The Affair.

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Chapter Two

The Affair.

It’s been two weeks since Sofia met that hot hunk at the hospital and she didn’t bothered calling him. Sebastian looked like he was happily married so she wasn’t going to call him in fact she didn’t know what to say to him. It would be super awkward.

Sofia sat up on the couch and looked at the time. Damn it was already nine am. She sighed wishing it was still seven in the morning.

Sofia remembered the chore her mom gave her. She needed to help her mother deliver a cake to a wedding by noon at the reception venue. Her reason for not being able to attend was she had already booked a salon appointment by thirty past noon and she couldn’t afford to miss it. Her mom, Elena, always liked getting her hair done.

Sofia rubbed her eyes before she walked to the kitchen and made herself a cup of hot chocolate. She grabbed her phone and checked her mail. Her next shift would be this night from ten pm to five am.

Sofia walked to her room and connected her phone to its charger. She placed her cup on the table and opened her wardrobe, picking out the clothes she was going to wear.

Ha! Not that I was going to attend the wedding!, she thought to herself but she did want to look nice. Hot guys always attended weddings. Who knows?

She opted for a spaghetti-strapped sundress that showed off her slim shoulders and hinted at her bosom. She picked up her pair of wedges too

Sofia grabbed her cup and downed half of her hot drink. She walked into the kitchen after finishing her drink. She washed the cup and left it on dish drainer to dry. She walked into the bathroom stripping herself off her baby blue robe and walking into the shower.

Laving her caramel skin with the honey and cinnamon scented bath body wash. Sofia ran her hands down her body, loving the way my hands felt against my hot skin.

“I’m in the shower, Ma.” Sofia shouted irritatedly when she heard her mom shout her name. She grabbed her scrubber and began to wash the dirt off her body.

Sofia quickly finished her time in bathroom and applied lotion onto her body before she put on her dress and the wedges. She looked at herself in the mirror, glad with the way she looked and began taming her curly hair,placing hair clips to hold her hair back from her face.

It was already five past eleven when she looked at her wristwatch and she was glad her hair wasn’t wet, putting on mascara and lip gloss before she picked up her phone about to walk out.

“Sof!!” Elena called again.

“I’m ready, mom.” Sofia said as she walked out.

“Yeah. Thanks sweetheart! Just deliver this cake to this address.” Elena said handing her daughter a piece of paper.

“Kay mom. When will you be back?” Sofia asked, looking at the paper. She had never been to that part of town.

“Oh in an hour’s time. Don’t worry lunch will be ready when you’re back. I’ll be back before you.” Elena said before she kissed her daughter’s cheek. “You look lovely dear.”

Sofia smiled as she watched her mom go, it was like she was in high school all again. “Kay mom, thanks I’m off now. ” Picking up her keys and wallet, she walked out of the apartment to the car park.

Sofia typed the address into the satnav and began her journey listening to the directions. She drove in silence for the first time because something or someone else was invading her mind.

Sebastian Campbell! She remembered his name and tested it on her lips. It was a becoming impossible to get him out of her head.

“Sebastian Campbell.” Sofia repeated. She believed she was infatuated with him now. She recalled the way his breath tickled her cheek making the hairs at the back of her neck stand, and how soft his lips felt against her cheek. Hmm...if only he could do that again, she thought but chastised herself when an image of his wife popped in her head.

Well Sofia hoped she never had to meet him again because she would blindly fall for any advances he made. That was because she had not had sex since her last boyfriend and that was about nine months ago.

Sofia had broken up with Carter because he only ever cared about his work never coming for dates they had, always making silly excuses. Then he’ll invite her over mainly for a fuck which she stupidly always participated in because he knew the ins and out of a woman’s body. She was not really one to sleep with a married man but she had never been approached by one. This was a first.

Sofia dismisses all those thoughts as she parked her car opposite the address given to her and carefully put the cake on trolley with the help of the man who stood next to a car beside hers before she began rolling it to the premises. She met a security guard standing on the inside.

“Good morning. Who are you?” He asked as he looked her from head to toe in distaste.

“I’m Sofia Santana. I’m here to deliver the cake.” She said ignoring him, so even security men were unpleasant. What a shame! Funny how he was no better than her, she thought.

“Umm I’m not aware of that and I can’t let you in.” He said, looking away from her dismissively.

“Okay...then could you take it inside for me,?” Sofia asked looking at the time. She didn’t want to spend time here with this jerk.

It was five minutes till noon and Sofia didn’t want to be late in delivering the cake.

“No I’m sorry ma’am but I can’t do that.” He said, looking away from her. It was sad that he was way taller than her.

“Okay what the fuck do you want me to do?” Sofia asked impatiently. “Listen I’m just doing my job. I’m not here for the wedding. ” She added after a while.

The security guard just stared at her before he continued ignoring her.

“Listen you need to move out of the fucking way before I decide to report you for your incompliance. ” Sofia said crossing her arms over her chest, officially pissed.

“Ha! You’re no one. You reporting me can’t do shit.” He laughed arrogantly at her.

Sofia raised my eyebrow.

“Really?” She asked. She was never going to get to deliver this cake if he decided never to let her in. She didn’t want to make a scene. She was trying to keep her self control in check

“You are really becoming a fucking pain in the neck.” She said, wanting so badly to wipe the smirk off his face.

“Let me deliver the fucking cake!” Sofia shouted, completely losing her cool now.

His eyes widened when she raised her voice.

“You need to learn manners. No sane person shouts in a quiet place. ”

“You fucking cunt! ” Sofia cursed in a very unladylike manner as she made to push him to the floor but he held her arms around her body making to move her while she kicked her legs around.

“Hey! Hey!!” A voice called from inside the house through the vertical row spacing of the gates, it didn’t take long to recognise the familiar figure of Mr Sebastian.

Sofia’s mouth dropped open but she immediately reminded herself to shut her mouth, so she wouldn’t look like a fish.

He was dressed in a navy blue suit with two piece suit with his jacket buttoned. Just then Sofia realised how broad his shoulders were and the suit hugged his muscular body to perfection.

Oh how she wished to touch and feel them.

Sofia was brought out of her reverie at the wonderful smell of cologne.

“Hey! Remember me! Sure is a small world!” Sofia said, smiling at him.

Sebastian smiled back at her. Did she really think he would forget her? He didn’t waste time on that though. He turned to the fidgeting security guard.

“Gavin, what the hell was going on here?” Sebastian spoke with authority that had Sofia’s lips curling in an almost smirk.

The so called Gavin was fidgeting And it was the first Sofia saw him like way. Really she tried her best not to laugh but she did anyway.

Moments later, she opened her eyes to see Gavin shooting dagger glares at her and Sebastian was smirking the corner of his lips pulled into an almost like smile.

“What’s so funny, Miss Santana?” Sebastian asked, his eyes dancing in amusement.

“Nothing.” She said grabbing the trolley. “I’m here to deliver this wedding to a Mrs Nicole Campbell. “ She said as she ready the name on the card beside the cake.

Mrs Campbell!!

Warning bells rang through her brain. This was all she needed to know she had to stay away. Mr Sebastian was married.

" Oh!” He said, the amusement in his eyes dying. “That’s my wife.” Sofia didn’t know if it was distaste in his voice but who was she to judge.

“It’s a gift for her brother’s wedding.” He said as he motioned for the guard to open the gates wider for her. She stuck out her tongue at him, happily as she allowed Sebastian to lead her inside.

“Thank you.” Sofia said as they walked in.

Sebastian looked to Gavin.

“I’ll speak to you later.” He said as he placed his hand on the small of her back, right above her ample bottom.

Sofia shivered at the thought of his hand cupping her bottom and kneading it. She stiffened immediately, she didn’t want herself falling in his bed or anything for that matter.

She sucked in a breath before asking “Umm where do I drop the cake?”

“Just follow me.” He said, his voice husky. How the fuck did that happen? She wondered if he was purposely seducing her to get a reaction.

All thoughts stopped as Sofia admired the immaculate room they walked into. Wow just wow, she thought. It was brightly lit and a few people were in the room. They looked to be making arrangements.

“I thought it was starting by noon?” She asked confused.

“Oh yes. They’re not here now. They’re still in the garden.” He said as he helped her move the cake to place it on the table.

“All done.” He said, looking into her eyes. This nigga was reaching, she thought as she met his gaze. She kept her smirk at bay. Playing dumb would work best for him.

“Ummm if you could just sign here for me.” Sofia said, sucking in a breath as his hand touched hers.

“Thank you.” She said as she made to leave, moving the trolley.

“My pleasure, Sofia.” He said and them looked questioningly at her. “I can call you that right?” He asked, smiling.

“Yes sure...I mean if I can call you Sebastian.” Sofia said, wanting to leave.

What the fuck Sof? Don’t ask him that, her subconscious retorted.

“Your wish is my desire.” He said as he grabbed her hand kissing the inside of her wrist, causing her pulse accelerate under his lips.

As the door opened, Sofia pulled her hand away from his as if it burnt.

“Ahh Sebastian.. I see the cake is here.” A woman said as she reached them. She hadn’t even realised someone was heading their way. She had been caught up in the look he was giving her.

“Aren’t you the nurse from the hospital?” Nicole said as she finally took time to look at Sofia.

“Yes I am.” Sofia replied, “I’m Sofia Santana.” offering her hand.

Nicole looked down at Sofia’s hand and back to her face smiling. That obviously meant she didn’t shake strangers.

“I’m Nicole Campbell! ” She said and wrapped her arm around Sebastian’s possessively.

“If I may ask why are you here?” She asked, smiling brightly, a very fake one.

Sofia flushed in embarrassment when Nicole ignored her my hand. The apologetic look Sebastian passed her way didn’t miss her.

Turning Sofia looked at the cake,

“I just came to deliver the cake.” She said, placing a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

“So you’re a nurse and you deliver cakes too?” She asked in faked enthusiasm that didn’t reach her eyes.

“Yeah I’m just doing this because my mom couldn’t make it.”

“Oh okay. Why don’t you stay for the wedding?” Nicole asked before she looked back at Sebastian.

“She should stay right, Sebastian?” She said nudging him in the side.

“Anything you want.” Sebastian said looking Sofia straight in the eye. It was like he was talking to Sofia instead.

“You should stay?” Nicole directed at Sofia this time around.

“Stay.” Nicole simply said when no one was responding, probably sensing Sofia’s hesitation before she left as quickly as she came.

“You’ve been personally invited by the family of the groom.” Sebastian said after a while, he produced a hip flask from his pocket.

Sofia watched as the liquor went down his throat, mesmerized with the movement.

“Well I guess I’m staying.” Sofia decided, looking at her wristwatch. It was about thirty past twelve. She realised it wouldn’t hurt to stay and she quickly sent a text to her mom saying she would be late.

“Yeah if you could just show me to the restroom.” Sofia asked as she looked up from her phone, looking at how he was stretching his neck into her business. She had caught him red handed.

Sofia locked her phone and looked expectantly at him. She gave him all her attention now.

“Yeah, sure.” He said as he began to lead the way.

She smiled her thanks when they got to the restroom before she entered and did her business. She washed her hands and looked at herself in the mirror. She looked normal. Not too tired, she could manage to reduce the hours of sleep she wanted, she thought.

After drying her hands, she walked out only to walk into Sebastian. Knocking her face into his muscular chest.

Sofia groaned when she moved back, she would have missed her step but his hand wrapped around her waist breaking her fall.

“I’m sorry, Sofia.” He said as he helped her straighten up, only thing is he held on for longer than expected.

Sofia rubbed her aching nose and nodded her hand, murmuring an okay to him.


Sofia nursed a flute of champagne, a toast was made to the newly wed couple.

Ha! Who knew I would be attending a luxurious wedding today?, she thought to herself as she looked around. Rich people always out did themselves. It was beautiful.

She smiled into her glass as she watched Nicole’s arm tightly wrapped around a scowling Sebastian. Nicole obviously knew she had to keep a tight leash on her husband. He was very handsome, she and every other woman present knew it. He clearly did not look happy at all. They were both talking to an old man and Nicole was laughing at his every word. Sebastian was looking down at her in annoyance. The only funny thing was that as she looked up at him, he didn’t even bother hiding his annoyance. Now that was an unhappy married man. They were a very strange couple.

Sofia turned around so she wouldn’t be caught staring, she needed to learn to mind her business. She caught this little girl sitting alone at a bench at the end of the garden. She was in an animated conversation with her doll as she brushed her hair. It instantly reminded Sofia of herself when she was young, having no siblings she always managed to keep herself entertained.

Sofia walked slowly to her, diffusing away from the crowded area. The little girl looked up as Sofia came close to her.

“Hey.” She said smiling shyly at her as Sofia sat beside her.

“Hello.” Sofia smiled then looked at her doll. “What’s you doll’s name?”

“It’s Chrissy.” She said patting her doll’s head. The little girl was wearing a white dress and her hair was styled nicely. She was probably a part of the groom’s family.

“My name is Elizabeth.” She said and she finally looked up at Sofia, staring.

“I’m Sofia.” She said.

“I love your hair.” She said as she kneeled on the bench making to touch it, only when Sofia nodded did she touch it.

“It’s so curly and soft.” She said in amazement.

“How old are you?” Sofia asked, moving the topic of discussion away from her hair.

“I’m five.” Elizabeth said placing five fingers right in front of Sofia’s face.

“Aww you’re a big girl now.” Sofia said in enthusiasm.

“I know. My mom said when I’m five I’m a big girl but my gran still calls me a baby and it gets me really upset.” Elizabeth said before she continued to play with her doll.

“Sorry you get upset but you shouldn’t she does it cause she loves you so much. ” Sofia said. This conversation was better than anyone she had with those strange adults. They really didn’t know how to have fun. All they did was dress up nicely.

“My mom always says that. ” Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth began to hum to the tune of a familiar song and soon they began singing together.

“The cat and the fiddle.”

A young lady came in search of Elizabeth soon, calling her name.

“Ellie!” She said and stopped as she saw Sofia.

“Hello. I’m Samantha Campbell, Elizabeth’s mom.” Samantha said, covering the distance between them. Sofia took her outstretched hand. At least I get s handshake, Sofia thought as she placed her hand in Samantha’s. Another Campbell! Sofia concluded she was Sebastian’s sister.

“I’m Sofia Santana and your Elizabeth is a really good big girl. ” Samantha laughed as she held her daughter’s hand.

“Well it was nice meeting you but we have to leave now. ” Sofia nodded in understanding as she got up from her sitting position. Great she was going to be alone once again.

“Thanks for keeping my daughter company.”

“You’re welcome.” Sofia said smiling at her.

Sofia watched them leave before she decided to head to the refreshments table. She checked the time and it was few minutes past three. This wedding is seriously boring. No form of entertainment. They don’t even dance, she thought.

Sofia grabbed a plate and dished herself some of the nice looking food. As she was picking out her food, she felt a presence behind her. It was Sebastian. He was behind her, his breath tickling the hairs at the back of her neck. She could almost say she felt his groin against her back, but she didn’t want to get ahead of herself.

Adrenaline surged through Sofia because of the excitement. She almost leaned back against his chest before she remembered the fact that they were outdoors, in a wedding, but looking at everyone they were all minding their own business.

What we did was no bother to them?, she thought.

“Hey. ” Sofia finally said shakily, and she moved further away from his body.

“How are you enjoying yourself?” He asked smiling, as he produced the same hip flask.

“Fine...oh it’s great. ” She lied, she thought it would be rude to say it was boring flat out.

“That’s good for you because I think this is absolutely boring and the couple isn’t helping either.” They both looked to the couple and they were quietly sitting secluded from everyone, smiling at each other.

“Oh my God. I’m not the only one. “ Sofia said, as a little laugh left her lips. “They look happy but it’s their wedding shouldn’t be having fun instead of sitting.” She said in question rather than a statement.

“That is none of my concern.” He said and he took her hand.

“Come.” He said, pulling her out of the garden into the house making her abandon the plate. Not the food, her food-loving brain cried.

Sebastian walked them into the lounge. The cake has been partially cut not even close to finishing.

Moving through the curtains, they were now in a dimly lit area. The music playing in the background could still be heard.

Sebastian curled an arm around Sofia’s waist pulling her tantalisingly close to him. Her breasts pressed firmly against his chest.

“Dance with me.” He whispered into her ear. Sofia wondered if he was under the influence of alcohol.

When she remained stiff in his arms, he continued “Nicole is not much of a dancer, even if she was she would never dance with me. ”

Hesitatingly, She placed her hand in his and he began to move with grace, making it look like she was as good a dancer as he was.

Looking up at him, their eyes locked on each other. Green to brown. Sofia shivered as she felt his hand stop right on top her bottom. He was not meant to be touching her this way. They continued to dance for a while until she said she needed to go home. Sofia was sure their very intimate dancing would have led to something else.

“Okay sure.” He said, looking at her. “Let me walk you out.” He said and they began to walk out of the building.

“Hope to see you again but why haven’t you called me?” He asked, raising his manicured eyebrow.

“Oh because I.. I mean we have nothing to talk about.” Sofia flushed under his gaze.

“Okay, I’ll call you this time. We have a lot to talk about.” He said as they reached her car.

“Thank you so much for your help with him.” She said as she entered her car, nudging her head to the security guard. She was glad to be going home at the same time she felt like she needed to be here with him.

“Goodbye, Sofia.” He said waving at her.

“Bye, Sebastian.” Sofia said as she drove out.

Sofia wondered where he got her number from because she didn’t recall giving it to him. Sighing she stopped thinking about it, heading to her soft bed.


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