The Affair.

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Chapter Five

Sebastian stared at all the men in the room. They were all annoying the fuck out of him. They were still waiting for Mr Donald. Nicole’s father. He had been gone for six months. He was finally to return today.

He was kind of relieved. He still hated his life. He made a terrible mistake when he married Nicole. He didn’t for the welfare of his family. She claimed she was so in love with him and whoever she married who be the next in line for her father’s multimillionaire company. He had done it because at the time, his father just passed away. He needed to take care of mother, sister and niece. They were not really that privileged in his family.

Sebastian remembered the days they lived in the one room apartment. There was hardly any privacy. One idiot knocked up his sister and fled. Times were hard. He had to buckle up and become the man of the house. His mother warned him. She told him not to sacrifice anything for them but he didn’t listen.

Nicole was the most annoying stuck up brat on the planet if you could say. She always had something to complain about. She was never satisfied and she spent money like it was her last day on earth. She even hated the idea of having kids, not that he even contemplated having kids with her. The would be like her. Nicole didn’t like anything but herself. How she even married him, he didn’t know.

“Good morning, gentlemen.” Mr Donald said as he entered the boardroom. They all murmured a reply.

“Sooty I’m late. Traffic. ” Mr Donald took his seat at the head of the table while Sebastian stood up and the meeting began.


Sofia sat on her bed. She wondered what she was going to wear tonight for dinner. Sebastian had been persistently asking her out throughout the past months and she finally agreed. She knew what she was doing was wrong. She was not going into work for the next three days.

She sat on her bed. She wondered where he would take her. She already imagined one fancy restaurant where only millionaires are found so she wanted to dress well but she could not be over bothered. She would wear what she had.

She picked out a wine short dress from her wardrobe. It was spaghetti strapped and ended on her mid thigh. It showed off her legs.

She also went to the task of picking her black heels with a matching purse. She was sure what was wearing was good enough.

She entered the bathroom and had a nice hot shower before she started with her hair. She decided she wouldn’t straighten it, rather she made a bun at the top of her head before she tamed her edges.

Sofia applies limited about of make up. She touched up her brows, did her eyeliner and put some lip gloss on. She looked nice enough she guessed.

By the time she was about to slip on her dress, it was already fifty past six. Her mother was already shouting that there was someone looking for her. She slipped on her dress, put her heels on and grabbed a coat.

“Darling you look beautiful.” Her mother said before reminding her to take her keys.

Sofia only murmured a thank you before she put the keys in her purse and made her way out.

Sebastian’s eyes widened as he saw Sofia walk out. Damn! She was beautiful. Her skin was glowing and radiant. Her body was out of this world sexy. Her legs were unending.

Sebastian held her hand before he whispered in her ear.
“You look gorgeous. ” Sebastian complimented her before he opened the door for her.

“Thank you. ” She said, she could feel how hot her cheeks were and she wondered why she was shy. This was not the first time a man had complimented her but it felt different.

Sebastian started the car and drove off.

“Where are we going?” She asked looking outside. God, she was happy.

“Somewhere. You’ll see don’t worry. ” He said flashing her his teeth.

Sofia only smiled. She then wondered what his wife would be doing by this time. She felt somehow when she was with him because he was a married man. She didn’t know how to go about it. She didn’t want to be a home wrecker but she couldn’t stop the feelings evoking in her.

“Don’t stress it. ” He said, he could sense she was worried. “Nicole is at home with friends, doing what they always do. Planning trips for a fashion show. ” Sebastian said bitterly. There was a time he enjoyed her company a little but that was before they got married. He wanted to get a divorce but he didn’t want to offend his father in law. Things weren’t working out in their marriage.

“Wait you sound like you resent her?” Sofia said, she had been curious since they met in the hospital.

“Well no and yes. but let’s just say I made a big mistake marrying her. ” Sebastian said wanting them to close that chapter. He didn’t like discussing Nicole. He wanted to forget he was married. He wanted to be single again. He would bid his time.

Sebastian and Sofia arrived at a cosy restaurant. She had thought he would take her to somewhere fancy but it was not. She was sure she would enjoy herself here.


Elena cursed as she heard the doorbell ring again. She had already said she was coming countless time. Did Sofia forget the keys again? Her daughter had a major memory problem.

She opened the door wide only to come face to face with someone she had not seen over twenty years.

“Elena” Donald breath out as he took in her appearance. She had not aged at all. She was still as beautiful as she was when she worked in his house.

“Donald....what...what are you doing here?” Elena said wanting to shut the door so bad. How the fuck did he find her?

“You’re not going to ask me to come in.” He said. Elena thought it through would it be a good idea.
She moved aside and showed him to the living room. She asked if he wanted anything but he declined.

“What are you doing?” She said more confidently this time around.

“No I should be asking you that. After twenty years, I am just meting you. You ran away. You left me. You betrayed us. ” Donald said, he had been searching for her.

“What did you expect me to do? You were getting married. If not already engaged. You lied to me. You think I enjoyed being alone. ” Elena said with so much pain in her voice. She realises she had never stopped loving him.

“We could have avoided all that because--” he began.

“By becoming your mistress right? Well no. I deserved better. You chose who would make you happy.” Elena said, she had grown over the years.

“You know Erin never made me happy. You know it was you I wanted but still you ran away. I had a choice. ” Donald said, getting to his face.

It was then Elena remembered the way Erin, Donald’s mother and Erin’s mother came together and threatened her. They gave her a lot of money and sent her packing with a child in her stomach. Money she didn’t even accept.

“There were too many people against us. There was no way. They told me to leave.” Elena said looking down.

Donald stared at the woman he loved all his life. Her hair was still as dark as it was. She still has the lovely skin he always dreamt about and she was still so beautiful. Donald embraced her. He watched how tears fell to her cheeks. He imagined how hard it must have been for her.

“Shh. Stop crying. ” Donald said wiping her cheeks.

“Sofia. ” Elena murmured, “I have a daughter. Our girl. ”

Donald stared at her in shock. He never knew she was with child. He regretted marrying Erin. But Erin had been pregnant too.

“Where is she?” Donald asked.

“She’s not home now. She’s out with a friend. ” Elena said, she was feeling better now.

“How’s Erin? Your mother? Everyone?” Elena asked once she was feeling better.

“Erin and I got a divorce. 10 years ago. Mother’s fine. She and father still live there. ” Donald said, the marriage never worked out and he was never that patient too.

“Wow. A lot has happened. ” Elena said. “Are you sure you don’t want anything?” She asked again.

“The only thing I want is you back in my life. ” Donald said before he pulled her to him and joined their lips together.

Elena melted into his body like she did years back. She enjoyed his lips. She had never been this close to a man before and after Donald. He was always the only one.


Sofia laughed at what Sebastian said. It was like everyone here knew him. She was sure he had grown up here. It was such a nice loving environment. Nicole did not deserve someone like him.

Sofia finished what was left on her plate before Antonio joined them again.

“Ahh. You see. This time you bring a sweet sweet girl. She knows how to eat good food. Very pretty too. ” Antonio said, he was not that fluent in English.

Sebastian replied to him in Italian, smiling. She had no idea what they were saying but she was sure it was about his mom and sister. She was not that good in Italian. Okay, she didn’t know Italian at all.

“He was asking about my family. ” Sebastian said as he picked up on the curious look on her face.

“Oh. ” Sofia said.

“We will be leaving soon. ” Sebastian said as a waiter cleared their table. He payed the bills again before Antonio returned.

“Take good good care of her, boy.” He said hugging Sebastian and slapping him on the back.

“Ciao bellissima. ” Sofia smiled before she was engulfed a hug from the old friendly man.

“Wow. People here really love you. ” Sofia said as they entered the car.

“Yeah. My father and mother worked here. ” Sebastian said. “I hope you had a nice time even if it wasn’t one of those fancy restaurants.”

“Thank you. I had a wonderful time. ” Sofia said sincerely.

“My pleasure. ” He said before he started the drive to her house.


Elena lay on her bed with the sheets up to her neck with Donald beside her. She didn’t know why she was still shy in front of him.

Donald only pulled her warn naked body to his. He couldn’t remember the last time he felt so fulfilled after sex but with Elena it was always like this.

“I love you, Elena. ” he whispered into her ear before she fell asleep in the arms of a man who loved her.


Sebastian walked her to the door. He was telling her goodnight. He placed his hand under her chin and looked into her light brown eyes. She was too stunning even to look at. He lowered his lips to hers.

Her lips were so soft. He started by nibbling on her lower lip, coercing her mouth open so he could slip his tongue into her sweat warm mouth. Her taste was just too good. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into his body. He loved the feel of her soft body against him. They both continued the battle with their tongue until they were both out of breath.

“Goodnight, Sof. ” He said leaning against her forehead. He kissed her cheek,whisper ring in her ear. “I had a lovely time with you. ”

She stayed outside watching him until he entered his car and drove off.

Sofia opened the door to the house and wondered why it was so quiet. She want going to bather herself. She took off her heels and walked up the stairs barefooted.

As she entered her room, she knew the battle line had been drawn. She was officially having a love affair. With a married man. No less.


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