If You Only Knew

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She is the girl who was never loved He was the boy who was loved by many What will happen when he offers her a deal she can't refuse? He was said to be heartless He was cruel He was powerful He killed He tormented himself every day He felt unloved He was loved by many He was the man that nobody would disobey He was the monster you told your kids to be afraid of He is Kai Laverett She was broken She was fragile She was tortured She was scared She was always alone She never had friends She was the girl with the random bruises and scars She was the girl who flinched every time someone raised their hand She is Violet Tate _____________________ Warning: This story contains Mature content along with violence _____________________

Romance / Other
Eve Cole
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If You Only Knew will go over some topics that may be sensitive to many people. If you are uncomfortable at any point due to this book I do apologize prior to you reading this. I could not include these parts in the book but to correctly display the characters in this book I feel that these moments are necessary to the character development.

The topics that will be mentioned will be: Mention of first-degree murder multiple times, death, self-harm, abuse and child abuse, rape, drugs and alcohol, and kidnapping.

This will be a love story but it is also the story of the growth of a young girl and boy who have dealt with trauma all their lives and the story of how they grow from this.

This is only the first book of this series.

If You Only Knew- Kai and Violet

If You Only Believe- Kai and Violet

If You Only Stay- Hayden and Ashton

If You Only Tell- Ren Tate

As you can see the first two books will be with the same characters because I found their story is too long to tell in one book.

Book number three and four will be stories of characters you meet in the first two books. I found that when making these characters that I love them too much and have fallen in love with their stories as well and decided that their stories need to be told to correctly understand the characters within the first two books.

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