Cut to the Core

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This book is what Grey's Anatomy would be like if it were on HBO: two surgery residents who can't stand each other, but can't stand to be away from each other, either Gita Gardner has known Lucas since she was five, and she's never forgiven him for making her feel fat and awkward. It's been years since she's thought about him, though, which is why she's shocked to see him on the first day of her surgery internship. What’s worse, he’s her boss! A dominating control freak, it's not hard to remember she doesn't like him. It's too bad that he's sexy as f*ck, though... Lucas Green been been dreaming about Gita's voluptuous curves and sultry eyes since high school. She was a wet dream come to life then, and still is now. What has changed is her personality; shy and timid before, now she’s not afraid to raise her voice and put her foot down, to the point where she’s constantly defying his orders. It’s frustrating, but also incredibly sexy. It’s too bad she still hates him… Gita and Lucas have good reasons to dislike each other. But when their fighting starts to feel more like foreplay, it becomes harder to stay away...

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1: Surprise, surprise

I stood, rooted to my spot, unable to believe my eyes. What was she doing here?

It had never occurred to me that Gita, the new intern, was going to be Gita Gardner.

Standing in my hospital with her scrubs tight across her breasts, raven hair falling in shiny waves around her heart-shaped face, looking nervously at me with her big brown eyes that I remembered from way back when.

I didn’t know what to say, so I turned before someone noticed I was staring and moved to join Ben and Kay, my co-residents.

“Ben, Lucas, have you met our new interns?” Kay said, giving Ben and me a severe look for being rude to our new residents.

Ben glanced up briefly and then turned back to his computer. “Interns. I’ll meet you later.”

Ben was one of my chief residents and though he was always brusque, he was in a particularly bad mood today after the chaos of the afternoon, when two traumas had rolled in nearly simultaneously while the on-call surgeon was busy meeting the new intern. He was already post-call, and still needed to sign out to Kay, one of the other chiefs, before he could go home.

I didn’t have as good a reason for being rude other than dealing with the same trauma alerts as Ben. But that was one of the advantages of being a surgeon. We’re expected to be surly and direct.

It was especially nice now as it gave me a few minutes to get myself together after the shock of seeing Gita.

I had known Gita since she first moved to my neighborhood, right before kindergarten. She had moved just a few houses down the street from me, and my parents insisted that I introduce the new kid at school.

Seems reasonable, but for some reason this was highly embarrassing for five-year-old me. Gita was quiet and shy and hadn’t yet grown into her large eyes, giving her the appearance of a bug. Or so had said Lauren, the unofficial queen bee of kindergarten. Not wanting to get on Lauren’s bad side, I had agreed quickly, looking away from Gita quickly but not quick enough to miss the hurt in her eyes.

Since then we were never friends, despite living within five minutes of each other and being in the same classes all the way through high school. We ran in different circles - I was still friends with Lauren, who never lost her queen bee status, and her crowd. Gita, who was brilliant, was friends with the smarter but dorkier kids in the class. Although she was generally well-liked and was friendly with everyone, she always remained cool towards me, and I never forgot that shameful moment when I sided against the scared new girl.

By junior year, I was dating Lauren and was captain of the tennis team. Basically, I was a big man on campus, and I loved it.

That year, Gita and I were in almost every class together. It was harder for us to ignore each other at that point, though she certainly tried. Any group project we were stuck on together, she wouldn’t talk to me, only looking at me just to glare at me. I didn’t really blame her, but I also didn’t stop Lauren for making fun of her for those times that she did stare at me to shoot daggers with her eyes. I should have defended her, had wanted to defend her, but Lauren would not have appreciated that.

The problem that I didn’t want either girl to know was that I couldn’t stop staring at Gita.

Puberty had hit Gita early and not in a good way. In the sixth grade she’d had her growth spurt to the impressive height of five feet, taller than all the guys. Her breasts grew in and her hips flared out but she had also sprouted acne and braces. At that age, I hadn’t spared many thoughts for girls, but I knew Lauren and her friends had teased her mercilessly. It didn’t help that she was smart, obnoxiously smart, with glasses that didn’t quite fit and always with some book in her hand.

But in high school, the rest of Gita’s body had caught up. Not even Lauren at her most mean-spirited could make fun of Gita’s eyes anymore, which now gave her the a Disney princess rather than a bug. Her breasts continued to grow, and so did her ass, while her waist remained slim. All in all she had developed the exaggerated hourglass figure of a cartoon, all big eyes and tits and ass, and with my newly raging hormones, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Lauren and her friends called her fat, which was supremely unkind - Gita was curvy, but in a way that made guys dream about sinking into her soft body. Tall, thin, with small perky breasts and perpetually tanned skin, Lauren looked more like a model, and in the cafeteria, I was proud to have her on my arm, cementing our status as high school royalty.

But in class it was Gita’s body that I was hypnotized by, and at night it was her bountiful curves and wide chocolate eyes that starred in my fantasies.

Gita never had any idea that she was the object of my fantasies, or in fact the object of many guys’ fantasies. Or if she did, she never let on. She always focused on class, and of course on ignoring me. I was caught staring several times by my friends, and more than once she must have overheard them chiding me for it, but she never looked back so I didn’t know for sure.

Eventually, school ended and we left for colleges. After that, I only caught glimpses of her on the occasional vacation when we’d both be back in town. A while back, her parents had moved away, and I had never thought about her since.

And now here she was, in my residency program.

She looked even better than she had the last time I’d seen her, even in scrubs. Her breasts, even fuller than I’d remembered, strained against her shirt and my eyes lingered on the rounded tops of her mounds that were unable to be contained. Her pants were snug against her hips, and I expected her ass still resembled a Kardashian’s. Her big eyes were framed by thick lashes, emphasizing the delicate bones of her face. She was still petite; at six foot three, I towered over her. Idly I wondered how easy it would be for me to pick her up and throw her over my shoulder.

Not that this was something I was going to do…

But it looked pretty easy.

I imagined patting her butt as I carried her, ass in the air, heading towards a bed.

Dangerous thoughts.

Her hair trailing down my back, her sizable breasts pressed against me.

Seriously dangerous thoughts.

Breasts that would fall into my hands as I ripped off her bra, bouncing softly into my waiting palms.

I felt a stirring in my pants and quickly focused on what Ben was telling the night float resident.

When sign out was finished, I turned to leave, cautiously looking first to see if Gita was still there, but she had gone.

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