The Affair.

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Chapter Three

The Affair.

Sofia nursed a flute of champagne, a toast was made to the newly wed couple.

Ha! Who knew I would be attending a luxurious wedding today?, she thought to herself as she looked around. Rich people always out did themselves. It was beautiful.

She smiled into her glass as she watched Nicole’s arm tightly wrapped around a scowling Sebastian. Nicole obviously knew she had to keep a tight leash on her husband. He was very handsome, she and every other woman present knew it. He clearly did not look happy at all. They were both talking to an old man and Nicole was laughing at his every word. Sebastian was looking down at her in annoyance. The only funny thing was that as she looked up at him, he didn’t even bother hiding his annoyance. Now that was an unhappy married man. They were a very strange couple.

Sofia turned around so she wouldn’t be caught staring, she needed to learn to mind her business. She caught this little girl sitting alone at a bench at the end of the garden. She was in an animated conversation with her doll as she brushed her hair. It instantly reminded Sofia of herself when she was young, having no siblings she always managed to keep herself entertained.

Sofia walked slowly to her, diffusing away from the crowded area. The little girl looked up as Sofia came close to her.

“Hey.” She said smiling shyly at her as Sofia sat beside her.

“Hello.” Sofia smiled then looked at her doll. “What’s you doll’s name?”

“It’s Chrissy.” She said patting her doll’s head. The little girl was wearing a white dress and her hair was styled nicely. She was probably a part of the groom’s family.

“My name is Elizabeth.” She said and she finally looked up at Sofia, staring.

“I’m Sofia.” She said.

“I love your hair.” She said as she kneeled on the bench making to touch it, only when Sofia nodded did she touch it.

“It’s so curly and soft.” She said in amazement.

“How old are you?” Sofia asked, moving the topic of discussion away from her hair.

“I’m five.” Elizabeth said placing five fingers right in front of Sofia’s face.

“Aww you’re a big girl now.” Sofia said in enthusiasm.

“I know. My mom said when I’m five I’m a big girl but my gran still calls me a baby and it gets me really upset.” Elizabeth said before she continued to play with her doll.

“Sorry you get upset but you shouldn’t she does it cause she loves you so much. ” Sofia said. This conversation was better than anyone she had with those strange adults. They really didn’t know how to have fun. All they did was dress up nicely.

“My mom always says that. ” Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth began to hum to the tune of a familiar song and soon they began singing together.

“The cat and the fiddle.”

A young lady came in search of Elizabeth soon, calling her name.

“Ellie!” She said and stopped as she saw Sofia.

“Hello. I’m Samantha Campbell, Elizabeth’s mom.” Samantha said, covering the distance between them. Sofia took her outstretched hand. At least I get s handshake, Sofia thought as she placed her hand in Samantha’s. Another Campbell! Sofia concluded she was Sebastian’s sister.

“I’m Sofia Santana and your Elizabeth is a really good big girl. ” Samantha laughed as she held her daughter’s hand.

“Well it was nice meeting you but we have to leave now. ” Sofia nodded in understanding as she got up from her sitting position. Great she was going to be alone once again.

“Thanks for keeping my daughter company.”

“You’re welcome.” Sofia said smiling at her.

Sofia watched them leave before she decided to head to the refreshments table. She checked the time and it was few minutes past three. This wedding is seriously boring. No form of entertainment. They don’t even dance, she thought.

Sofia grabbed a plate and dished herself some of the nice looking food. As she was picking out her food, she felt a presence behind her. It was Sebastian. He was behind her, his breath tickling the hairs at the back of her neck. She could almost say she felt his groin against her back, but she didn’t want to get ahead of herself.

Adrenaline surged through Sofia because of the excitement. She almost leaned back against his chest before she remembered the fact that they were outdoors, in a wedding, but looking at everyone they were all minding their own business.

What we did was no bother to them?, she thought.

“Hey. ” Sofia finally said shakily, and she moved further away from his body.

“How are you enjoying yourself?” He asked smiling, as he produced the same hip flask.

“Fine...oh it’s great. ” She lied, she thought it would be rude to say it was boring flat out.

“That’s good for you because I think this is absolutely boring and the couple isn’t helping either.” They both looked to the couple and they were quietly sitting secluded from everyone, smiling at each other.

“Oh my God. I’m not the only one. ” Sofia said, as a little laugh left her lips. “They look happy but it’s their wedding shouldn’t be having fun instead of sitting.” She said in question rather than a statement.

“That is none of my concern.” He said and he took her hand.

“Come.” He said, pulling her out of the garden into the house making her abandon the plate. Not the food, her food-loving brain cried.

Sebastian walked them into the lounge. The cake has been partially cut not even close to finishing.

Moving through the curtains, they were now in a dimly lit area. The music playing in the background could still be heard.

Sebastian curled an arm around Sofia’s waist pulling her tantalisingly close to him. Her breasts pressed firmly against his chest.

“Dance with me.” He whispered into her ear. Sofia wondered if he was under the influence of alcohol.

When she remained stiff in his arms, he continued “Nicole is not much of a dancer, even if she was she would never dance with me. ”

Hesitatingly, She placed her hand in his and he began to move with grace, making it look like she was as good a dancer as he was.

Looking up at him, their eyes locked on each other. Green to brown. Sofia shivered as she felt his hand stop right on top her bottom. He was not meant to be touching her this way. They continued to dance for a while until she said she needed to go home. Sofia was sure their very intimate dancing would have led to something else.

“Okay sure.” He said, looking at her. “Let me walk you out.” He said and they began to walk out of the building.

“Hope to see you again but why haven’t you called me?” He asked, raising his manicured eyebrow.

“Oh because I.. I mean we have nothing to talk about.” Sofia flushed under his gaze.

“Okay, I’ll call you this time. We have a lot to talk about.” He said as they reached her car.

“Thank you so much for your help with him.” She said as she entered her car, nudging her head to the security guard. She was glad to be going home at the same time she felt like she needed to be here with him.

“Goodbye, Sofia.” He said waving at her.

“Bye, Sebastian.” Sofia said as she drove out.

Sofia wondered where he got her number from because she didn’t recall giving it to him. Sighing she stopped thinking about it, heading to her soft bed.

Once Sofia got home, she found her mom laying on the couch with a magazine in her lap.

" Sorry I’m late. ” She sighed, feeling a little tired. She didn’t hear her say anything, ” Mama ? ” Sofia said, walking towards the couch. She wondered why her mom didn’t bother to give her a reply.

" Oh, guess I’m not the only one who’s tired. ” She mumbled under her breath, as she looked at her sleeping mom.

Sofia left her to enjoy her sleep. She walked into the kitchen and she didn’t miss the plate of shrimp and chicken Alfredo, with garlic breadsticks her mom fixed her. Instead of eating, she decided she would eat it later maybe once she got off work. Not really hungry, but very tired. She make her way to her room and slipped out of her heels.

" Much better.” She groaned as her feet hit the cold ground. She walked inside her bathroom, turning on the shower making sure it was hot enough for her. She closed the shower door so water wouldn’t splash everywhere, standing in front of the mirror. She quickly slipped off the dress, watching it fall from her body right to her feet. She slipped her panties off and stared at her body for a minute. Running her hand over her breast, down her stomach, and over her thighs. She shivered slightly wishing that her hands hands were replaced with a certain big one that had long fingers. Hmmm, she thought to herself.

" Ugh ! ” She groaned. She knew she shouldn’t be thinking like this, he’s a married man.

A lot of people lust after married men, Sofia’s subconscious smirking at her.

Well I want to be one of those people, wouldn’t that make me a home wrecker, she thought to herself as she entered the shower.

Yea, but I’m sure he could make you a lot of things, so she was now having a conversation with herself

Like.........?, Sofia thought, rolling her eyes.

His personal slut, His Dirty Little Secret, His Cu-

OKAY OKAY ! You’ve made your point, she said to her very dirty and wild imagination.

Sofia shook her head trying to get out those thoughts before she drove myself crazy. She stepped inside the shower grabbing her body wash, and her scrubber lathering soap all over her body. Scrubbing and rinsing in a repeated process. Once she finished, she cut the water off and stepped out of the shower, instantly becoming cold. She grabbed her towel off the counter and dried herself. She grabbed another towel wrapping it around her head so water wouldn’t drip everywhere. She had washed her hair.

She walked inside the bedroom, grabbed her lotion and started creaming her body. She grabbed a pair of purple lace panties and slipped them on. She walked back into the bathroom, and unwrapped the towel from her hair. She applied the moisturiser and oil and left it in its curly state. She ran her fingers through it, wanting to strangle the curls before leaving everything down. Her hair looked cute and the moisturiser left it smelling like coconut oil: not forgetting to put on her bonnet.

Sofia walked back into the bedroom throwing her sheets back and laying on her bed. She plugged her charger into the wall and checked her phone. She had a message from an unknown number. She unlocked her phone to figure out who it could be.

" Did you make it home safely ? ” The message read.

Sofia stared at the text. Sebastian immediately cane to her mind but she had to be sure who it was.
" Who’s this ? ” She responded.

She placed her phone on the night stand. She laid on her back and stared at the ceiling. She had a few hours to get sleep before her shift tonight. Her phone buzzed, she looked over to check what the message read,

" Sebastian. ” Sofia felt tiny tingles in her stomach and smile slightly.

" Oh Hi Sebastian. I made it home safely, laying down before work. ” She responded.

Before she could exit the messages, he had already responded, ” Well I’ll let you get your rest, have a goodnight Sofia. ”

She groaned to herself remembering the way he said my name. She laid her Phone back down, and made to sleep.


“I seriously need a break. ” April said. She was a nurse in the hospital. They both shared the lovely caramel skin and lovely brown eyes. They kicked off their friendship immediately began working here. April had already began her shift before Sofia and looked tired.

“We all need a break.” Sofia replied, putting hair that managed to escape from my tight bun back in place.

“Hate attending to those stuck up rich people. They do my fucking head in. ” April swore rolling her eyes.

“Tell me about it, girl. ” Sofiasaid remembering Nicole Campbell.

“You guys should stop nagging and get back to work before matron comes looking for you. If I remember April you have been caught before. ” Linda added, as she finished attending to someone.

“Oh fuck that old hag. She seriously wants me to lose my job. I can’t sit all day by patients who decide to ignore me’ ” April said rolling her eyes.

Sofia giggled at the expression on Linda’s face before she shook her head and decided to ignore her.

“I’m glad I work mainly with kids. They’re beautiful. ” Sofia said, going through her phone.

“Uhh no I don’t think so. I had the displeasure of attending to this four year old kid. He was so nasty and rude and now I’ve decided I don’t want any kids. No fucking children. ” April shook her head before she checked her wristwatch, leaving hurriedly after saying bye.

“Gotta go. ” Sofia said to Linda before she rushed off. She needed to go feed this baby that had swallowing difficulties. It was sad but she had to appear brave in front of his parents. The kid was only three months old. Wonder why horrible things happen to little kids.

It didn’t take long after feeding the baby and attending to other patients, her shift was over and she began to head home.


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