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Chapter 17: Love & Trust

At first, Wyatt doesn’t move an inch as I try and get him to wake up and kiss me, but then – when he suddenly springs into attack-mode – I realize he’s just been playing dead. Blue eyes light and he gives a roar like he’s acting the big bad wolf again.

All it tells me is that he’s in the mood to horse around, and a delighted noise escapes me at his attention. I love it when he’s playful.

He lifts me up, hooks me under the ass – holding it tight in one hand while his other wraps my back – and then he flips me to the mattress in one exaggerated, gentle, body slam. Wyatt’s so cute... his blue eyes are squinted from his huge, loveable grin. White teeth stick out in the mass of hair around them, and then I realize they’re headed right for me as he leans in.

“Wait! You win, you win!”

Too late.

He tickles me until I’m crying and then leaves a trail of non-bites that set my nerves on fire. My heart is hammering hard against the lump in my throat he’s currently scraping teeth along. Wyatt goes lower and lower. His hand travels to my side, pulling my shirt up with a hooked thumb until it comes clean off – then he whips it to the ground.

Those eyes light again when they meet mine and electricity passes between us. I’ve never really seen that destructively sexy look on his face because I’ve always been the one forcing things. Meeting those dangerous, seductive blue eyes, I feel the shock to the core of my body. It lights every pore on fire and it’s as if the fine hair on my arms are rising, not because of goosebumps, but because of some kind of magnetic pull between us.

The sensation sends an urgent heat south and I give a silent thanks to the mountain gods that I found Wyatt. Being with him is so natural – so freeing – that I think it’s all meant to be. Everything I went through to get here was simply because I’m destined to be with him for the rest of my life. I’m so absolutely sure of that one thing.

There are no concerns and no worries, and at the moment? No threats to the pack dynamic. It makes it easy to lose ourselves.

As he leans in to attack again, I let out a small, “ow!” which does the trick. His face falls immediately and he glances down towards my leg to see what the issue is but when he looks back at me I can’t help laughing. “Gotcha.”

“So that’s how you wanna play?” Wyatt asks in a warning tone that isn’t so scary when he uses it with a smile.

I sit up and attempt to pin him. Wyatt allows me to push him down, and climb back on top of him.

“Bad doggies don’t get to play.”

I say it in as disciplinary voice as I can manage, but Wyatt’s fake whine is such a good impression of a dog’s that I feel my cheeks give with a smile.

Then we collide in an urgent kiss that has us both frantically grabbing at each other. It’s animalistic, and his desire is so validating… it reassures me that he wants me just as badly and it’s exactly what I need; I don’t want to be alone.

I deepen the kiss, twist my tongue in his mouth, and let loose all kinds of satisfying noises that drive Wyatt wild. And when I get him going, he turns into a sex-starved, beast of a man; stronger than I think he realizes.

He cups, grips, and squeezes my ass, and I don’t bother telling him it hurts. I just get even with Wyatt by breaking the kiss and rolling the skin under his ear between my teeth. I love being on top – chest to chest – face to face with him as he forces our bodies closer with another hard pull of his hands.

Wyatt’s breathing is ragged. He’s excited. After I test his limits with another bite, he turns the tables on me and starts sucking and chewing my ear; beard tickling me whether he knows it or not. But it’s a tickle that sends electric tingles right down to my toes.

“You really know how to – get me hot Calix…” he breathes into my ear.

“It’s… not that… hard,” I mutter back.

He exhales a small laugh into my ear and drags his palm south down my good thigh. “Fucking love these legs,” he comments using that husky growl that somehow makes my balls squeeze and forces precum through my member. ”Love them,” Wyatt repeats. “I want to spread them wide open, Calix…”

I’m not even sure what that means but I find myself nodding agreeably to what he’s saying. All I’m hearing is that he loves me. My fingers are lost in his beard – holding his jaw to my ear so he never stops speaking into it and Wyatt tongues the outer-shell and teases as if he’s going to dip it in and make me melt completely.

“Then what?” I encourage his imagination by attempting to spread my legs wider on either side of him and he brushes the tips of his fingers along my inner thigh, giving a tiny groan as I grind against him. “What – hh – after you spread them…?” Suck me off, I hope.

Wyatt finally thrusts his tongue deep in my ear and I feel my body set fire. Only when he forces a pleasurable moan from my lips does he pull back and speak intimately.

“I wanna fuck you, sweetheart.”

His voice is unrecognizable – a dark kind of murmur that freezes me. Wyatt takes control simply forcing my body back and forth in a slow grind, going into further detail, spreading kisses along my neck as I remain stunned.

“I wanna put it in – so bad, Calix – make you mine… it’s getting hard to hold back.”

He loses it and grinds into me so roughly I think my dick will burn raw against the denim. His hips are lifting off the mattress and he’s slamming his tented crotch against me like he wants to do it right this second.

Somewhere in the back of my mind – all along – I knew it would come to this. I naively resigned myself to it. After all, I’d rather have sex with Wyatt than never see him again. But now, in the heat of the moment… I’m terrified. There’s no way his dick will fit inside me – and oh my god… what will it even feel like? I’ve never played with it, but my asshole doesn’t seem like a very fun place to stick something that big.

A million thoughts that are supposed to be long gone under Wyatt’s influence take over. They annoyingly grab my attention and pull me in crazy directions. I imagine the scene Wyatt’s painted; my legs are spread alright – and he’s fucking me like some pornstar on the internet. Fast… hard… so deep his cock disappears completely.

Ow – ow – ow.

I pull back from him as the instinct to save my ass comes over me but Wyatt is as strong as ever and he keeps me still by holding me down. His eyes meet mine, those brows sink dangerously, and I know he can read me like a book.

“Don’t you want to?”

My brain implodes as I desperately grasp for the right answer – put on the spot. I love Wyatt, and I trust him but… “N-not yet.”

One bushy brow arches. “You gotta be joking,” he says with a look on his face that tells me he’s not necessarily shocked by the information, but can’t believe it anyway.

It pisses me off and I grind hard just to make him wince with pleasure. Maybe if he valued me more… maybe if he gave in to this connection between us and said he loved me too… then I could give myself to him completely.

Who am I kidding, though? Acting like some teenage girl… I don’t think I’ll ever be ready to lose my virginity like this.

With a sudden, striking thought, I start shuffling down his body. The best way to put an end to this conversation is to distract him and I know all of Wyatt’s weaknesses by now. The double combination of puppy eyes and moving my mouth towards his cock is enough that he drops the subject and starts unzipping his fly.

My actions don’t even come across as slutty in my mind. Sure, here I am between Wyatt’s legs, eagerly meeting his stiff cock with my tongue. But it’s more than that. I just want to see him in pleasure… I want to give him something he can’t get on his own. I desperately and deplorably need him care about me forever. And I love the powerful feeling I get when I flick at his swollen head – zig-zag all over his glans – and make him lose all the ways he’s holding himself back.

Wyatt moans immediately and his dick twitches against my lips as I tease him with slow kisses. I smooch and lick my way up from the base to the tip, just worshipping his cock for the time being.

“Calix – c’mon – suck it…”

He pets me, and there’s a bit of force behind the way he pushes my head down to meet his member. But his voice is nice on the ears… I obey by pulling his sticky mess between my lips and sucking like I mean it.

The heat is unreal as I bob along the veiny flesh of his dick and taste precum flowing over my tongue. I gulp it back and open my mouth, sticking my tongue out flat to give Wyatt a real show. His blue eyes focus on the way I slide his tip against every single taste bud before getting completely engulfing him — and he mutters a bunch of profanities that make my own dick ache so bad I can’t stand it. I need relief so much it’s starting to hurt… so my free hand works my zipper open.

“Take those off,” Wyatt says, drawing my attention – my eyes – right up to meet his. At a glance I know he’s serious, so I pop off and work quickly to remove my shorts. Before I take the same position, he motions for me to come closer.

I give him a blank look, but Wyatt just pulls me by the arm, forcing me to shuffle up his body, and then he grins up at me while giving his hand a spin like I should do the same. I think I know where he’s going, and it’s not surprising that I’m on board.

Wyatt helps move my bad leg as I struggle with turning on his chest but then I’m back facing his cock, with my own hanging dangerously close to his mouth.

I can’t help but tuck my chin to my neck and look under me with bated breath. I was absolutely sure Wyatt wasn’t ready to do anything like this yet, but he gives me a stupidly gorgeous upside-down smile.

“Slacker,” he accuses, thrusting his hips enough that his cock nearly pokes me in the eye. I hold it by the base and ease some of the length into my mouth, squirming excitedly in anticipation.

Wyatt’s the slacker though. He takes his sweet fucking time teasing me with two fingers; sliding them up and down either side of the long vein that’s got me stiffer than ever. As I’m working his cock through wet lips, my heart hangs in suspended anticipation. I’m so fucking excited; I’m aching for him. I want in his warm mouth – his lips wrapped around me

Instead, Wyatt leaves a teasing trail of kisses along my length that make my dick twitch and then he spreads my cheeks apart. It happens so quick, I don’t have time to react until Wyatt’s already rolling his tongue along my crack.


My protest comes off muffled because as I attempt to pull off him and voice my concerns, Wyatt simply thrusts up off the bed and forces his cock to the back of my throat.

Adrenalin and fear mix with the blood that’s pumping way too fast through my heart. The rush is so intense that I get dizzy…

Just as I take my mouth off Wyatt’s dick for real, he presses his warm tongue against my entrance and forces it in with a hard jab.

“That’s – gross – Wyatt don’t!”

I turn my head around frantically and try twisting away but Wyatt holds tight – hands gripping either side of my ass firmly – and doesn’t let me move an inch. He sticks his tongue deeper while shooting me a challenging ‘what-are-you-going-to-do-about-it’ look that makes me weaker than ever.

The sensation of a tongue up my ass is strange, though a jolt of heat rolls through my cock anyway. It’s wet, warm and wriggly as Wyatt works the soft muscle in and out of me. I overheat; letting go of any fight because it doesn’t hurt… it just feels weird. Like every part of my body has been beaten – broken – and I’ve been left with no muscle control or pain.

Ugh… whatever. I just have to make him cum and then he’ll be done. I try pushing past the bizarre feeling and I turn my attention back to his dick. Just as I open my jaw wide, Wyatt really goes at it and I struggle again as he digs his mouth in.

It makes my whole body so incredibly hot that I debate the idea I have onset fever.

I slump over – cheek pressing against Wyatt’s cock and he rubs it against me distractedly. I’m so weak that I can barely close my fist on the blanket as he slurps away. The best part is when he pulls me by the hips – rocks me onto his tongue in a slow rhythm – then reaches underneath me to jerk me slowly; way too softly…

I’ve never felt so sensitive. Combined with the heat, I nearly lose my damn mind and cum everywhere.

I moan against Wyatt’s crotch because I can’t help it, and he stops just to make fun of me.

“I think you like it,” Wyatt says with a wolfishly smug smile. I don’t even look back at him to confirm – I hear it all in his voice.

“That’s not – not it –!” I deny, but I don’t know what the hell’s going on, even. My whole cock is tingling. The pleasure is making me confused and it’s distracting enough already in my mind without more thoughts adding to it. Plus this is all so embarrassing…

“Oh yeah? Sounds like you’re scared that you like it so much,” he accuses.

I take complete offense and look back at him, outraged. “Do you want me to suck your dick or not?” I bite out.

“No,” he answers immediately – and it’s a shock. My jaw drops a little bit, but before I can even start he continues. “I told you what I want,” he returns, gripping my ass indicatively. “Just a little, Calix,” he pleads with a frustrated groan. “I promise I’ll make you feel really good.”


It’s like someone gave him a hammer. As I hold his eyes, I feel my challenge wavering from the blow of these words; it’s knocking down my defenses. Wyatt senses the upper hand immediately.

“I’ll stop when you tell me to...”

This isn’t as good of a bargain as the first.

“You’re supposed to do that anyway,” I counter, and he smiles way too seductively as he sits up – taking my words as some kind of consent. “W-wait!” I cry suddenly as he rolls out from under me. I hit the edge of the mattress but he pulls me back to the middle with a rough yank.

“Stay put,” he warns, walking away into the kitchen.

It’s humiliating and I debate moving just to spite his unnecessary command – but what else am I going to do? I’m so hard that I’m throbbing all over. The tensing, knotting ache in my balls is just getting worse and worse…

After washing his hands Wyatt comes back with a long, dark green bottle that I’ve seen him use before on the cast iron. It’s some kind of oil but I’m blissfully unaware of its purpose until he hands it to me to hold.

“This isn’t – you’re not going to use this, are you?” I ask, dumbfounded.

"Nooo,” Wyatt replies with so much sarcasm it’s insulting. “I just brought it over so we could look at it.”

I’m just about to tell him he doesn’t have to be such a jerk when he lifts me around the middle and forces me on my knees. I’ve been in this position before but it’s definitely not for show this time. I know very well that Wyatt is intending to dominate me for real.

“J-just slow down!” I break in a sudden panic, lifting my back up so it’s not in such an inappropriate dip.

"I’m going slow,” he growls, pushing my back into place and then reaching for the bottle in my hands. “Stay still.”

“You – you said you’d stop!” I remind desperately, stretching my neck to see if I can talk any sense into him whatsoever.

“Well you didn’t say ‘stop’, did you? Besides, I’m not even doing anything.” He gestures to his hands, paused mid-pour. “Calm down. You know I won’t hurt you Calix.”

If he did… it’d be an accident…

But it’s true he’s extremely capable and the risk of an accident occurring would depend on how much I’m moving around.

“Are you sure it won’t hurt?”

“I don’t know, Calix – geeze. I’ll try my best, eh? You gotta let me know if it does and I’ll stop. I promise.”

“Okay…” I mumble before I even realize it. Then I steel myself and clutch my hands tight into the crocheted blanket. Being gay is a thing, I convince myself. These gay guys… they do this all the time, right? It’s got to be good or else why the hell would they do it? And Wyatt’s like my mountain boyfriend or something – so it’s okay. It’ll be safe. It’ll be – “Ah!”

I jerk away immediately. Compared to the intense, warm tonguing I endured, the sensation of Wyatt smearing a bunch of cold oil on my ass is awful. Though I don’t get far because soon Wyatt’s back at it with slippery fingers.

“Stop moving,” he says.

“Easy for you to say!” I snap. “Maybe… I don’t think I want to do this anymore…“He’ll have to wrestle me… he’ll have to hold me down kicking and screaming. With a surge of anxiety, I try and crawl out from under him.

But then Wyatt changes tactics. Instead of force—

“Well I guess if this is how you’re going to be…” he sighs, dropping the bottle. “We won’t know what it’s like before you leave…”

This grabs my attention and I freeze, turning back to him again. “What—do you mean?”

“The sled’s almost done, Calix. We’re going to be leaving soon – maybe even tomorrow.”

I feel the weight of complete shock fall on me. “What?” I screech. “This is news to me you know!”

“Well it didn’t exactly come up.”

I’m a breath away from arguing that it won’t be the only chance. After all… Wyatt said he was going to keep me. Maybe when we’re reunited that will be the perfect time; really romantic and corny. But then just one look into those bright blue eyes and I know he’s got a point. If we’re both feeling caught up in the here and now, we need to just give ourselves completely to each other.Last chance we’ll get.

“Okay – okay okay okay,” I give in. “Fine… just… go slow…”

“I am – for the fucking hundredth time.”

I’m pretty sure that arguing at a moment like this isn’t exactly normal – at least, I’ve never seen it that way on TV. I try to keep my mouth completely shut as Wyatt repositions me back into place and spreads my legs open, which would be pretty embarrassing if it wasn’t for the fact that somewhere in the past few days I lost all of my shame.

To top it off, I’m still surprisingly hard. I lost a bit of the heat that was making me melt, but I still want to cum very badly. I need a release.

With slick fingers, Wyatt’s back at it. He’s using so much oil that I feel it dripping down my member. Although it’s cold at first, it warms up pretty quickly and I’m actually kind of thankful that Wyatt tongued me good beforehand. I’m sure if he just started touching my hole so intimately like he is now, I wouldn’t be able to hold still. But a part of me is already used to this sensation – or at least, I’m bearing with it for now – so I remain motionless as he rubs his finger around my ring in little circles.

Though I’m not as mentally prepared as I think I am and it’s obvious when Wyatt presses his oiled finger inside me and I tense up immediately.

“Relax,” he says, like it isn’t impossible. There’s a natural instinct to push this intrusion out of my body and resist it coming back. I hear rustling as he grabs the bottle again and the sensation of cold oil being poured inside me is super uncomfortable and I let out a terrible noise as it happens.

“Wyatt… have you done this before?” I ask even though I’m really not sure if I want to know…

“Yeah,” he says nonchalantly. “Not with a guy but like – same thing, eh? I’ll be careful so just focus on relaxing, Calix.”

Damn him and his stupidly wild sex experiences. Suddenly there’s a combination of jealousy of former lovers and relief that at least he knows what he’s doing… then again as time goes on I’m finding it harder and harder to believe he doesn’t knoweverything.

At first he’s slow, gentle, and everything he promised he’d be.

Then I’m shown what an out of control pervert Wyatt is when he forces my legs – even the bad one – apart further and goes through the roof with some excitement.

“Yes yes—oh my god… yes. Calix… I want you so bad.” He removes his oily fingers and starts beating off; but it doesn’t even matter because his words have me glowing. I want Wyatt too. Haven’t I this whole time? Isn’t it like right now my mountain dreams are coming true? Some of the fear and tension leave me. Quitting now isn’t an option. In Dax’s words, you either climb the rest of the way or risk falling.

His finger is back but it’s on a mission this time; poking and prodding around my slick ass until it breaches me. I wince at the sensation. It’s super uncomfortable, as you’d expect, and I tighten up immediately, forcing Wyatt to stop. I expect him to get angry – snap – tell me we’ll be here all day like this and he’s still got to make supper. Instead he just runs his free hand up and down my back encouragingly – finger paused completely until I slowly unclench.

“Good… relax just like that.”

The praise forces me to release the breath I’ve been holding without realizing it. And actually, there’s a lot less uncomfortable pressure now.

Wyatt works his greased digit deeper, which is just another sensation altogether. He stretches the walls of my ass like this is something he does every day. While he’s at it, I notice there’s a sensitive spot he’s not quite reaching properly. I dip the small of my back to get the angle just right and Wyatt finally digs in. The thrills that shoot through my cock are so intense that I shout in surprise and clench once more.

“What? Did I hurt you?” Wyatt rips his finger out at once and I take the chance to breathe and get myself together. Whatever he did left me quaking and he’s bothered about it. “Calix?”

“It just – felt weird…” I offer lamely.


Wyatt oils up once more and this time he tries to press two thick fingers inside me. The stretching hurts, but it’s nothing I can’t handle, so I bear with it just so I can feel him hit that spot again. It happened so suddenly before that I’m still not even sure if it was pleasure I felt; just a powerful concentration of nerves that had my balls squeezing, forcing me to drip all over Wyatt’s mattress.

“Shit – this is so hot,” he mutters behind me as he pulls his fingers in and out of my increasingly tender ass. I know I told him to go slow, but frustratingly enough I want him to stop messing around and just go deep again… “How’re you feeling, Calix?”

"Nn—um—I don’t… know…”

“Still weird?”

His fingers slide out and I feel cold oil filling me again. Then they’re back, twisting and forcing the slick liquid deep inside – and he’s unbearably close to the aching space that desperately needs contact. Despite the amount of oil we’re using, I still feel the roughness of Wyatt’s fingers. They feel raw as he thrusts them in and out of me, trying to get me ready. I imagine the heat of his smooth cock that I’ve so far only experienced with my hands and mouth – find myself wanting that instead…

Then my thoughts are pulled away abruptly as Wyatt finds the spot again and I experience a surge of pleasure.


“What? Here?”

Wyatt is such an asshole. He starts mashing his hooked finger into it over and over which makes me shake uncontrollably.

"Ahhh! Wait!” I shudder. “N-not so fast!”

He rips his fingers out and leaves me shaking – riding every wave of residual pleasure I can but somehow still not cumminng. If things don’t get on the road quickly, I’m going to burst. But I’m panting, drooling, and barely sensible as he pushes them back in slowly. I feel the stretch more than ever and it’s only when I whine that Wyatt starts to soothe me.

“Hold on… almost ready…” His fingers pick up speed, spinning and carefully avoiding the ultra-sensitive zone. “You’re so hot Calix... never – ever—wanted anyone this bad…”

He knows exactly what to say, so I push past the pain – something I’ve become a master at ever since getting my leg sliced open – and convince him to keep talking.


“Yeah… losing my fucking mind… over you…”

I grip the mattress because now Wyatt’s banging his fingers in and out of me so fast that it’s making me shake. I want to tell Wyatt he feels this way because he loves me… because he feels exactly like I do, no matter how hard he tries to deny it. But when I open my mouth the only things that come out are forced little noises I’ve never made before being spread open and finger-fucked.

Wyatt groans as he slams his thick digits in and out of me, then when he finally removes them for real I look back at him and experience a dizzying spin. He’s greasing up his cock. There’s no mistaking the way he’s fisting the oil all over his length.

My mind blanks like it so often does in Wyatt’s presence. I zero in on his dick and try not to go into cardiac arrest. Then he adjusts my position.

I thought it was embarrassing before? Wyatt forces my ass up as high as it will go and pushes my chest to the mattress in such an awful way that I protest.

“No,” I say with a tight throat. Wyatt presses his tip against me – ready to thrust in – but I squirm away. “Not like this, Wyatt, please… it’s awful…”

“This is the best way,” he insists, pulling me back. “It won’t hurt so much.”

“I don’t care about that!” Pain is easy to ignore. I shake my head furiously. “Please… I wanna see you and – hold you…”

I know he’s frustrated; I see it in the way his brows knot together. Though, after a very pleading look from me, he doesn’t argue it anymore and just helps me onto my back. “Watch your leg,” he mumbles as he lifts both of them by the ankle and hooks them over his shoulder. I definitely feel it in the cramped muscles of my leg and it hurts… but I’d rather die than admit that and be forced to my knees again.

Wyatt holds the ankle of my bad leg still, but his other hand grasps my hip and pulls hard so my ass bumps right against his cock. I swoon with a wave of absurd heat looking up at him and when those eyes meet mine I’m reminded what all this is for. I can see his desire. I know Wyatt’s serious – passionate. There’s another electric charge between us and after allowing me to take a deep breath, he eases in slowly.

I feel myself give to accommodate his girth – his dick is hot, hard, and fucking painful. But I see Wyatt’s face break with pleasure from the heat of being inside me and I reach out to grab the wrist of the hand that’s holding me steady, immediately feeling better.

“Oh my God…” he breathes as he enters. “Fucking finally…”

I whimper a bit as he forces his cock in, but then I urgently clamp my free hand over my mouth to stop the suddenly pathetic noises escaping. Even though I’m sure he used the entire bottle of oil, the friction between us is almost unbearable. I try my best not to tighten up on him but…

“Slow down,” I gasp as his willpower breaks and he gives an urgent thrust, sinking another inch into me past any resistance. ”Nn—ow… just… slow Wy—aahh—!”

He slides out and starts pumping slowly, cutting off any more of my protests.

“I’m gonna cum,” he warns, and I’m blown away. He only just started… and his dick isn’t even all the way in. For some reason I start to panic.

“Take it – take it out!”

Wyatt’s blue eyes break and narrow. Before I know it, his hand squeezes my jaw shut and he gets the next words across nice and clear in that fucking intense, alpha way. “I’m gonna cum, Calix,” he repeats. “It’s what you wanted, right sweetheart? To be mine? Say it.”

I whine, but manage to nod even with the tight grip he has on my face. ”Mmnnn! I want… I wa—”

He thrusts hard again and I gasp at how deep he goes. I have no choice but to brace myself as I feel Wyatt’s member throbbing inside me. I’m clamping down on his cock so hard I feel every movement whether I want to or not.

“Keep going.”

He starts pounding in and out of me and even though it’s only about half his cock, it’s really too much. I can barely gather enough air to breathe properly let alone speak. My words come out choppy and insensible as he bucks wildly.

“Wy-att—I – w-wan—nnn—ah! Be y-ours!” I reach out my hands for him – needing to feel his body against mine. He adjusts my legs so they’re wrapped around his torso instead of dangling off his shoulders and I secure a strong hold of his back.

He knows I’m scared and even though he looks like a complete beast hovering on top of me and rocking his hips, he manages to lean in and kiss me sweetly. Wyatt proves that he’s not just fucking me; he’s really trying to connect with me and give me what I wanted all along.

“So good… I can’t believe it Calix… you’re all mine?”


“I’m so – nngh— fucking lucky…”

His lips are warm and wonderful as they find my neck. The coarse hairs of his beard send shivers down my back and I find myself relaxing and adjusting to his movements already.

Wyatt tenses and groans right in my ear as he unloads inside me. I feel every pulse, every squirt, as burning hot cum fills me so deep the heat pools just below my stomach.

His breathing is uneven as he recovers and I find my fingers are dug into Wyatt’s back and I can’t find it in myself to let go. He doesn’t pull out; he just regains his loose hold of sanity and buries his mouth into my throat – sucking flesh so hard it pinches.

I nudge his head with mine and prompt him to put his mouth on mine instead and his kiss is just as raw… it’s almost violent the way he scrapes teeth over my lips to pull them apart. His tongue rolls against mine, making me drool, and damnit – he’s still hard as hell inside me. I don’t know if we’re done but Wyatt’s certainly not acting like it. I just want to cum. I just want to feel the bliss of intense pleasure taking me away from anything that’s not him.

I try to squirm off Wyatt’s dick but he nuzzles into me so sweetly I lose all control of my body.

“Not yet… Calix… one more time, okay?”

Wyatt doesn’t wait for a response. He lifts up and uses his still-oily hand to start stroking at my member. Despite all the pain and shock of our actions I’m still so helplessly hard – shuddering as he pumps me slowly and grinds his cock deep. But not deep enough to hit that fucking aching spot like before. I feel it just out of his reach.

Now that I’m used to it… the sex isn’t so bad. A lot of the pain is gone and Wyatt sensually touching me forces precum to basically gush non-stop from the slit of my tip. I feel the pleasure hit me in a confusing wave that makes me want to cry – it feels so good.

Then he picks up the pace and I lose myself for real.

I don’t know what kind of Calix I am anymore. One that takes it up the ass? One that’s completely brain-dead? I don’t know how to function when Wyatt works up a sweat fucking in and out of me, getting deeper – disturbingly close to that spot that’s somehowthrobbing.

In need of contact, I lift my hips up just a little and sure enough Wyatt sinks in and starts pounding that spot so good my head spins. It’s amazing. Tiny shocks of pleasure race through my cock; devastating sensitivity blankets my entire body. I feel an amazing tension in my balls building up and I want to let the floodgates open wide and just spill everywhere.

But I manage to hang on.

In the heat of the moment, drowning in pleasure – we say all kinds of horrendously loving things to each other. I tell Wyatt how much I need him and he tells me he’s never felt this way before. He tells me that I’m everything to him and he’s scared of losing what we have. I hold him tight. My fingers clutch so hard into his skin he hisses, but I tell him I don’t want to ever let go.

It’s crazy, incredible and totally mind-numbing.

A small voice in my head repeats that it can’t be happening, yet there’s nothing more real than Wyatt’s flesh against mine. I hold his eyes and squeeze his cock as he slides out, just to feel him, and he lets out a hot groan.

I can’t hold out any longer – I feel this amazing climax building beyond anything I can control. I barely have time to tell Wyatt I’m cumming before I start twitching uncontrollably.

He loves it. With a hard thrust he fills me with the heat of his entire cock.

“Yeah… fucking cum for me Calix… my dick feel that good?”


I grab my oversensitive member, screaming in ecstasy, holding eyes with him for as long as I can before the pleasure blurs my vision. I shut them so tight I see stars instead.

It’s absolutely euphoric. I didn’t know anything could feel this good. Every limb is jerking from the intensity of my orgasm. My climax seems to last forever. I don’t remember where it begins or ends just that Wyatt fucks me like a madman through it – filthy hot words spilling from his lips.

"Ahh… God. Calix – so tight… you’re gonna make me cum again,” he says in a husky whisper as wet, squishy noises fill the small cabin.

I barely hold onto Wyatt as he starts slamming into me. He fucks me way too hard… way too deep, but somehow I manage to take everything he gives me and my heart swells – mixing with this earth-shattering pleasure in ways I never knew possible.

With our bodies joined like this, I’ve never felt so safe, secure, and sure of anything in my life; this is where I belong.

I don’t even know what happens next. I’ve been fucked into oblivion or something and when I finally come back around Wyatt is lying on top of me, exhausted and heavy. My legs have fallen from their tightly locked position around his waist; although they feel numb, there’s a dull ache in the bad one that probably prompted me out of whatever stupor I was in anyway.

When I start to push Wyatt off he just breathes deep and kisses my collarbone.

“One more time…”

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