one, and I light it, breathing in.

“Guess who got party favors for tonight!” Daniel says, coming from the cafeteria with Leo.

“No way!” Casey grins excitedly.

“You know it babe.” He says, jumping on her.

“Daniel stop.” She giggles. They start to kiss, so we leave them be.

“You going to be there tonight Ev?” Leo asks lowly, sitting down next to me.

“Of course.” I smile. “You?”

“Yeah.” He says smoothly, sharing my cigarette. “I have to go, but it’ll be nice to see you there.” He gets up and leaves, giving my cigarette.

“Leo’s got a thing for you.” Spike tells me, smirking.

“Really?” I ask.

“He told me.” He says. “You interested?”

“No.” I shake my head.

“Seriously?” Andy wonders.

“Give him a chance Eva.” Casey says, coming up for air, before dragged back down by Daniel.

“No.” I say finally. “I’m not interested.”

“Whatever.” Spike shrugs. “That’s not going to stop him.” I frown, not sure what he means, but I shake it off, not wanting to make a big deal of it.

I make my way to math with Andy, talking. We sit in our seats at the back, and wait for class to start.

“Eva?” I look up, to Sarah standing above me. I inwardly groan.

“Yeah?” I say, wanting her to just go away.

“I was wondering if you wanted to come over tonight.” She smiles at me. “The girls and me were going to watch the notebook again, and order in-”

“You stay home on a Friday night?” Andy snickers.

“Better than how you spend it.” She narrows her eyes.

“Doubt it.” He laughs.

“You wanna come Eva?” She asks again.

“Sorry.” I tell her briefly. “I’m busy.”

“You sure?” She tries. “The girls really miss you, we haven’t seen you since-”

“Sarah, just go away.” I hiss. “I don’t want to talk to you.” She steps back, taken aback.

“Oh.” She says softly. “Alright. Sorry I bothered you. Say hello to Nick for me.” She leaves, sitting with Nicola and Renny at the front of the class, already feverishly studying.

“Wow.” Andy whistles. “You’re brutal.”

“Yeah, well.” I frown. “She has to learn.”

“Eva, I’m skipping out early.” Andy says, as we walk out of math. “Coming?”

“Yeah sure.” I say. We run quickly out to the parking lot, and jump in his car. “Are we going to the bridge?”

“My house first.” He smiles. “Gotta get some beer.” I nod, as we begin to drive.

“What are you telling your brother?” He asks.

“I don’t know.” I shrug. “He’ll figure it out eventually.”

I’ve lived with my brother since I was twelve. My parents died in a car accident, and since he was eighteen, he was allowed to take care of me. My parents deaths were a shock, but it’s been six years. I’m not over it, but it’s just a part of my life now. Nick acts more like a parent than a brother, which I guess was to be expected.

But ever since the incident it just wasn’t the same.

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