The Affair.

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Chapter One.

The Affair.

“Mom, I’m off to work again...” Sofia said fixing her mascara in the bathroom. She tried taming her curly brown locks but all to no avail. She wasn’t surprised though. She put it in a nice sleek bun before she walked out grabbing her bag.

“Okay, darling. See you in the morning. Remember to take your keys because I won’t be standing up from my bed until eight am.” Her mom all but shouted back, clearly forgetting Sofia was just a few inches away.

“Okay mom. See you in the morning.” Sofia shook her head at her mom before she headed out to the hospital.

Sofia started her car and got into the highway to Middleton Hospital. She connected her phone to the Bluetooth of the car and began listening to the lyrics of Foreign by Trey Songz.

“I think I might have hit in my dreams..”

“She drop it, she throw it, yeah she work it”

“I seen your instagram but you look better up in person..” Sofia sang clearly making up her own unique version of the song. All the same, she continued singing before she was interrupted by a stupid driver who crossed lanes without showing any signs almost making me bash my newly earned car into his krusty ass.

“You fucking cunt!!” Sofia shouted, this time she didn’t care about decorum, manners and all of that. She sped up to his side wound down her glass.

The driver murmured an apology. Thought so, she said to herself before she sped up. She didn’t get why just anyone could be on the highway. She thought out loud as she turned into the junction of the hospital.

Parking the car and picking up her work bag before I walked into emergency department.

Sofia looked working at the ER. Even though it was tiring at times. She loved the thrill it gave and all the energy that came with it, not that she liked seeing people brought into the hospital but without them where would the hospital be. Nowhere. She signed in before she dropped her work bag and took over a shift from her colleague, Sarah.

“Thanks hun. See you later. You’re probably going to be on your feet all night because I have. ” Sarah, a young blond haired, said as she walked off away not before winking at Sofia though.

Sofia smiles as Sarah walked off. She was sure Sarah was heading to the club downtown after work. Sarah was the best partner you could ever dream of going clubbing with.

“Sofia, please go to bed 4 and make sure the old lady takes these drugs and fill in her file. ” Nora, a senior nurse smiled at her before she quickly walked away. So work starts now, she thought as she followed orders.

“Hello, Mrs Parker.” Sofia said, quickly looking at the file before she pulled the curtains behind her.

“Oh. You’re not the same person.” She said squinting her eyes at me.

What the fuck?, she seriously found it tiring working with old ladies.

Sofia plastered a smile on her face, wanting to seem polite.

“Yes. I’m Sofia and I would be your nurse tonight.”

“Thank you, dear. I’m ready for my medication. I can’t wait to leave this hospital back to my home. The food here is awful and you people have that that thing stuck to me...the catheter.. I certainly disapprove of it but it seems like my request is not granted. I mean I just tripped and dislocated my hip...all my friends are beginning to think I’m too old to go out with them. I do not___”

She turned her back to the old lady, turning her off as she prepared a cup of warm water for her. She certainly did not need to hear all that.

Mrs Parker definitely would not shut up! Now she knew why Nora had that relieved face when she politely agreed.

Sofia handed the cup to the old lady and gave her the little cup with her medication.

“I don’t think you should worry yourself so much. From your record, you’ve only been here three days and you will be going home soon so stop worrying. It will only make you stay here longer. “ Sofia said, trying her best to make her stop worrying. She was one hell of a talkative old woman.

“Thank you dear. I’m glad you were here to help me. I really appreciate it. Like I’m always so lonely here when its night. I don’t even like this idea of the curtains being this way..its so lonely and the bingo channel does not even show here. What am I meant to watch?” She said, as she looked longing at the TV.

“I’m so sorry ma’am but I have to leave now. ” Sofia said picking up the tray. “Now remember stay off your feet after a few days you’re discharged. I’m sure you don’t want to return here. “

“Oh yes, dear! Well I will see you later. I hope you have a nice night, you seem like a very nice girl and with that smile of yours. I think you should always be appointed to me because the others are so quick to leave the old poor lady..what exactly is the problem?” She said crossing her arms on her lap.

Fucking hell! Am I ever going to get out of here?, Sofia thought to herself.

“Oh! I’m sorry! I think I’m being called. I have someone else waiting for me!” Sofia said smiling and moving to the door.

“Oh thank you dear!”

“Good night” Sofia said before she walked out and shut the door behind her

Sofia leaned on the door, thankful that she was out of that room. A snickering Jenny caught her attention.

“I see you’ve met our famous Mrs Parker!” Jenny said walking to Sofia in her purple scrubs, holding a blue file.

“Fucking hell! Nora sent me to her, knowing fully well who the lady was. ” Sofia said as she slammed the file on the table and put the pen in her breast pocket.

“It was the exact same thing for me!” Jenny said. ” but now I need to attend to a little boy. Only four years old and he’s broken his arm. You should see the cute boy’s face. ”

“Well good luck when it’s your turn. I will see you later!”

Sofia placed her file on the desk and began to fill in the medication she had taken before signing and placing her name down.

After that, it was all about running round the hospital dealing with emergencies. Old and young. Nagging and crying. Sofia was so tired that she was not sure how her legs were still carrying her around.

There had been an accident involving a family of four. They were hit by a truck. Two kids. Their parents are badly injured and I’ve been asked to just clean the little cuts on their arms.

“Are my parents okay?” The little girl asked,looking at her brother before looking back at Sofia.

“The doctors are trying very hard to make them better so you just have to be a big strong girl. Don’t sit crying because it will only make you tired for when they’re up.” Sofia said as she dabbed cotton wool on her cut, she flinched when it stung.

“Don’t worry, Ana. Mom and Dad will be fine. They’re taking us over to grandma’s next week. ” The boy said very confidently to his sister.

“Speaking of your grandma. She’ll be coming here to taking you home with Aunt Sheila.” Sofia told the young children as she plastered her cut before helping her off the bed and walking her to the waiting room.

“You just sit right here. Let me just get your grandma and Aunt. Don’t speak to anyone.” Sofia said before leaving the room.

At the reception desk, there were two women waiting frantically to be attended to. She guessed they were the little kids relatives. Thank goodness they arrived on time. She didn’t feel too good leaving the children alone in the waiting room.

“Hello. How may I help you?” Sofia said as she walked behind the desk.

“Yes. We’re looking for the Mr and Mrs Williams. I was called that they’ve been in an accident. ” The older lady said.

“Oh yes. They are currently unconscious. I’m so sorry, they’re in a very critical state and we are doing our best to help them heal as fast as possible. The kids are in the waiting room. They’re waiting for you guys.”

“Oh my God! When can we see them?” She asked, looking forlorn.

“I’m not really sure about that ma’am but I hope it’ll be soon especially for the little one. You could leave your number here with me and I’ll make sure to let you know when anything changes. ” Sofia said as I handed a piece of paper to her. She really didn’t do this all the time but she already had a soft spot for those kids. Hell, she had one for almost every child.

“Thank you so much, darling.” She said as she wrote her number down. “I’m Claire. “

Claire handed it to her and she placed it in her pocket.

“Sofia. You’re welcome. ” She paused. “Why don’t you just follow me and I’ll hand them over to you but you have to sign here first?” She said showing her where to sign.

After Claire signed, she led them to the waiting room.

As Sofia entered the waiting room a whiff of perfume rushed into her nose. She noticed it wasn’t there when she left the kids a few moments earlier but she became distracted when the kids ran into their grandma’s arms.

“Oh darlings! Mom and dad are going to be just fine and they’ll be home when they’re ready. ” She said as she picked up the girl.

“I know Grandma.”

“Good. Let’s head home now.” He said.

“Thanks again darling. I really appreciate your efforts. ”

Sofia smiles at them before she made to leave the room when she was called back. She could have talked about how busy she was but the guy looked frustrated, if she wasn’t at work she would have burst out laughing.

“Excuse me?” She turned and caught sight of the man standing in the corner with a scowl on his face beside a woman who looked panicked.

She walked to frustrated looking man and murmured a greeting.

“Hello. How may I help you?” Sofia said smiling from the lady to the man. Nora always managed to remind them how polite they should be. Middleton was highly favoured in the state.

“Aren’t you going to tell her what’s wrong?” He asked rudely.

“Well yeah I have this cut on my finger and we were told to stay in the waiting room.” She said showing Sofia a minute cut that was dried up with blood on the side.

Sofia stared in shock at the lady. She was sure this had to be a joke. Her colleagues were obviously prancing her again. After she regained herself, she guessed the person that told her to stay in the waiting room was Veronica because as long as you weren’t in an accident, she would tell you to stay in the waiting room.

Sofia smiled at them before looking strangely at the man beside her. Well, weren’t they quite an odd pair.

He shrugged his shoulders at Sofia, clearly saying he didn’t understand the woman either.

“Well there’s nothing wrong with you at all. I could hurriedly clean it up or you could do it at home yourself. ” Sofia suggested, trying to be professional. She looked at her wristwatch, they were wasting her time. She was sure they were more important patients.

“That’s exactly what I told her at home..”

“Listen Sebastian you aren’t a doctor or a nurse neither do you hold a medical degree at all so you should shut up and let her do her job. ” She said angrily at her husband. She guessed they were married from the wedding bands on both their ring fingers.

Did they come to bring their problems into the hospital for a check up?, Sofia thought as she watched them.

“Umm..why would like me to clean it orr?” Sofia asked, when they both continued starring angrily at each other.

Nicole’s eyes widened as she stared at Sofia. She wondered if this nurse was actually serious as she looked her from head to toe. Did she really think she was going to let someone like her touch her?

What the hell is wrong with her?, Sofia thought as she watched the way the woman looked at her .

“I’ll rather not have you touch me. I will do it myself at home. ” She said before she walked out of the waiting room.

Sofia wondered if the ignorant twig left because of her brown skin. She almost laughed as she watched the woman walk away. Was this a joke? They had just wasted her time.

“I’m really sorry for her behavior. ” He said touching her unclothed arm making me shiver at how warm his hand was. Like fire to my cool skin.

Sofia stared at him as the man smiled at her, flashing her his whites, making her get lost in the depth of his greeny grass eyes.

“Thank you but these things aren’t new. It’s her decision to be the way she is.” Sofia said, wanting him to take his hand off her. It made her feel a way she didn’t like.

“You’re welcome. “He said leaning in to kiss her cheek before he handed her a card.

His hot breath left a tingling sensation on her cheek.

Sofia felt a smile pulling at the corner of her lips before she placed the card in her pocket. She wondered what that was all about.


The pharmacist, Linda, gave her medicines to take to the desk someone was coming in an hour to pick them up.

“That lady is really stupid though.” She said as she walked into the store room.

“I know right! I just wonder how she could waste her gas and time for a little cut. How the fuck did she even get it? She should not be allowed near sharp objects. ” Sofia answered as she waited.

She burst out laughing as she walked out with a bottle.

“Yes you’re right. Rich people like her are stupid. Everyday I always appreciate the fact that I’m a pharmacist not a nurse because I would have given that bitch a piece of my mind if I were you. ”

Sofia smiled as she bagged it. Linda was never one to mince her words.

“The thing is she didn’t seem bothered with my colour when I was answering her but after she became all nasty.” Sofia said, remembering how the conversation flowed until she offered her help. It was weird.

“Listen Sofia. She don’t matter. Just another dumb woman that has more money than sense. ” She was out with the other bottle.

“Thanks. See you later.” Sofia said as she finished bagging the medicine and made my way to the front desk.

After delivering the medicine, it was already time and my shift was over.

“Well thank fuck time runs out so fast,” Sofia murmured to herself as she began to sign out.

“Why is such a foul word coming out of your mouth?” A voice said making Sofia raise her head up.

Their eyes locked as they stared at each other.

What the fuck is he still doing here?, she thought as she looked at him.

“What the hell are you still doing here?” Sofia, finally found her voice, confused.

“Well my wife decided she would have someone clean it just when we were returned home. I think she’s being attended to. ” He said smiling at me. His words didn’t seem angry when he talked about it.

“Quick question? Don’t take offence or anything but are you fucking stupid? I mean you drove home already and you drove back because she changed her mind.” Sofia asked, squinting her eyes at him. She didn’t even know why she was having this conversation with a stranger like him.

“Well none taken. It’s the only way I can get her to behave like a normal human. I would get no sleep if I didn’t bring her here myself. ” He said, he sounded sincere at the same time frustrated.

“Wow. You go” Sofia said with fake enthusiasm, throwing her hands in the air. Sofia didn’t really know why it bugged her that he was a married man but she tried brushing it off. Seems like he loves his wife? What if they have kids?, she thought as she stared at him.

Why do such beautiful men pass me by? Not that she had a preference but she always liked those tall, dark skinned guys with beards and dark eyes. She wondered why she felt attracted to this man.

From his bright intelligent green eyes to his high cheekbones, chiselled nose and plum pink lips. He looked to be about over six feet taller than my five foot six. He had jet black hair fall down to his neck. Hell, he was handsome, she thought.

“Excuse me?” The man said, pulling her out of her reverie making her connect her eyes with his again.

“Yes.” Sofia said, looking at her wristwatch. She needed to go home and sleep for a few hours.

For fuck’s sake, he is taking five minutes of my time, Sofia thought rolling her eyes internally.

Ha! Like you care, any handsome bloke can have all your time this one in particular, her subconscious said loudly, laughing.


“Yeah. I need to leave now, nice seeing you again.” Sofia said as she made to leave the desk.

He took her hand in his, sending a million of tingles up her spine in that one moment.

What the hell is he doing?

He smiled knowingly at her, causing her to raise an eyebrow at him.

“I’m Sebastian Campbell.” He said introducing himself.

“Sofia Santana.” Sofia said, seeing how it was the polite thing to say.

“I gave you my card. You should give me a call, see you later.” Sebastian said, leaning over and kissing her cheek.

“You should really give me a call.” He whispered huskily in her ear before walking away, giving her full view of his tight ass in those jeans.

Why the hell am I listing after a married man? For a minute it seemed like he was flirting with me but he’s married, Sofia thought to herself.

She laughed awkwardly at her thoughts, as she walked to the locker room got her bag and headed for her car.

This was definitely going to be a long night and she forgot her keys on the table.

Guess I’ll be sleeping here tonight, Sofia thought to herself.


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