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He is sweet He is kind He is a charmer He is a sensation He is ruthless to the people who hate him. He is Enigmatic to the people who want to know him. Michael, the most incredibly handsome, powerful, and a wealthy man in the world. He has everything but... he wants me... he needs me and he craves for my Love. I was his woman and I willingly accepted to be his. I love him more than I love myself. Though he made me feel like I am the happiest woman in the world there is always a question that lies deep in me about his love, his unconditional love on me. Maybe that's because I had no one who loved me like that. But there is a side that he hides from me. I can't question him, I can't stop anything that I am doing, if I did then I might lose him, my love.....

Chapter 1 The Stalker

I was sitting in a consulting room that is well furnished and a nice floral smell made the room even more comfortable for me. I am waiting for my therapist, I had this session in the afternoon so I took a two-hour permission from my work to attend this. When I was in my thoughts an elderly woman maybe in her fifties entered the room with a smile on her face. She dressed formally, wearing glasses and looked perfect as a therapist. She took a seat opposite to me.

“Good afternoon Ms. Jane Nicholas I am Doctor Maureen your therapist,” she said.

“Oh nice to meet you,” I offered my hand and smiled. After sitting comfortably she started to speak,

“Tell me about you, Ms. Jane,” she asked me with a smile.

“Well... I am currently twenty-four and working as a financial adviser in Aaron group of companies,” I said basic information but I don’t know what she’s expecting me to say.

“Ok that’s great and about your parents,” she asked me even though she’s having every single detail about me in her file that she’s holding in her hands.

“My parents died when I was sixteen in a car accident,” I said and looked at her expression that asked me to continue further.

“After that my grandmother took care of me till I finished my high school and then I moved to San Francisco, I got an admission to study finance at San Francisco state university,” I said.

“You’re good in your studies I think,” she said and I smiled, “Yeah, I am one of the best student there”.

“Are you in a relationship? Jane,” she asked me without a hesitation.

“No I have never been in a relationship with anyone, after my parent’s death I mostly lived in my own world and I felt somewhat insecure with people around me especially men so that’s the reason,” I said.

“You’re living with your friend?” she asked me.

“Yeah, I am living with my friend Jennifer we become friends in the university.”

“Ok Jane, now tell me what’s your problem,” she asks me crossing her legs.

“Actually I think I am more insecure and also, I feel like I was being watched by someone. I sometimes feel like I am insane to think like this, but I am actually feeling this for the past four years, I always console myself that I am insecure that’s why I am thinking like being stalked, but nowadays it’s going beyond the limit.”

“What you’re feeling,” she asked me curiously.

“Hmm, actually I felt this way four years before when I came here to live. I worked in a café that is two blocks away from my apartment, one day after finishing my work I felt someone is walking behind me on that day it was quite a dark and no one is there in the street. It kind of creepy you know.
I then grabbed my courage and looked around but there’s no one and again I walked, but I felt the same feeling and my fear increased to a top range so I ran towards my apartment without looking back. From that day onwards I never worked late, and also I moved to another place but still I have that feeling of being stalked,” I said.

“It’s common feeling Ms. Jane, how you can specifically say that you’re being stalked,” she asked.

“Yeah, I know that but even in my room I having this kind of feelings I thought I am going crazy over this, so that’s why I enrolled in this counseling.”

“Have you ever talked about this with anyone,” she asked me.

“No, I never opened about this to anyone even with my friend I thought it’s not the best thing and I don’t want anyone to worry about me.”

“Oh....” she nodded and continued, “You said that it’s now going beyond the limit what happened now,” she asked.

“Umm.... a few weeks before I had a heavy workload in my office, so after finishing that I walked to my apartment it was silent and I never walked in that street at that time.
I felt little nervous and scared. I walked as fast as I could, again the same stalking feeling popped into my mind.
But this time I saw a shadow of a person before me. I felt someone walking behind me and so close. I turned to see who it was, he was standing ten foot away from me and I can feel that person was looking intently at me. After seeing that I turned immediately and ran to my apartment and then I didn’t sleep that night I was so scared to be alone and also now I don’t know whether it’s my illusion or really someone is stalking me,” I said.

“I can understand what you’re feeling Jane and we will talk about the solution in our next session,” Dr. Maureen said with a confused expression I thought she needs some time to analyze my situation.

’Thank you, Dr. Maureen, for your time,” I said and stood up to leave.

“Goodbye, Jane. Have a nice day,” she said.

I came out of the building and looked at my watch it was past two. I took a deep breath and walked to my office.

I don’t know whether this counseling will help me or not but this is all I can do for now...

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