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Chapter 14: Princess & Sweetheart

11:06 PM MST

Wyatt takes care of cleaning us up. He wipes me down with a rag even though I’m barely functioning and feel like all of my energy has been zapped from me. Basically I’m a helpless vegetable. When he’s dealt with the sticky mess as best as he can, he mutters a “fuck it” out-loud and then helps me crawl under the covers.

The fire inside the cabin is dying quickly and Canuck is curled up in his corner, looking like he’s sleeping. I want to reach out to him and pet him again – make him feel wanted and secure – but with no energy and with Wyatt pulling me into a little spoon position, I can’t be bothered. I’ll just make it up to him tomorrow.

Though, as heavy as my exhaustion seems to be, getting to sleep proves to be difficult. There are so many things to wonder about, it’s hard to keep track.

I wonder if Wyatt is aware just how good looking he is. There’s absolutely no way he doesn’t see it, but that beard hides a lot. He’s so humble; for all of his alpha crap. Plus he’s amazing at everything he does…

I wonder if he actually likes me, as much as I like him, or if he’s just dealing with it for my sake. Instead of this being a depressing thought, it’s kind of exhilarating. It makes me want to try even harder – get him to fall for me so bad he won’t function without me.

Yeah, my head is filled with Wyatt. How funny he is – how strong he is – how cute he gets when he laughs. He’s overbearing, stubborn, and brash but also caring… gentle when he tries… sweet…

I spend several minutes trying to engrave the details of his face into my memory. Then, before I know it, I’m fast asleep.


I wake up in the middle of a semi-wet dream that was just starting to feel good.

Honestly I have no idea what time it is. It’s pitch-black inside the cabin and I debate checking my watch – but for once in my life I decide against it. My brain is groggy and unfocused as the need for sleep encourages me to shut my eyes once more.

But then a noise to my left successfully startles me and I become aware that Wyatt’s weight is no longer at my back.


As I sit up, the sound of shuffling feet answers me and he crouches beside the bed.

“What is it? You thirsty?”

Somehow he already has a cup in his hands but I figure getting up to grab a glass of water isn’t that out of the ordinary. Still, my heart is pounding like crazy. For half a second, I worried he was gone. My chest tightened considerably…

I manage to push aside the girlish thoughts.

I am thirsty – terribly, in fact – so I take the cup from him and drink in steady gulps before handing it back empty. He gets up to put it away, not entirely lost in the darkness of the small kitchen. I watch as he puts on his jacket – which I tell myself is just because it’s cold in the cabin – but then, when he goes to put on his boots, I lose it.

“Wh-where are you going?”

“Just outside,” he answers simply.

The anxiety is awful. I hate the way it pulls my stomach out from under me, making me sick…

“You’re not coming back to bed…?”

I must sound as pathetic as I feel because my words stop Wyatt from tying up his laces. He takes a few heavy-footed steps towards me and then crouches low again.

“Don’t be so cute,” he admonishes – though I can tell by that tone that he’s in a great mood. It lightens my heart a little bit. “You want a goodbye kiss or something?” I actually want it more than anything. He runs his thumb over my lips, plants an exaggerated smooch onto them, then attempts to stand up and finally leave.

I stop him by pulling the sleeve of his jacket.

“Don’t go just yet… can’t it wait?”

“No – I need to get started,” he begins.


“All this time I’ve been trying to figure out how we’re going to get you and your gibbled leg to that tower – well I just had the best idea, Calix!” It’s clear he’s excited, but the more he talks, the more my heart sinks. “I’m going to build a sled and drag you there myself.”

I know Wyatt is pausing for effect. I don’t need to see his face clearly to know how bright his eyes are shining. Honestly, it’s a fantastic idea, but I’m still reeling with the impression that he wants me gone as soon as possible… which is a tough pill to swallow.

He continues despite my silence.

“Gonna be a lot of work, but I’ll be done before you know it.”

On top of this, I’m expected to be happy that he’ll be busy. All I’m hearing is that he won’t have time for me. I suck in my lip – afraid that if I pout or complain Wyatt will just get upset. His hand runs through my hair and suddenly I’m resting against the pillow again.

“Go back to sleep, alright?”

The bitter look I cast at his retreating back goes undetected. I’m so angry… sad… betrayed… that it almost makes my hands shake. I should have reminded him about Finders Keepers.

But I can’t fight fire with fire. Wyatt would just snap at me… shun me… punish me…

After a few nail-biting moments of frantically searching my deep thoughts, I come to the conclusion that I’ll simply have to distract him from this project as best as I can.

9:00 AM MST

My alarm rings and Canuck starts frantically licking at my face. By the time I’ve pushed him away, I’ve opened my eyes to take in my surroundings.

I can’t even bother to wonder where Wyatt is because the cabin door is wide-open and he does that when he’s just outside. Canuck forces himself into my line of vision and then ejects his tongue happily when I make eye contact.

Right – I was going to make it up to him…

“Good morning Canuck!” I sing, sitting up and smiling. The gravity emphasizes an urgent need to pee but I’m taking things one step at a time. My attention is on the wolf as he lifts his paws to the mattress – something I don’t advise when Wyatt’s around – and gives me a curious sniff around the mouth while I scratch under his chin. “Bad breath?”

I blame his blank yellow eyes on the language barrier then push him off and set a foot on the ground. As soon as I even put any weight on it, Canuck scares me with a heart-seizing bark.

“Ssh!” I hiss, glancing nervously to the door. I want to do this myself. I can brush my teeth, go to the bathroom, and prove to Wyatt I’m better; there’s no rush to get me home… I want to stay with him a little bit longer.

Canuck barks at me two more times – like it’s a game – and oddly enough I don’t feel like playing with him anymore when Wyatt comes in a second later. His blue eyes scan the way my foot is hitting the floor before taking in his wolf panting and staring at him expectantly.

“Good boy Canuck!” Wyatt praises, petting the traitor behind his ears. “Barking because you know Calix shouldn’t be up? Such a good boy!”

Reinforcing it like that… I barely manage rolling my eyes as Wyatt rewards Canuck for his behaviour. If I’m not allowed to leave the bed how can I distract him properly?

“What’s up?” Wyatt asks finally, standing to his full height and staring down at me. “Need to piss?”

9:12 AM MST

Wyatt walks me over to what I have dubbed the “Toilet Trees”.

9:18 AM MST

He starts making breakfast – which is venison, again, and judging by the size of the deer I’m expecting to be having it for the next few meals as well.

9:34 AM MST

Wyatt hands me food and water like the capable provider he is.

9:42 AM MST

I eat slowly while thinking of ways to get him to stick around for a bit.

9:53 AM MST

He snaps at me to finish already.

10:02 AM MST

Just as Wyatt’s done cleaning and is about to head back outside, I try to stop him.

“Can I brush my teeth now?”

10:06 AM MST

Wyatt’s finished brushing his teeth already, but I continue scrubbing – milking every second.

10:08 AM MST

After stuffing everything away he turns to leave and once more I instinctively reach out and stop him.

“Huh? What is it now?” he asks, turning back to me. Judging by his tone, it’s more than obvious he’s done babysitting. Remembering how much of a burden I am triggers a terrible stinging sensation behind my eyes… I must look as hurt as I feel because those blue eyes soften after he gives a deep sigh. “Hey, I didn’t mean it like that.” Crouching so we’re face to face he pulls my lips to his and his kiss effectively erases all of my gloom. “I meant, whatever can I do for you, Princess?”

I can’t help the smile because he’s obviously joking and still being an asshole, but it works in brightening my mood even more. I get caught up – suddenly elated – and kiss him again just because I can. He lets me wrap my arms around him and hug tightly – burying my face into his neck.

“Don’t leave me alone all day,” I beg before I can reign in the desperate words.

“Just relax. I’ll be right outside if you need me.” I want to tell him I need him all of the time. Every second. I open my mouth to just let the words come out but he keeps going. “Besides, there’s nothing stopping you from joining me. I can bring a chair out…”

Sitting out in the sun and watching Wyatt work doesn’t sound very interesting; but it’s better than lying on a dusty old bed in a stuffy cabin and staring at the walls.

“Can’t we go to the hot spring?” I suggest instead.

Wyatt shakes his head almost immediately. “No – it’s too far…”

“Please?” I insist. “My leg felt so good after.” I can see his arguments crumbling – he knows this statement is true. There’s quite a difference in letting a leg soak than applying hot rags one at a time.

“Just have some vodka if the pain’s too bad,” he dismisses finally.

The thought of that disgustingly potent alcohol in its clear jar makes my stomach turn and I shake my head urgently. “That stuff is gross! C’mon Wyatt, please?”

“I said no, alright? Drop it.”

10:16 AM MST

Wyatt is carrying me piggy-back style to the hot spring.

I’m practically exploding with happiness against his back. I dig my nose into his jacket and use the arms wrapped around his neck to squeeze tightly.

It’s amazing that for once I got my way. All I had to do was win a staring contest.

His loss; he’s way too weak to puppy dog eyes.

10:51 AM MST

Almost out of breath, Wyatt sets me down in front of the cave.

“Give me the watch,” he says as I pull Daxton’s T-shirt off. Momentarily confused, I just blink slowly at him and he makes a “hurry up” gesture with his hand.

I have to take it off before getting into the water anyway, so I remove the strap from my wrist and hand it over to him. As soon as it’s in his palm he turns on the spot and throws it as hard as he can into some bushes.

“What – why’d you –?!”

I can barely get the words to come out right and when I start heading towards the bushes to find it, Wyatt grips my upper arm and stops me.

“I told you plenty of times to stop looking at that thing and guess what you’re doing all fucking morning?”

Maybe he’s upset that I somehow managed to argue my way to this hot spring. As I stare at him and consider fighting about the watch, I find that there’s really no desire to do so. I don’t even care about it as much as I do about getting Wyatt naked.

“Okay,” I agree, not hiding how amused I am watching his blue eyes open wide in surprise. He probably expected a fight – wanteda fight – and he’s at a total loss when I start limping past him into the cave.

He follows me inside and it’s like I can feel him staring a hole through me. I don’t mind as I immediately start stripping off my clothes. I can finally get out of these sticky, awful and embarrassing shorts! I toss them over my shoulder to Wyatt so he can deal with them and rush into the hot water.

It’s so incredibly soothing. The heated water feels like heaven against my skin and I almost forget about Wyatt losing all of his clothes until he’s made it in as well.

I try not to concentrate on the fact that just yesterday he was on the opposite end of the hot spring and now he’s so close he would lose a game of Marco Polo.

“Happy now?” he asks bitterly, cupping some hot water in his hands and splashing his bearded face with it.

He’s just so incredibly hot I can’t pull my eyes away. I nod at his question and break a smile to emphasize that I’m extremelyhappy; spending time with him is the best thing in the world.


After we wash up, I silently try to gather all my courage to kiss Wyatt – really kiss him. No pecks; no smooches. Basically I want to force his mouth open and fuck it with my tongue…

But he’s got some kind of sixth sense for my deplorable thoughts. Before I can even paddle my way over, Wyatt suddenly stands up to get out of the spring. It doesn’t feel like we’ve been here very long – but how would I know? I struggle not to whine or complain. After all, I think I’ve tested Wyatt’s limits far enough today.

I try to form a quick plan to continue distracting him for the day but when I get out, dripping wet head to toe, and Wyatt hands me a brand new pair of shorts, I lose focus.

“What? Why’d you ruin another pair?” I ask to his turned back. He ignores me as he slides on some underwear that I’m sure is Dax’s. They’re tighter than the boxers I’ve seen him wear. I continue with a mutter before I can help it. “You’re a fucking pervert.”

“Yeah well, takes one to know one. Hurry up and get dressed.”


We arrive back at the cabin.

I’ve endured the whole piggy-back ride in almost complete silence because – truthfully – I’m a little bit upset that Wyatt ruined my plans to make out with him. On top of that, he’s got this shitty attitude. Ever since he threw my watch away. It’s clear he’s frustrated and wants to take it out on me somehow but I just have to give him absolutely no reason to snap.

That’s why annoying him with questions or conversation is a bad idea.

The best way to get what I want is playing to Wyatt’s weaknesses. Like his jealousy.


After convincing Wyatt I want to hang outside with him, I take a seat on a chair he’s dragged out from the cabin and call for Canuck.

I’ll forgive him for tattling on me earlier if he plays along for a little bit.

The wolf’s ears perk up immediately and he races towards me with his tongue hanging out. I exaggerate the high pitch in my voice and reach out to pet him. “Good boy – good boy! So happy! You want to play?”

Out of the corner of my eyes I watch Wyatt pick up a rusty old saw and start working it through a log. If my plan is working, I’m not really sure but at the very least I’m bonding with Canuck. And he looks really happy. His tail is wagging excitedly and his yellow eyes are focused and alert. He gives a playful bark as I pick up a twig on the ground and throw it.

Obviously he’s never played fetch before because he simply follows it with his eyes, watches it land, and then throws me a curious look.

“Go get it!” I sing, shooing him to the stick with my throwing hand. He tilts his head before sniffing and licking at it. When I pull it back, he just follows me and lifts up onto the chair. “Hey hey, get down,” I command weakly, breaking into a laugh when he licks my face. “Haha – get off – you gotta – aahh! – get the stick…”

A sharp snap rings through the air that freezes both of us – Wyatt doesn’t like it.

A second snap forces Canuck to the ground; his ears bending.

I can’t help but reach out and pet his head, avoiding what is for sure an intense look from Wyatt. Just petting seems to be okay because the sound of a saw slicing through wood picks back up and I breathe a sigh of relief. My heart is hammering again but Canuck headbutting my hand reminds me of his presence.

The look he’s giving me is almost like he’s wondering what he did wrong.

“Wyatt’s just grumpy,” I whisper so quietly it barely carries anything to it. “Sexual frustration,” I continue knowingly.

The wolf simply stares at me in that other-worldly way of his. It’s freaky sometimes – holding the eyes of such a powerful animal. I wonder what he’s thinking – what he thinks of me…

After several minutes combing fingers through his fur, Canuck settles at the foot of my chair.

I glance to Wyatt and catch him staring. Actually, our pupils don’t line up exactly – his are drawn a bit further south and I immediately look down. There’s no question he’s eyeing the way I have my good leg spread open.

Yep. Definitely a perv.


I pull him out of whatever fantasy is playing behind those blue eyes but when he finally looks at me, his brows knot tightly.

“On second thought, you should have that leg up. Go inside.”

“Wh-what? Where’d that come from?” I protest. “You said I could –”

“Inside. Now.” He points the tip of his saw to the cabin door in a threatening kind of way and I suck in a steady breath.

All kinds of stubborn thoughts want to fly out through my mouth. Why’s he such a coward? Why won’t he make a move on me? And why, if he’s so fucking frustrated, doesn’t he do something about it?

“Did you hear me?”

If he wants me to move, he’s going to have to do it himself.

“Aren’t you going to help me?” I spit angrily. “If my leg is sooo bad I can’t even sit here…”

He rips his saw one last time through the log before resting it on top and removing a pair of gloves. The way he approaches is almost menacing, but he’s gentle when pulling me to my feet.

“Canuck!” I call, but Wyatt snaps his fingers and the wolf stays put.

“He’s staying with me,” he says strictly.

“He gets to stay and I don’t?” I whine. “You’re always leaving me out—!”

“No I’m not,” he refuses as we enter the cabin. He tries tossing me to the bed but I cling to his forearm at the last second and my grip forces him to stay a bit longer. “Let go. You have to get some rest…”

I have to say something… do anything to make him stay… I hug him tight around his midsection and he loses a bit of fight.


I press my face into him. “Don’t do this!” I plead. “Let me outside, Wyatt. I’ll keep my leg up if you get me another chair!” Maybe it’s a bit hysterical but the way I’m speaking into his crotch masks a bit of that. “I don’t want to be left alone!”

“Okay okay,” he says finally. “Calm down.”

His hand runs through my hair and brings the ultimate relief of my anxiety. I feel it fly away, leaving me embracing him contentedly.

Being so close to his dick… I really want to get him hard. If he won’t make a move, then I have to. After all, it’ll help his bad mood. He’s probably been on edge for a while. But so have I – ever since that wet dream that got interrupted… I can’t get enough.

“What are you doing?” Wyatt asks finally.

I’m not even embarrassed at the way I’m nudging his package with my chin.

“Just thinking about this… in my mouth…”

His silence speaks for itself. I feel him harden underneath my cheek and it sends a blood rush of my very own straight south. Looking up at him as provocatively as possible isn’t that hard; it’s not a lie – I honestly want him in so many ways I can’t even begin to count them all…

“But that’s stupid – right?”

Expecting I have to provoke him a lot more to get him to come around, I’m surprised when his fingers entwine my hair. Wyatt tugs the dark locks lightly and forces my lips against the outline of his thickening member.

“I don’t think it’s that stupid,” he disagrees in a strikingly hot, on-board way.

This heart of mine might as well be out of my body, for all the good it’s doing me. Wyatt’s got that wild look about him again – his eyes are flashing with need…

This is the part where I get even with him for teasing me.

Honestly though, it’s hard to hold on to vengeful thoughts when you’re completely melting from inside out. Wyatt’s lifting his pelvis and forcing me to mouth at the denim. It’s rough on my lips compared to what I already know is the smooth skin of his cock –

“Are you kidding me?” Wyatt asks just as I’ve closed my eyes; consumed on pretending to engulf him. He sounds mad – but maybe it’s just disbelief. The hand in my hair pulls me back just enough so he can work at the button of his jeans and once more my heart starts leaping violently out of my control. “You’d better not be…”

“I’m not,” I say sincerely.

This flips Wyatt’s switch. Next thing I know, he’s pulling a suddenly really hard cock out between the flaps of his boxers. He doesn’t make it very easy to tease him – being so ready to whip out his dick and press it to my lips – but it’s the best feeling in the world watching his eyebrows lift in an expression of complete ecstasy as I open my mouth and slide my tongue all over the tip of his cock.

I’m not expecting to win Blow Job of the Year or anything. I’ve never done this before and will more than likely be terrible at it… but that shameless look on Wyatt’s face is very encouraging. He softly teases the roots of my hair as I twirl my tongue along his swollen cockhead and pull a bit more of him into my mouth – cheeks hollowing.

It tastes really salty – so much that it’s triggering all of my saliva glands. I start drooling on his dick and when I feel him hit my throat I have to pull it out or I’ll choke.

He could very easily force it back in, but Wyatt’s frozen stiff as I admire the shining underside of his cock. I flatten my tongue and lick his shaft as slowly as possible – zig-zagging wet muscle along the hardened vein. This forces some precum out of his slit and I can’t help dipping my tongue into it gently.

“How is it?” Wyatt asks from above with a dreamy kind of voice.

I can’t really talk because I’ve taken him back into my mouth, but I give a soft ′mmm′ that vibrates along the length I’m working at. His blue eyes hit the ceiling momentarily and I shift in my seat – way too turned on giving this dude head.

"Fucking hot… Calix, holy shit…”

Fingers lose their grip in my hair as I start bobbing. Wyatt lets me settle into a rhythm where I take nowhere near enough of his hard dick between my lips before sliding it back out. I’m tingling from head to toe just pleasuring him and when I stare up into his face – totally unblinking – I hope I get across my own fierce desires.

Staring at him just makes his cock twitch in my mouth; hot precum spills over my tongue as I recklessly consider taking this dick deeper in my throat. Opening my jaw a bit wider, I manage another inch without triggering my gag reflex. The effect this has on Wyatt is immediately gratifying because he groans out loud and then pulls in a sharp breath. I can see his stomach tightening… his abs defined as if he’s holding himself back just pounding into my throat.

“It’s so—good… Calix…”

Something like lightning shoots down the core of my body; it’s hot and electric and makes it so I can’t stand it any longer. I hold the base of Wyatt’s dick with one hand and work at my shorts with the other as I slide his wet member all over my tongue.

The best part is watching Wyatt enjoy it so much.

I take it in like a sponge as I learn different tongue movements yield different reactions. When I pull him out to kiss and mouth at his dick, his teeth dig into his bottom lip. When I pull him to the back of my throat, his eyes shut tight.

I can’t even properly touch myself because I’m so caught up in everything else; caught up in making him cum.

Wyatt gives a long groan as I start bobbing again. His hands find my hair and I’m not sure if he’s even aware what he’s doing when he holds me still and starts force-feeding, pulling out and sliding back in on his own. His eyes are unfocused as he watches his dick disappearing, and I know he’s close with the way he’s twitching and pulsing along my tongue.

I don’t mind him taking control of the pace and thrusting into my mouth. It doesn’t stop me from holding the base of his shaft and giving small jerks to help him get off faster. His pleasure is contagious… I feel like every inch of my body is stinging with ecstasy just pulling sweet noises from his mouth.

"Nnngh mmm… sweetheart ––” He stares down – flushed totally red – and I almost jizz everywhere. Wyatt’s never called me that before; his sweetheart. “I wanna cum inside – your fucking hot little mouth.” The growl indicates his bearded jaw is clenched and he’s close to snapping.

I moan on his dick – tongue uselessly trying to keep up with the way he’s working it through my lips. Sweetheart.

“Gonna let me?”

I try nodding as he slides out. His eyes flutter for a brief second and he lets out a deep, shaky breath.

"Hha – fucking right… get ready –”

Blood is pounding in my temples. The way Wyatt said sweetheart is echoing on repeat and drowning out everything else. I’m not paying very much attention to the way he’s fucking my mouth until he hits the back of my throat and holds himself there.

I start choking and gagging immediately. I’m not ready to deep-throat anything but Wyatt wants me to so it’s somehow fine. Eyes water as he triggers my gag reflex, but then I feel his cock spasming and the lack of oxygen emphasizes spine-tingling pleasure that’s quickly pushing me past the point of no return. I let it wash over me – let the drool collect around my lips and spill over because I can’t swallow anything back…

“Yes… nnghso good – Calix, I’m cumming—!”

He doesn’t really need to tell me since he’s already shooting down my throat.

Wyatt’s release is burning hot. I feel every squirt – every fucking drop – as it sticks in my esophagus. I try not to break eye contact with him but I’m riding some pretty intense highs of my own; vision blurring around the edges – endorphins releasing from my oxygen starved brain and rushing through me. It’s a combination of all the most tremendous sensations that end up forcing my own orgasm in a limp-wristed hand.

When he finally pulls out, I’m so light-headed I feel like I’m going to pass out. He lets me fall against the mattress before attempting to straighten me out and lift my legs up. Then he leans over and presses soft, bearded kisses all over my face as he cleans me up. Finally his lips find mine and he kisses me so sweetly I have to lift a weak hand to his hair, pulling softly to get him climbing onto the bed.

He pulls me into a snuggle – something I wanted all day – and puts his lips to my ear after noticing my smile. “You’re something else, eh?”

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