The Affair.

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Chapter Seven

The Affair

“You can’t keep me trapped in this marriage, forever!!” Nicole shouted, following Sebastian into his room. He had just come back from work to meet his shooting wife. Did she ever rest?

“Stop shouting, Nicole or so God help me you will sleep outside tonight. ” He said, angrily. He already had a headache from work she she was not making this any better.

Nicole opened her mouth to speak before she closed it again. She wanted to go out. Why did he come home early? She was supposed to be with Jake.

“I don’t want to stay in this marriage anymore.” Nicole said, crossing her arms on her chest.

“Good go and tell your father. ” Sebastian said, dismissing her. He was not in the mood for her late night tantrums.

“You’re not even going to ask me why?” Nicole replied, coming in his face again.

Sebastian held the bridge of his nose, frustrated. He was tired of coming home to swing her face everyday.

“You know what? Get out! Get out of my room!” Sebastian shouted, pushing her out and locking the door.

Nicole was always in his face. He didn’t even know why he married her in the first place. Oh yes! For his family. Her father had been looking for someone he could trust the company with. They had been attracted to each other.

He began to think of the brown skinned beauty that had not left his mind since forever. He had been thinking of her all day long and he picked up his phone and dialled her number.

Nicole only stared at the door before she picked up her phone and made her way out of the house. She was off to see Jake. Sebastian could screw himself for all that mattered.


Elena looked at her daughter. She looked fine. She didn’t look sad or disturbed in any way. In fact, she took the news very well and she was proud of her daughter.

“Sofia, when are you going in for work today?” Elena asked her daughter.

With her mouth full of eggs, she answered.
“I think I should leave at nine. But my shift starts at nine thirty. I am going to sleep all day. ”

“You do that. ” Elena said, wiping her hand s with the napkins and picking up her handbag. “I’m going now. I will be back by six. I think your father will come over with me after work. ”

Sofia only nodded and waved her mother bye. She was engrossed in the Rob and China tea on her phone. She was slowly sipping on it. She got interrupted by Sebastian’s call.

She took in a deep breath before she picked up the phone.

“Hi. ” They both said at the same time, their voices breathy.

“How are you?” Sebastian asked, he was going come visit her today.

“I’m good you?” She replied.

“Same. Are you home? Can I come over and see you?” Sebastian asked her.

“Umm yes okay. ” Sofia replied, she wondered what exactly he wanted from a girl like her when he was married to a very beautiful lady.

“Good. I’ll be there soon. ” He said, hanging up.

Soon ?! She finished her breakfast, sad that she had to leave her tea and cleared the table. She made her way to her room and quickly had a hot shower.

While she was applying lotion to her body, the doorbell rang. She slipped on the panties she laid out on the bed and put on her robe.

Sofia opened the door to a smiling Sebastian. He kissed her cheek before he walked in. She had not even put her curls in place. She was sure they were all over the place, she thought as she ran her fingers through them. Trying but failing miserably to push them back.

“I love your hair. ” Sebastian said as he watched her fiddling with her hair.

Sofia only smiled. A shy smile. When did she start being shy?

“So how have you been? You know your home, work, wife?” Sofia asked as she tightened the robe around her body.

“Everything’s been good. Nicole yeah, she wants a divorce I think. ” Sebastian revealed to her.

Sofia knew there was something wrong with that girl.
“But you don’t want one. ” She asked confused. One minute he would say he didn’t want to be with her then the next?

“No it’s not that. Trust me, I don’t want to be with her. She’s a full on headache. Her father is the problem. I’m close to her father. She should tell him herself. ” Sebastian said.

“But if you aren’t happy in the marriage, why do you continue to stay there?” Sofia asked, confused. She could never stay in her marriage age wasn’t happy in.

“Sometimes we have to make certain sacrifices. I entered this marriage because of my family.” Sebastian says. “My father, he passed away. We couldn’t keep up with the rent and some asshole got my sister pregnant and ran away. Her father was looking for someone he could trust the company with. His son wasn’t interested in the company. We found each other. ”

“Sorry about your father. ” Sofia said, not knowing what else to say.

“What do you think I should do?” Sebastian asked, he was turn. He didn’t have anyone to ask for advice.

“I think you should do whatever makes you happy. Don’t wait for anyone. If you feel the sacrifice you’ve made is okay then move on with your life. How long have you been married?” Sofia asked.

“Five years. Five years wasted. ” Sebastian said, he leaned back on the couch, resting his head.

Like that, they both dropped the topic of the divorce and his wife. They began talking about other things and he asked her out on a second date which she agreed to.


“Girl! You will not believe what I just saw!!” Martha said into the phone to Nicole.

“What? Be fast about it!” Nicole said, she hated being in the dark.

“Sebastian. You know your very hot Italian husband. ” Martha said as she pictured him in her head. She had always been jealous of Nicole having such a sexy husband.

“Go on. ” Nicole said as she got out of her car, she made her way into Jake’s apartment.

“He was coming out of this neighbour. You know like this poor underdeveloped neighbourhood. I don’t know what he was doing there. He probably has a lover. ” Martha said, shocking Nicole.

Nicole laughed,
“Trust me. Sebastian could never cheat on me. He’s way too loyal for all that. He will respect his vows. ” Nicole said before she hung up. She didn’t know what Martha’s problem was. The butch had always been jealous of her scoring Sebastian and Jake.

Martha looked at her phone. She wondered why she was still friends with this stuck up bitch.


Sebastian sat in front of Donald. He was about to tell him he didn’t want to go on with the marriage anymore. He didn’t know how this man was going to take. For the past five years, he had been a father to him.

“What’s wrong, Sebastian? You know you can tell me anything. ” Donald said when he saw the look on his face.

“Yes sir. It’s nothing serious.” Sebastian said, he didn’t want his father in law to act so alarmed.

“Well I’ve been thinking. It’s been a while and this marriage between Nicole and I. It’s not just working out. Things haven’t been right. ” Sebastian said, he didn’t want to upset him.

Donald sighed. He placed his hands on the table. Sebastian wondered what was going through his mind.

“I knew this was coming. You know you two don’t have that marriage sparkle. Never had it. ” Donald said, surprising him.

“What does she think about it?” Donald asked, his daughter was just like her mother. Erin. In every way. Both women were a pain in the neck.

“She wants a divorce too. She sings it every night I come home. ” Sebastian said.

“Okay. That’s fine. What’s your reason though. ” Donald asked looking at his son in law. He saw him like a son.

“Things are not working out. I’m not happy in the marriage and I think I have feelings for someone else. ” Sebastian said in all honesty to his father in law.

Donald nodded. “I’ll tell my lawyers. ” There was no way he was going to prevent Sebastian from being happy.

“Just know this. Whether or not, you are married to my daughter your job and shares still remains yours. ” Donald said, making Sebastian smile.

He had thought the job would be taken away from him. He was willing to start again because of Sofia.

“Thank you so much sir. ” Sebastian said.

“No need for all those formalities. I’ve always told you call me Dad. You’re more than a son in law to me. ” Donald said, looking at his wrist watch now. He needed to meet up with Elena. He was thinking of getting married to her.

“You know, I’m thinking of getting married. ” Donald said, surprising Sebastian.

“Wow, okay sir. I just hope your ex-wife doesn’t make too much hassle. ” Sebastian said, remembering Erin. He hated her.

“This time I don’t think Erin or my mother should have anything to say. They already wasted over twenty years of my life. ” Donald said. “I’ll explain to you when I get back. I’m off to see her. ”

Like that, they said their goodbyes and Sebastian made his way home.


“Where are you coming from?” Nicole said, coming to the front door as soon as he opened it.

“Where else would I be coming from, Nicole?” Sebastian asked frustrated.

“Don’t be forgetting you have a wife at home.” Nicole shouted, following him.

“Yeah. We’ll soon be rid of each other. A month or in some weeks. ” Sebastian said, taking off his jacket.

Nicole looked at him shocked.

“We’re getting a divorce, genius. ” Sebastian said.

“What? I will tell father about it. ” Nicole said, surprising him. Sebastian wondered what was wrong with her.

“Isn’t that what you wanted?” Sebastian said, confused. He needed to have a shower.

“Yes but I want my father to know. ” Nicole said. She didn’t want to show how happy she was.

“Your father knows alright. His lawyers are filing for the divorce. ” Sebastian said, going into the bathroom and shutting the door.

Nicole was left there staring at the door. What had made him go in with the divorce? Her thoughts went back to what Martha had told her today. Maybe Martha was telling the truth but she was not sure.

Nicole picked up hid jacket and went to get his phone. She noticed he didn’t have a passcode even she had one.

She made her way to his messages and saw his chats between him and Sofia. That nurse! They didn’t really talk much. Only about a dinner that they both went for last week. Sebastian took her out.

Nicole didn’t know how to feel. She was not the only one cheating. Sebastian was cheating. How could he?

“What are you doing with my phone?” Sebastian said, snatching his phone from her fingers.

She didn’t even hear him coming out from the bathroom.

“Who is Sofia?” Nicole asked once she recovered.

“The nurse you were rude to. I’m left cleaning your mistakes and I’m done. ” Sebastian said as he grabbed another towel to dry his hair.

Nicole stared dumbly at him. She didn’t know if he was lying or telling the truth. She didn’t know why she even cared.

What was important to her now was telling Jake, she would be free again. She couldn’t wait to be away from this marriage and with Jake. He was the best lover she ever had. She would call her mother and inform her about the divorce.

Sebastian lay on his bed awake. He thought about how it would be when he was divorced. He would moved out of this house. It was way too big for him. He would call his mother tomorrow and tell them. His thoughts shifted to Sofia just before he fell asleep.

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