The Affair.

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Chapter Eight

The Affair.

Sebastian picked up his niece as he walked into the apartment his sister and mother shared.

Elizabeth’s giggles could be heard throughout the apartment, just because she was in her uncles’s arms.

“Stop...stop..” Elizabeth managed to say through her giggles when he tickled her belly. Sebastian kisses her cheek before she placed her head on his shoulder. Both their heads turned to the door when Samantha came looking to see who was making her baby girl giggle. Sebastian had an extra set of keys to the apartment so he always used them.

“Hey.” Sebastian said smiling at his sister, before kissing her cheek.

Samantha only pushed him away with a smile on her face. He always thought to act like he was a father over them including over their mother. He was only four years older than her so he wasn’t even considered that old.

“What have you been up to? You look a lot less like your gloomy self..” Samantha said, knowing her brother very well there was something up his sleeve.

“Where’s mom?” Sebastian asked, ignoring her mischievous look.

Samantha took Elizabeth from him with her nose high before she turned away from him.

“Mom’s in her room.” Samantha said, she wanted to show him she had one over him by taking Elizabeth, but her daughter just wanted back in her uncle’s arms.

“No ellie, no. Uncle is being mean to mommy so you have to stay with mommy now.” Elizabeth was not giving an inch. She had not been in her Uncle’s arms for a few days now and she missed him.

“You should come too. I have something to tell you both.” Sebastian said, picking up his niece before he made his way to their mother’s room.

“Hello honey.” Karen, their mom, said immediately she saw Sebastian. Her eyes sparkled. She missed him. She knew it wasn’t easy for him leaving in that house with her supposed daughter in law, but even if he wouldn’t confess it she knew why he did it.

“Hi mom.” He kissed her cheek before he decided to place Elizabeth on her feet to which she happily agreed.

“What’s happened? Why do you have that look on your face?” Karen said, directing the last part of her question to Samantha.

“I don’t know mom. Sebastian says there’s big news.” Samantha said smiling.

“Well okay. What’s happened this time? Don’t tell me your wife—” Karen didn’t get to finish because Sebastian spoke.

“We’re getting a divorce. Nicole and I. Our marriage is over.” Sebastian said and with the way he said it, he didn’t know if he could feel anymore relief than he was feeling right now.

“What? Did she ask for it? Did you? Oh, Sebastian.” Karen began looking at her son.

Samantha had her mouth open looking at her mother.

“It doesn’t matter who asked for it mom. I am honestly thrilled we have nothing else to do with that family again.” Samantha said, hoping her daughter didn’t hear the awful words coming from her mouth.

“Hush. That’s not what I mean.” Karen started before she continued.

“But it’s the truth, mom. Nicole and Erin are horrible people,” Samantha continued. She looked at Sebastian now wondering what he would say.

“That’s not the point now, the thing is her father still wants me running and working in the company. He trusts me,” Sebastian said, taking a seat on his mom’s bed. “I’m just so confused about everything.”

“Oh honey, there’s nothing to be confused about. You’re a good person and Donald is one too, I’m sure he knows how much you tried being married to his daughter,” Karen said, rolling her eyes as she finished her sentence.

Samantha nodded, saying she agreed with her mother’s response. An idea popped in her head and she looked at Sebastian before she spoke.

“Is there someone else,Sebastian? Are you leaving because of someone else?” Samantha asked, sitting on her mom’s beside chair.

“ really.” Sebastian answered not sure what the right answer was. “It’s nothing official, but there’s a possibility.” Sebastian said, he didn’t want to be explaining himself to them now.

“Oh, wow. You didn’t say anything,” Samantha said.

“Leave your brother alone, Samantha. Let’s focus on now, it’s not a good time to start discussing that,” Karen said to both of her kids.

Karen decided they stop talking about their problems. She made some food for them and they enjoyed the rest of the time they spent together.


Sofia looked at herself in the mirror. It was already hard enough taming her hair. She was not getting tonight. It seemed like it was one of those times her hair just didn’t want to agree with her and to be honest, it wasn’t a nice feeling at all. Finally, she just decided to fit everything into a bun on her head. That should do for now. She was about to leave for her shift so either way, she would end up looking untidy.

“I’m off, mom” Sofia shouted to her mother before she left their home, not forgetting to grab her keys.

A few days ago, she finally met her father and they had a very long conversation. She found out he owned a big company that was known worldwide. He was very good at what he did and he made a lot of money. Most of all, he talked a lot about his son-in-law who really helped in making the company grow tremendously.

Sofia tried to concentrate in other things but she just couldn’t. She never realised how much finding her father could have a very good effect on her. She was really happy, rejecting or fighting him had not even been an option for her because it was something she craved and now she got the chance she was not going to waste any time. The thing that shocked was when he told her that he would like her to be a part of his company. He told her that she would have shares in her name and she could be there to shape and help with the growth. Sofia has been shocked speechless. She knew nothing about companies, but she would never reject such an offer from her father. She told him she would think about it and tomorrow she would give him her answer.

The drive to work was not too long as there was hardly any traffic. She signed in and began her shift. Tonight, she was working shifts with Jenny. She felt it was going to be a real busy night too.

“Hey girl, right on time.” Jenny said with a smile on my face.

“That’s just because there was no traffic,” Sofia murmured as she looked at herself in the mirror. She hoped Nora would not say she looked a mess because her hair obviously had a mind of its own tonight.

“You look a mess,” Jenny said, a laugh falling from her lips. “Here let me help you,” Jenny said taking the brush from her.

“Girl you put way too much gel on,” Jenny commented as she brushed Sofia’s hair. Sofia didn’t understand how Jenny always managed to have her hair perfect, it was like she also slept with perfect hair. Jenny didn’t do bad hair days.

“My hair’s way curlier than yours and you still have a problem,” Jenny murmured to herself. “There all good, at least for now.”

Sofia was pleased with the result, even if she never wore her hair in a braid like this. It was still good to go. Sofia told Jenny a thank you and with that, they both left the bathroom and began their shifts. They had a long night ahead of them.


Nicole looked at Jake. She was so pissed at Sebastian. She didn’t even think she could breath well.

“He’s cheating, I know it,” Nicole said to Jake for the fifth time.

“You’re getting divorced, Nicole that should be the only thing on your mind. You’re beginning to piss me off,” Jake said, shoving her lightly. She had been lying on his chest. He moved away from her and put on his clothes, he was not about to talk with her about another man when they just finished having sex.

“I know I’m getting divorced, you jerk. It’s just no one does that to me. No one—” Nicole didn’t get to finish her sentence when Jake interrupted her.

“You think you’re being faithful by sleeping with me. Don’t be stupid, Nicole. Do you guys even have sex? He’s a guy and he needs it,” Jake said, leaving her in the room alone.

“So you’re telling me that when I don’t come over for days, you have someone in here with you?” Nicole asked, following him. She quickly tied her robe around herself.

“No honey, but fuck’s sake. We know what you have with him isn’t real. You’re beginning to sound like you give a shit about what he does and I don’t fucking like it.” Jake half shouted at her. He threw the bottle of water he held angrily to the floor and left her in the kitchen.

Nicole stared at the spot he was standing at cluelessly. She picked up the bottle of water and placed it back into the fridge, before she went to look for him. She met him dressing up to leave.

“Are you leaving?” Nicole asked quietly, even if she never thought of getting a divorce all these years it didn’t mean she liked Jake any less.

“Fuck yeah!” He said to her, not even looking her way.

Nicole frowned at him before she climbed the bed and wrapped her arms around him, stopping him from putting his shoes on.

“I’m sorry babe, but I just can’t help but feel that way. I promise not to talk about him again, don’t leave like this.“’Nicole said, kissing the back of his shoulder.

Nicole knew when he decided he was staying. She felt him physically relax in her arms, he pulled her so she was sitting on his lap.

“On one condition, you stay here with me tonight,” Jake said, “nobody leaves,” he continued, untangling her robe and leaving kisses on her bare skin.


Sebastian cursed as he sat on the hospital bed. He had slipped in the bathroom and probably dislocated his shoulder. He wondered why Nicole always thought to shower in his own bathroom and leave water on the floor. Now he was at the emergency room, waiting to be seen by a doctor.

“Good evening, Mr Campbell. I’m Doctor Powell and I heard you had a nasty fall.” The Doctor said, dropping the file and moving to inspect his wound.

Sebastian hissed as the Doctor bumped into his arm. He watched how the doctor grimaced before she spoke to the nurse.

“Give him 5 of morphine.” The Doctor said, “You’ll be in and out in no time.”

Sebastian turned to his side unconsciously and he was left staring at Sofia. He didn’t hear what the doctor was saying as he took in Sofia’s beauty. She just managed to look even more beautiful everyday if that was even possible. He watched how her eyes widened as they met his. He was about to speak when he instead let out a loud curse, a loud snap following as the doctor sent his bone back into place.

Sebastian turned to the doctor about to speak before the doctor told him how pleasant it was seeing him. She waved and told him he would be discharged soon just before she pulled the curtain away and left.

“You’re here,” Sofia said, once she saw the doctor leave. She wondered how he got himself hurt. “And you’re hurt,” Sofia continued, moving the other side so she could examine his shoulder.

“I slipped and fell on my shoulder,” Sebastian explained. “How are you?”

“I’m good, you should be more careful,” Sofia said as she adjusted the arm band on his person.

“You can kiss me to make it better,” Sebastian said, looking at her. He watched the way her eyes moved to meet his and they were wide. His eyes also widened as he processed what he said.

“You’re married,” Sofia commented as she picked up the tray and began taking off her gloves.

“Soon to be divorced, but yeah” Sebastian said, running his uninjured hand through his hair.

“I’m going to need to call someone to get you as you can’t leave like this,” Sofia said, looking at the discharge papers.

“I drove here. I can drive back home.” Sebastian said, getting pulling himself up. Those abdominal muscles must be the shit, Sofia thought to herself licking her lips.

“Umm no. You have pain drugs in your system. You wait here until someone comes to get you,” Sofia said to him.

“When does your shift end? I could wait for you.” Sebastian said, looking at her. She had been the only thing on his mind for days now.

“Stop looking at me like that,” Sofia hissed at him. If he kept doing that, she would be quick to rip off his clothes and have her way with him, married or not.

“Like how?” Sebastian asked, his eyes narrowing now. She noticed how his voice became deeper.

“My shift ends in three hours, but you shouldn’t be here waiting for me.” Sofia said, to him changing the subject.

“I’ll wait, I don’t want my mother or sister worrying about me this late,” Sebastian said, a smile making its way to his face. He waved at her before he closed his eyes, resting his head on the pillow.

Sofia rolled her eyes at him before she left him alone.

Three hours later...

“I agree it was foolish of me to wait,” Sebastian groaned as he maneuvered himself off the bed. The bed had been as hard as stone. How did people sleep cope?

“I told you so.” Sofia murmured at him as she stood by waiting for him to sit on the wheelchair.

“I mean I was waiting to see you so it was worth the wait,” Sebastian said once he sat on the wheelchair. “You really have to push me out?” Sebastian asked, looking up at her.

Sofia stared down at his beautiful face, mesmerized for a second before she liked her lips.

“It’s protocol,” she whispered shakily to him.

Sebastian groaned, looking away from her. Her lips looked like they were yearning for his.

“You ready?” Sofia asked, once she picked up every item of his.

“Yeah. Thank you.” Sebastian said, as they began to head out.

“I have my car here too,” Sofia said, once they reached the parking lot. “I could drive you home and then, maybe you could come get your car tomorrow.”

“Could you just drive us in my car? Let’s go somewhere else, so we could be alone,” Sebastian said. Sofia noticed he was coming up with a lot of hold innuendos tonight and she guessed it was probably coming from the drugs. It was making him let down all his inhibitions.

“First of all, I’m not sleeping with you. At least, not while you’re married. Also there’s no way I’m driving your car, I’m definitely not paying for it if I bash it.” Sofia said, knowing his car wasn’t going to be just a regular one like her own was.

Sofia decided she would drive her car. She would drive them to her home and let him sleep off his medication. She helped him into the car, returned the wheelchair before she drove them. Her mother was already asleep so it wasn’t a problem. The only problem was getting Sebastian into her home. He was being real noisy.

“Shhh,” Sofia hushed him for the umpteenth time as she closed her door. He was lying spreadeagle on her bed without a care in the world.

Sofia helped him take off his shoes. She wasn’t going to bother with his clothes because there was no way she was going to take a peek at his chest and remain the same. She left him there, tucked him in before she slept off on the couch.


Sofia woke up to a loud scream in the morning. She quickly jumped out of the couch almost breaking her ankle.

“Who is this man?” Elena shouted, looking from Sebastian to Sofia. “I’m calling the police right now,” Elena said from the counter. Sebastian looked like he was in the kitchen grabbing a bottle of water.

“Mom relax. He’s my friend,” Sofia said, rubbing her temples. She was not in the mood for this now. Her mother and Sebastian thinking it was okay to wake her up when she hadn’t gotten a good night’s rest.

“I’m sorry if I frightened you ma’am ,” Sebastian said to Elena, before his eyes glued to Sofia.

“I should be the one apologizing. Only thing is Sofia here never brings anyone.” Elena said, a hand resting on her chest.

“Maa...that’s fine now.” Sofia said, she didn’t need him knowing all that about her. “I’ll drive you to your car in a few. I just need to sleep some more. ” Sofia said to Sebastian now.

“Oh I’ll drive him. I’m heading to work now anyways,” Elena said, smiling brightly.

“It’s fine,mom”

“Thank you so much Ma’am.”

Sofia and Sebastian both spoke at the same time. Sofia was about to speak when her mom beat her to it.

“Oh go back to sleep dear. I got this.” Elena said, giving Sofia a wink she didn’t try and hide it from Sebastian. Sofia only hit her forehead before she turned leaving them alone. She grabbed the pillow from the couch and went to sleep in her more comfortable bed. She took a deep breath inhaling Sebastian’s masculine scent.

“Thank you for yesterday or this morning.” Sebastian said, walking into her bedroom. The fact that he didn’t even knock, she rolled her eyes before she turned to look at him.

Sebastian was holding his shoes as he spoke to her. He moved closer to her and leaned on the bed, giving her cheek a soft kiss.

“I’ll see you soon,” Sebastian said, before he left her with her imagination running wild. Damn, did this man just have fun teasing her?, she thought to herself groaning as she fell back into the bed, basically covering herself in his scent.

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