The Affair.

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Chapter Six

Sofia sneakily made her way into the house. She didn’t know why she was sneaking. She was an adult for Christ’s sake. It was then she heard voices coming from her mother’s room.

What the fuck? Her mom never had friends over this late.

“Ma...” Sofia called out as she made her way to her mom’s room.

“Yes darling. ” Her mother said after an extended silence.

Just then the door opened and her mom walked out. But she wasn’t alone. A man was walking behind her.

Sofia’s mouth dropped open. In all her life she had never seen her mom with a man. She didn’t do dates, she declined every man that asked her out and most of all, she never brought men over to the house.

The man smiled at her while looking into her eyes. It was they knew each other but as soon as she looked to her mother. She smiled at what she saw, her mom was blushing. She had never caught her mom in this situation before. She wondered how long her mom had been doing this. Not that is was any of business.

Oh! Who the fuck was she kidding? It’s her business,alright.

“I’m Donald, nice to meet you. ” The man began stretching out his hand to her.

A smile made its way to her lips as she moved her eyes from her mom’s to this Donald.

“I’m Sofia. Her daughter. ” Sofia added.

“Okay okay. Donald was just about leaving. ” Elena said, pulling Donald to the door. By that action she could tell that they had known each other for long. But there was a problem, her mom never talked about him.

Sofia only walked to her room and took off her shoes and dress before she showered. She felt like sleeping till the next day. She was glad she didn’t have to go in.


“She’s so beautiful. ” Donald said as they got outside. “When will you introduce us?”

“I don’t know, Donald. I mean it won’t be easy but I’ll tell her about you. ” Elena said, she could imagine what was going on through her daughter’s head right now. She knew that as soon as she walked in, there would be major questioning.

Donald kissed her forehead before the driver arrived and he drove off to his home.


“Ma.. you didn’t tell me you were seeing someone?” Sofia said, accusing at her mother. They hardly ever kept things from each other.

“I...He’s....Oh Sofia. I don’t know how you’re going to take this. ” Elena said, she didn’t want to keep this from her daughter but she knew now was not the right time to tell her.

“He’s what? I mean not that I’m bothered but you should have told me earlier instead of keeping it from me. That’s all, ma. No big deal. ” Sofia said before going to her.

She wondered what was wrong with her mother.


Sebastian cursed as he made his way to his bedroom. Nicole just never knew when to stop. She was becoming more and more infuriating these days.

“Sebastian, I’m going to ask you one more time where have you been all night?” Nicole shouted as she walked into the room behind him.

“I was out Nicole. Now if you’ll like to know I want to have a good night’s rest so I can be up tomorrow.” Sebastian said as he undressed. He was no where in the mood for any of Nicole’s tantrums. She was a real pain in the neck when she wanted to be.

“You see, I always knew it would come to this. Marrying me all for the money so your ragged family can at least have a place to lay their head but listen you think you’re going to get away with it. ” Nicole said, he always wondered why she insulted his family behind closed doors and gave them fake smiles after.

“I suggest you watch your mouth. Stop keeping stupid ideas in that small brain of yours. Am I not allowed to go out anymore? I should sit home when you’re not in. ” Sebastian said as he got into the bed.

Nicole only stared at him for a while before she walked out of the room, slamming the door in the process.

Spoilt bitch! His thoughts shifted to Sofia. He remembered her smell, looks and everything about her. She was just too beautiful for her own good.

Her smile was the last thing on his mind before he fell asleep.


Donald sat in his office. He was waiting for his son in law to walk in. They had a lot to discuss. He liked the boy. He was smart and he knew how to handle things when he was away.

“Good morning sir. ” Sebastian said as soon as he walked in. He knew he could trust the boy.

“Morning, son. How are you? How’s Nicole doing?”
Donald asked, smiling at the boy.

“I’m fine and Nicole is doing fine. ” Sebastian said, smiling.

“Well I’m happy to congratulate you. You’ve been doing a very good job while I was away. You don’t let those other men intimidate you. That’s how to run a company. You’re the best man for it.” Donald said, firstly. He wanted to tell someone about how he met Elena yesterday and he realised he had a daughter.

“Yes sir. Thank you. I learnt everything from you. ” Sebastian said. He wondered how a man so nice and good could have someone like Nicole as a daughter but he didn’t dare voice his thoughts.

“Sebastian. There’s been something bothering me. ” Donald said, Sebastian watched the worried look that crossed his face.

“Well before I married Nicole’s mother. I was with someone. A woman I loved. My parents especially my mother forced me into marrying Erin, your mother in law. ” Donald said.

Sebastian vividly remembered Erin. She was not the kind of person he liked. He remembered how she clearly insulted his mother on the wedding day. She was rude and proud. A snob. He didn’t like her one bit and he was sure that was the reason Donald and Erin divorced.

“Well I just found her yesterday and she’s had a daughter for me. I never knew all this while. I only found out yesterday. It’s been a weight on my shoulders since. I wonder how my daughter is going to take to meeting me. ”

Sebastian was shocked at this information. So that meant Nicole was not his only child. He smiled inwardly, he wondered how Erin and Nicole would react when they found out about this.

“Sir, this issue is a little complicated. I think it would do you well to introduce yourself to your daughter. Time waits for no one. The earlier she meets her father, the earlier you two can begin to build a lasting relationship.” Sebastian said.

Donald looked back at the boy in front of him. He was wise. He smiled at him.

“Thank you son. I know I can always count on you. Please make sure to take all my appointments today. I think I won’t be in for long. ” Donald said and with that Sebastian left to his own office.


Sofia was shocked when she opened the door. The man from last night was standing there. What was he doing here again? Besides her mom would not be back until another hour.

She moved aside to let him in.

“My mother isn’t home. ” She said as she led him to the living room. She went to the task of getting him a glass of juice. Her mom always told her to offer visitors refreshments.

“Oh. Well I wanted to see you Sofia. ” Donald said. It was the first time he said her name. He watched a confused look make its way to her face. He didn’t know how to say this.

“I don’t know how you’re going to feel about this. I have been looking for your mother for a while. We knew each other over twenty years ago. I just found her recently. Yesterday. She left. She didn’t tell me she was with child. If I knew you existed I would have done everything possible to keep you by my side. I don’t want you to think I neglected you. That would make me a bad father. ” Donald said, waiting for the fire to explode.

“What? What did you just say?” Sofia said getting to her feet. She could already feel the moisture in her eyes. This man. The man sitting here was her father. She had never met him. She remembered how she had always longed for a father.

“Sofia. I’m very sorry for not being in your life from the very beginning. But I’m here to do all my best now. ” Donald said moving to her side.

What shocked him the most was when Sofia walked to him, wrapping her arms around him and sobbing. She could not even begin to hold a grudge against him. This was her father.

She stayed in his arms for a while before she moved away. He wiped her cheeks like a father would do to a little girl.

“Do you want anything?” She asked, her voice cracking. “I could warm or make something for you. My mom is not going to be back soon.”

“No I just want you to sit and tell me all about your life. I know I’ve missed a lot. How old are you? Twenty four, I’m guessing. ” Donald said, smiling at her.

“Yeah. I’ll be twenty five in October.” She said nodding.

Donald took note. She was a few months older than Nicole. He wondered how Nicole and Erin would take to meeting his daughter. He did not even care. Now he knew he would have to make changes to his will. Even if he had not met Sofia in all his life. An instinctive feeling of love and fatherhood was in. He felt the need to take care of Sofia. He would make sure she did not want for anything in her life again.


Nicole adjusted the robe around her body. She looked back at the man on the bed. She knew she should be heading home soon but she just loved being around him. They had just finished another round of sex and she was sure he wasn’t tired.

Jake stood up in all his naked glory. His cock was up again. She looked into his eyes as he placed his cock on her lips. She didn’t need to be told what to do. She opened her mouth and that was how he begun.

It didn’t long. Minutes later, Nicole was slowing his warm cum.

“How long before you get rid of that asshole of a husband you have?” Jake asked as he put on his boxers. He hated the fact that she was married to another. He couldn’t wait for her to be his and his alone. He knew she had already stopped giving her body to her husband.

“Oh I don’t know. It’s going to be hard. My father likes him a lot. Too much for a reason I don’t even know. ” Nicole said, she was tired of having to sneak around to be with Jake.

“No matter how much I frustrate his life. He never brings up a divorce. Yesterday, I was on his neck the entire night but he just ignored me and went to bed. The other day I let him take me to the hospital twice for a cut and he did, not complaining at all.” Jake laughed at what Nicole just said. It seemed like this woman was really frustrating her husband.

Nicole began dressing up. She had to return home soon.

Jake wrapped his arms around her waist. He was kissing her neck.

“I can’t wait for you to be a free woman again. Think about me, darling. ” He said before he joined their lips together. He whispered sweet words to her ears before she left.


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