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Chapter 12: Kissing & Confessions

My lips meet Wyatt’s and he takes them without hesitating; like there’s no question about it.

I feel absolutely euphoric. There’s no other way to describe the gratification surging through me – especially when you compare it to the heart-crushing neglect I endured most of the day. Somehow, even though I’ve been keeping track of it – time has been altered. There’s a feeling that I’ve wanted this with Wyatt as long as I can remember, even if it’s impossible – I’ve never thought of kissing him before.

I’m probably not very good at it either, but Wyatt certainly is. Like everything else in this cabin life he takes control, parting his lips and sucking mine in. His beard adds a whole new level to things but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I absolutely love it; love the way it feels between my fingers as I slide them through to cup his jaw and bring him in deeper.

When he pulls the small of my back, forcing my lower body to rub against his hard stomach, I set fire on the spot.

I don’t even care that I’m making out with a guy. All I care about is Wyatt’s body connecting with my crotch and the way he’s gripping my back a little too weakly for my current liking. It should be illegal how sexy he is; criminal how good he feels. Add that he’s running from the law already… it’s so hot I can barely keep up with my actions. Before I know it, I’ve slipped a wet tongue into his mouth. Then, somehow, I’m twisting my hips enough he can feel how hard I am – how hard he’s making me.

I’m not just crazy; I’m crazy for him. I felt so empty before and now…

Wyatt breaks away for some breath and his flushed face isn’t very convincing when he tries pulling the alpha card. “Cut it out.”

"No,” I refuse. “It’s your fault… ever since – since you made me your bitch…” I remind him, stealing his lips again.

This time, he gives in like a wild man with no control at all.

My heart bounces around as Wyatt lowers his hand over my ass and palms hard. He grips my cheek aggressively, forcing my tented crotch to slide across his abs and I unsuccessfully bite back a moan – leaking everywhere again; my dick is spilling so much I’m half afraid I’ll get his stomach wet.

Which doesn’t sound that bad actually…

Wyatt’s tongue twirls against mine as he forces me into a slow grind - totally focused on my ass. Just as I’m afraid I’ll stop breathing entirely, he pulls his mouth away and looks down at me.

“Feeling good?” he prompts in a pissed off, sarcastic kind of growl – letting his grip relax so I’m left helplessly squirming against him. How can I even begin to tell him it’s beyond good - it’s fucking amazing? I curl into his neck and release soft little moans in response, hoping he gets the picture...

He said I wasn’t the only one but… right now it feels that way and I don’t want to be alone anymore.

“You too,” I beg with a gasp. “I wanna – make you feel good too…”

Wyatt doesn’t respond. He lets an indecisive silence fall between us as I try to get the upper hand on his weakening will – angling my crotch south so I can stir against his equally hard member.

“How Wyatt?”

There’s no way he can resist. He’s a red-blooded male who hasn’t had a girlfriend in years – hasn’t let anyone near him in years. I know I’m taking advantage of that but… to feel like he’s mine, even a little bit, is completely exhilarating; I can’t stop.

“Fuck – I don’t know. This is too fast…”

Wyatt’s reluctant words are maddening, but he’s not trying to stop me as I kiss at his throat – finding the bites I made and sucking at them. “Just - just tell me the part you can’t get out of your head,” I suggest with lips on his skin. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing grinding into him…

He pulls at my ass with too much force and lets out a ragged breath at his dirty thoughts. My heart somersaults, and I tempt him to let loose a little by stirring my hips. It’s senseless, but I want to see him break so badly – I want to rip him off his stupid alpha throne and take everything so he only has to worry about me from now on.

The thoughts are flying away from me faster than I can keep up – adrenalin coursing in my veins. It feels like I’m on the side of a cliff with Dax, hanging hundreds of feet off the ground, except it’s a thousand times more intense

Persistence works because even though he’s not saying anything, Wyatt’s gripping my ass so hard I can feel his desire spilling over. Sure enough by the time he pulls me against his tented crotch and lets out a disbelieving groan, I know he’s totally on board.

“Holy shit…” he breathes, amazed, as he gives an upward thrust. “Calix…”

What little sanity I have left is blown to smithereens at the hot way Wyatt says my name. I pull from his neck and kiss him a third time. The sensation of his mouth – his dick rocking against me – it’s so powerful it erases every other thing from my mind… allowing me to focus on Wyatt – Wyatt – Wyatt.

He slowly rolls me underneath him, using his elbow to prop himself up; getting his tongue so deep into my mouth I’m swallowing it back. I can’t even keep track of all the thrills heating my body and collecting at my crotch.

Lifting my leg, Wyatt slides his rough hand up through my shorts, palming the soft flesh underneath. Every squeeze sets me on fire. I’m pulsing so much pre-cum that for a moment I wonder if I really am a bitch in heat or something.

It’s definitely not enough, though. I’m getting greedier by the second. The more Wyatt gives the more I want to take. My body is possessed by primal urges that seek to fuck into something warm and tight and the sloppy friction between us is only doing so much…

Wyatt breaks the kiss and attacks my throat. This time he’s not being gentle – he bucks his hips against me and scrapes teeth down my jaw to my ear. It doesn’t matter because it feels fantastic. I’d let him do anything. It’s explosive when he wants me so badly. I trace a hand down Wyatt’s body to our crotches, pausing at the waistline of his pants. I know I’m about to cross so many lines, but I’ve never been afraid to take the leap; do something reckless without thinking it through…

Besides, all I can think about is how hard he is for me… how he must be throbbing just as bad…

I experience a dizzying swoon and before any kind of logical thought can make its way into my head I start unbuttoning his jeans.

He knows what’s coming.

Wyatt stops grinding and pulls away from my neck to stare down where I’m fumbling with the button of his pants. “Don’t…” he warns in that heart-stoppingly weak voice I’m not used to. As hot as it makes me, I am not a fan of the idea he is trying to take away my happiness again.

“Why not?” I ask, challenging a silent, blue-eyed glare. “I’m finally feeling so good, Wyatt, please – after all day –in pain.” I don’t even feel guilty saying this because it’s true and he knows it. “This all feels so amazing. A-and we… we already did worse than this…”

“I don’t think it was worse,” he argues, but it’s too late because I’ve unzipped his jeans and my hand is sliding between the loose flaps. Coward. My palm connects with the heat of his package, straining and bulging in his underwear, and Wyatt’s senses fly away from him. I feel his whole body give in; the power over it literally resting in my hand. I want to see more. I want to shake him up so bad until he needs me…

He definitely has a dick, though, and I’m not really sure what to do with it. It’s at an angle and even though I’ve jerked off countless times in my life, this is not the same at all. Thankfully, Wyatt’s back on board and starts to help a little. Propped up on one elbow, he removes his ass-grabbing hand to cover the back of mine and he forces me to press harder against his length until I’m stroking rhythmically.

He lets out a noise I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard before, but is distantly familiar in the way that I may have dreamed it; a mix of a gasp and groan. Once I’m doing a good enough job, he releases my hand to let me continue on my own. I’m so busy looking where I’m touching that when he tilts my chin to kiss him I’m not expecting it.

Blood is pounding in my ears as I weakly accept the brutal way he tongues me. I squeeze him – stroke him – hold the weight of his cock and appreciate it; all while he runs his hand through my hair, down my neck… kissing me so sensually I could die happy.

It’s so easy to let go of everything – I quit battling the insane thoughts and just let them take over… let Wyatt take over as he groans into my mouth and goes back to pull down his underwear.

“Calix… please,” he pants, offering his fully erect cock. I don’t have time to pull away even if I wanted to – he’s pressing the sticky, hard flesh against my bare hand and he winces with pleasure at the contact.

With those insane thoughts dying; my mind becomes a void – a vacuum for anything that’s not about pleasing Wyatt.

I don’t even know if I’ve hesitated – all I know is that my hand is already gripping his dick and tugging. He buries his mouth under my ear and lets out another sharp breath right into it. It sends the hottest wave of all through my body.

He must be feeling amazing…

“Damnit…” he hisses when I circle my thumb at the tight, sensitive spot under the head of his cock. “Your hands are so soft,” he mutters. When his dick twitches I grip harder just to feel the blood pumping. “Feels – so good…”


I’m drowning in heat. I’ll faint soon, I’m sure. There’s no way I can survive these blood rushes attacking my head, my heart; my own cock straining to be free…

“Yeah-hh,” he confirms thrusting through my tight hand. As if to prove this, the slit of his cock opens and a healthy amount of pre-cum flows from the tip and down through my fingers. “I can’t believe… fuck… I can’t even think…”

I focus on his face… his hooded eyes looking straight into mine. The way he bites at his lip, trying to control the moans I’m pulling out of him, makes me lose all of the strength in my body.

“No – no, keep going,” he urges at the way my wrist becomes a little limp. I’m trying my best to jerk him off but his cock is pretty big. To fully stroke him from base to tip is actually a lot of work. Maybe Wyatt understands this because he sucks and bites my neck so lightly I feel like dying for real – muttering praises between breaths. ”Mmh – like that Calix –fuuuck – yeah… make me – cum – all over you…”

He’s totally lost himself and I’m reaching climax just getting him off. Every time he mouths my neck, warm tingles make their way to my crotch and bring me closer to release. I’m gasping and moaning every time his dick slides through my fingers; feeling like it’s my own… like I’m the one in control now…

An electric charge makes me whine.

“This – what you want –?” Wyatt asks, moving his free hand to my crotch this time. I almost cum just by the way he roughly squeezes the outline of my member.

"Aaah! W-wait!”

I’m so close, one more squeeze will have me exploding in my jeans – it’s not fair that Wyatt’s suddenly taking control. My head is a swirling, inescapable mess...

“You’re such – a spoiled – little – bitch,” he growls between soft bites. I’m not even sure if I’m still touching him… I’m getting swept away with my own pleasure. Somehow, Wyatt’s voice feels good against me, even if these words have stripped some of my power away.

“So-rry – Wy-ahh-!"

He interrupts his name with a dooming stroke of my cock and keeps it up, forcing me to climax within seconds. My eyes close as a warm release takes over; I can barely hold on to anything except the way he tortuously milks my dick through denim. The only thing anchoring me to consciousness is the unsteady breathing in my ear that turns to a soft hiss.

“Shit… I’m cumming too.”

There’s nothing more intense than a rush of adrenalin during an orgasm – I feel like I’m getting off a second time as Wyatt’s slick member connects against my stomach. He grinds down so hard I want to cough but he doesn’t last long. The heat of his cum pools on my bare skin as he gives a throaty groan and shakes against me.

I don’t recognize how tightly I’m holding his back until my arms suddenly get too weak and flop down beside me. I try to open my eyes but find all of the energy I had has been zapped from me. Besides, feeling content and prickling with post-orgasm highs I can’t imagine any reason to stay awake.

10:24 PM MST

Wyatt shakes me back and forth, effectively stirring me from slumber’s brief hold.

The first thing I notice is that the fire is going again; the second is that there’s no sticky cum on my stomach. Then I glance back to Wyatt with suspenseful anticipation.

Avoiding my eyes, he doesn’t even comment on the fact that I’ve checked my watch right in front of him. He simply waits until my wrist is out of the way and hands me a plate. I’ve gone so long without eating that the sight of food simultaneously makes my stomach squeeze and a wave of nausea pass through me.

I try to hand it back to him but Wyatt’s not in any kind of fun mood.


I’m not sure what to do – or say – because there’s a lot. I want to address my actions but I don’t even know the first place to start. Besides, I’ve already put myself out there again and again – when Wyatt’s in these unpredictable moods there’s a chance I’ll get completely rejected.

One thing I know for sure; all I care about is Wyatt. How he saved me. How he likes me more than any other person in the world.

I risk a glance up at him and he’s focused on a spot on my plate.

“Hurry up.”

So I take one small bite after the other of chewy venison, debating how it’s even possible things became like this. But I can’t blame it solely on one thing or another… I can barely remember what it was like with Wyatt two days ago. It seems like I’ve been stuck here with him for an eternity – but that’s crazy. I have a home… a family… a brother –

“Dax!” I say suddenly – urgently – reminded of him for the first time today. The panicked way I say it has Wyatt’s immediate attention. His blue eyes land on mine and they’re ridiculously firm. “We – you – didn’t look for him today what if –”

“Calix, I’m not going to look for your brother anymore,” he says, delivering this brutal news like it’s nothing more than unarguable fact.

“Wh-what? I thought you were going to help me, Wyatt! You promi—”

“It’s a waste of time,” he interrupts. Wyatt never lets me finish. It’s annoying, but as much as I hate it I’m still reeling with how badly I need him. Noticing my lack of argument, he continues into an explanation. “It’s better if I’m here, right? You don’t want me gone all the time, do you?”

“Well – no…”

“I can help you get better, faster,” he says. “In a few days we’ll be at that tower.”

There’s an odd sort of sensation filling me at the reminder that Wyatt’s helping to get me off this mountain. Looking at it one way, it was so completely reckless to grab him and make-out with him. I shouldn’t get so attached over something temporary but in my defense, this whole thing with Wyatt feels less fleeting, and more like it’ll last forever.

Maybe Wyatt can read the worrisome look on my face because he finally lets his shoulders relax a little and takes a seat next to me with a cup of water in his hand. “Don’t look so stressed about it,” he advises. “You need to see a real doctor and your parents will be glad you’re okay. It’s a good thing – even I have to remind myself – so until then we’ll keep each other company.”

I take the cup he’s offering and hand back the half-eaten strips of meat to Wyatt. He places them down for Canuck before turning back to me and making sure I drink every last drop.

His eyes are warmer than usual and I can’t take these fond moments for granted. With my heart pounding, I ask him something that’s been gnawing in the back of my mind for a while.

“Wyatt, do you like me?”

It catches him off guard a little bit but then he gives a slow smile. “I guess.”

I can’t expect much more from a guy who went without human contact for so long, but my foot finds his on the ground and I slide mine over it as I prompt him for details.

“It doesn’t always seem like it…”

He’s up for the game of footsie, getting the advantage impossibly quick and holding mine under his with a little too much strength. “I mean, you’re a spacey, spoiled brat but you’re also honest and shit – so cute, Calix. I don’t even know how that’s possible. I thought I was crazy… I thought I’ve been on this mountain too long…”

Call me vain, but I want him to go on.

“Cute? Like how?” There’s a small pause before I continue. “If you say like a puppy…” I warn, testing to see if I can wiggle my foot yet.

He offers a wide smile and it’s all I can focus on. “Just… everything I guess…” he shrugs lamely. But I’ve had enough of his wishy-washy responses. It’s time he learned he’s not alone anymore; he has to start using words again.

“Come on, try harder than that,” I plead.

Wyatt’s eyes lock with mine and he slides a hand through my hair. “Prime example,” he says, referring to my wide-eyed look that implores him to indulge me. “These eyes of yours are really something. Like green in the middle… brown around the edges. When you cry, or get upset, they get really dark… I think you’re used to getting what you want – you’re a master at it.”

This makes me smile despite myself. I didn’t know he was observing me to the finest detail.

“What else?”

“You’re super soft all over,” he continues. “Your hair… skin… it’s unreal. It feels way too good to touch you. I get carried away before I know it.”

I get charged at the thought. “It just feels soft because your hands are so rough,” I comment, bringing mine up to the one he has in my hair. “This is normal.”

“Maybe,” Wyatt allows, but I know he’s not even close to accepting my argument. I keep staring at him until he continues. “Geeze, there’s a lot Calix. We’ll be here forever.”

“Try me.”

“Okay… you’re cuddly, with a great body –” I have to let out an incredulous laugh at this. He’s totally insane if he thinks I’m the one with the great body… “Great legs…” Wyatt strokes his hand down the good one for emphasis. My heart is a rioting mess. I want to kiss him again but get weak at the thought. Besides, it’s his turn to sweep me away. “For someone so afraid of being eaten alive, you’re actually kind of brave and even if it can set me off sometimes, I really admire that. You’re talented, thoughtful –”

Yeah, at this rate, he’s never going to kiss me. I have to tilt his bearded jaw in my direction before he gets a clue and even then I still have to lean forward before he finally takes my lips.

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