Pet: Genesis

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Chapter 8

Remus is evil. Pure and simple.

I look at my friend, her eyes vacant of any will. Margot now belongs to Remus, and he loves to remind me of that fact. He loves dangling her life in front of me. He loves the position of power I have put him in. I don’t know if Margot would have been better off in that facility, but I hate that she’s here like this.

“Iris. Eat.”

I jump at the sound of Remus’s voice. He’s sitting across from me at the table, his eyes focused on the electronic screen in front of him. He always seems to be focused on other things. It makes me wonder what kind of responsibilities come with his role in the Leviathan society.

“I’m not hungry,” I murmur, my eyes drifting back to Margot. My words catch Remus’s attention, and he looks up at me, his purple eyes burning bright as he studies me. I’ve learned to read Remus’s emotions through his eyes. When the purple is still, he’s calm. When the blue begins to match the intensity of the purple, he’s excited. And when his eyes begin to tremble from the pupil dilating, he’s angry. Right now, however, he seems amused. A small smile plays at his lips and he angles his head ever so slightly to focus his gaze proving my point.

“I thought you’d be pleased to have the woman you fought so hard for in that facility here with you,” he says. I look at him mustering all the anger that I can.

“She’s a slave,” I growl. Remus quirks a brow at my outburst but plays along nonetheless.

“No, she’s a servant. If she were a slave she would be back in the training session you found her in preparing to live the rest of her life in despair and the hope of death.”

“How can you say that? I felt what she’s feeling, you put an inhibitor on me at the facility,” I growl. Now Remus looks confused, then his smile widens turning into a laugh.

“You are truly guileless,” he says.

Margot shifts begin him and begins walking towards the table without hesitation. The closer she gets, the tighter the knot in my stomach seems to be. She stands silently next to Remus, her gaze filled with nothing.

“What you felt, was not an inhibitor. Not a fully functioning one, anyway. What you felt was a mild inhibitor that can allow me quick access to your nervous system.”

Margot turns around, and I immediately feel nausea at the sight. Something that resembles a small chip is resting on the back of her neck. Remus is watching me steadily, his excitement growing. This is another test. It has to be. And I’m about to fail it miserably. He knows it, and I know it.

“Your friend feels nothing. Her mind has been locked away. You cannot control a body if there is a will to live, or fight. The mind is a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes. And eventually, the wearer would break out of their… vegetative state.”

I’m up before I can think, snatching the small knife off the tabletop. I can feel the tears burning my eyes, as rage fills me. Remus watches me with a smile and Margot turns back around facing me.

“What are you going to do with that, Iris? Kill me, is that it?” he asks. My hands are shaking but his words are slowly beginning to penetrate my rage-filled haze.

“Let’s play this out, logically, shall we?” Remus stands, walking around the table as he speaks. I bring the knife up, holding it steady in front of me. And even though I am gripping it as tight as I can, I don’t think I will have it for much longer.

“You kill me, and you have an entire race at your neck, thus destroying any chance humanity had at survival on this planet. You injure me, and I, in retaliation, send your friend back to the facility where she can live out her life with free will, however, she will kill herself within seconds of being placed into society to fulfill her training.”

Remus is directly in front of me now, his height and sheer alien aura causing me to tremble as he leans into me in amusement.

“But these are both options that will never happen, Iris. And do you know why?” he murmurs. His smile disappears and his gaze drops to the knife in my shaking hand. His eyes meet mine as he reaches for the knife, pulling it out of my grasp with ease. He holds it up directly in my face, placing his thumb on the tip and I watch in horror as he bends the blade, the sharp tip not even penetrating his flesh.

“Because nothing on this planet is strong enough to bring me down…” He reaches for my chin, holding my gaze steady in his.


I’m shaking in his grip, the tears coming hard and fast as terror grips my throat like a vice. I want him to let go. I want him to step away, but he doesn’t. He glares at me for what feels like an eternity, letting the fear I feel fester into terror and discomfort. He finally seems pleased with my reaction, and smiles.

“Abandon your will to fight, Iris. It will only bring you misery… and defeat. If the human race with all of their advancements couldn’t stop me, what makes you think that you can?” he chuckles.

I feel more rage and defeat than I want to admit. My body is vibrating, and I can’t distinguish if it’s from fear or anger. His words eat away at me like a disease, sending my thoughts down a dangerous path.

The sound of footsteps echoes throughout the room, and I hear the sound of Ruth’s voice.

“The ship has arrived,”

Remus keeps his eyes lined to mine and finally after what feels like forever steps away from me.

“Come, Iris. We are leaving.”

As much as I want to enjoy myself at the moment, I can’t. I’m finally outside and the thought of Margot’s imprisoned state mixed with Remus’s words still ring in my head. I let out a deep breath, taking in the area. The beautiful scenery that has eluded me all this time is within my reach with no glass between us. I turn to look at Remus who is speaking to more Leviathan that arrived with the ship.

He’s back to his rigid, regal exterior giving orders and expecting them to be followed. I take note that each Leviathan he speaks to holds him in high regard as well. They bow before leaving and wait for him to give permission before speaking.

I assume this is all a part of some kind of procession to a different location. I look up at the massive ship that floats above Remus’s abode, waiting to land. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The wings of the ship glisten in the sun, the center made of a crystal-like exterior.

I turn away from the magnificent sight taking in the small pond that is only feet away from where I stand. I immediately make my way towards it, eager to feel everything within my grasp. I close my eyes, soaking in the warmth of the sunlight. The heat feels wonderful against my skin. I’ve spent most of my life outdoors, braving the weather. But since my capture, I’ve been forced indoors with artificially cold air. To feel the warmth of the sun on my skin again pulls an emotion from me that I can’t describe.

I open my eyes bending so that I can touch the water. I’ve never seen water like this. It’s clear and blue. I dip my fingers in, a gasp escaping my lips from the temperature of the water. It’s cold. Like ice.

“It’s from the mountaintop.”

I jump, immediately yanking my fingers from the water and making sure to drop my head at the sound of Remus’s voice. I hadn’t even heard him approach.

His deep chuckle shocks me. He seems to be in a strangely good mood despite his menacing words earlier.

“You can look at me, Iris.”

I slowly raise my gaze to see Remus standing over me with a small smile on his lips. It looks so out of place there, but it’s still beautiful, nonetheless.

He motions to the pond before me.

“The water. It’s from the top of the mountain, where it snows. Every year, it melts and over time the water carved a deep gash into the earth, creating the waterfall you’ve seen around the house. That’s why the water is cold despite the warm weather.”

Remus explains the process as if he’s speaking to a child. Maybe he is. I’ve never claimed to be wise. I was young when the world was taken over and I’ve learned what I could from the streets of the blight.

I turn away from Remus to take in the scenery around me. This place is carved into the cliffside with warm sunlight and greenery. It doesn’t feel like a mountain. But for me to understand more, I would have to ask Remus. He takes in my ogling before speaking.

“You’ve been so tame as of late, I forgot you derived from the wild,” he says.

I tense, my body running cold when I feel him step closer to me. His arms wrap around my body pulling me in close to his chest and his lips press lightly against my exposed shoulder.

I squeeze my eyes shut trying my best to get my wits about me when I feel a tiny shockwave of ice wash over my skin. It’s a swift feeling, but I recognize it immediately. I pull away from Remus too quickly as a wave of dizziness washes over me.

When I look at him, he’s watching me with a mischievous grin. He steps closer to me, tucking a stray curl behind my ear.

“Innocence,” he murmurs.

I almost breathe a sigh of relief when a Leviathan interrupts the moment, speaking to Remus in their language. Remus nods his head before responding curtly just as he steps away from me.

“Come Iris. We are leaving,” he calls over his shoulder.

I have to force my feet to move one in front of the other fighting the wave of dizziness that refuses to leave me.

My earlier hunch was correct. This is a procession.

Remus doesn’t seem fascinated in the least at the sheer power of this ship, but I am. We’ve been traveling out of the mountains for an hour, the scenery growing more and more alien by the second. It makes me wonder just how far away the blight was from Remus’s dwelling… and what has become of it.

The ride for the most part is silent. Remus only speaks when Leviathan approach him with binders and electronic screens asking for his input. I wish I knew what they were speaking about, but they don’t bother speaking English, and Remus doesn’t bother letting me know what’s going on. It’s a stark contrast from his earlier playful mood by the pond. I fight the shudder creeping up my spine just thinking of the feeling of him taking my life away.

Just a small kiss on my shoulder was enough to leave me swaying on my feet. It’s a blatant reminder of how powerful he is.

We finally land and Remus is barking orders to the Leviathan that accompanied him. I watch in amusement as they all scramble to get to their places, their eyes wide as they try their hardest not to anger him. I never asked Remus what exactly his level of nobility is in this society. Whatever it is, I can see that he is highly ranked from the way these Leviathan try and please him. Remus turns to face me just as the doors begin to open, his palm lighting up as the blue beam that connects itself to my choker appears.

“Behave, and there will be no blood.”

He doesn’t wait for a response from me as he makes his way out of the ship. There are Leviathan on both sides of the marked off-street that are here to greet Remus. They stand behind the ropes waving and cheering. My eyes travel to the building that looms over us. The walls are high and it glints beautifully in the sunlight.

The entire city is pristine. It’s clean and beautiful with just enough greenery to add to its beauty. There’s no pollution either. No smog or smoke from factories or cars, and the sky is vivid blue with thin clouds that allow for the sun to shine down brightly.

It’s the perfect city, the people even more so.

This has to be one of the cities the Leviathan built themselves after tearing down our way of life. The further we get from the blocked-off area, the more I am beginning to notice more humans with inhibitors around their necks. Some are being used for labor and some are to do simple tasks like cleaning. There are even some that follow behind their masters with blank stares holding their items or children for them.

It’s sickening.

I notice a small boy no older than eight with an inhibitor around his throat. He doesn’t have that empty gaze yet, but he will. He’s tied to a small girl. She’s Leviathan as she holds onto the rope that attaches him to her. I can see the fear and childlike innocence in his gaze.

I keep my gaze locked to Remus’s back, his long white hair flows behind him as he walks with regal grace that he was born with. If I were given the chance, I would kill him. But I am alone, unfortunately. Any human ally I could possibly have has been killed or is now a former shell of themselves.

“I must admit I am a bit shocked at your level of obedience today.”

Remus is standing next to me as the floor elevates to take us to the top of the building. After a moment of silence, I feel his finger under my chin as he raises my gaze to meet his. I can see the excitement in his gaze as his eyes search mine. He’s actually in a good mood.

“I expected you to make a run for it, or at least try to best me since we were in the public eye.” His smile widens as he speaks. It looks so foreign on his face. His smile is a rare sight I hardly ever see. I force myself to keep my breathing even and not give away the fact that his attention has me terrified, but I am confident he can hear my heartbeat. As if to prove my speculation, his eyes travel to my chest and slowly back to my face as his smile widens, exposing his straight white teeth and those abnormally sharp canines.

“It would seem you have finally gained some trepidation in my presence.”

Just when I think I’m going to pass out from lack of oxygen, the floor finally stops. Remus stands tall at the arrival, his smile leaving his lips just in time for the door to open to our new destination.

Our new destination is a home. The floor plan is very open, with glass surrounding the walls of the main room, and beige and white furniture for sitting. There are also foreign materials in here as well that I don’t recognize so I can assume they’re from Remus’s homeworld.

“This will be our home for the next few months while I finish up business on this godforsaken planet,” Remus murmurs as he pulls the choker from around my throat. I look at him in confusion.

“… ‘finish up’…?” I ask. Remus’s eyes narrow and I can tell he’s irritated with my response but clarifies for me anyway.

“I’m on this planet for one purpose. And, to complete that purpose, I must relocate to the required location at the required time. For now, this is the area until further notice.”

“In the city?” I ask. He turns away from me walking towards the hallway while he loosens the foreign jewelry on his arms.

“Yes. This is one of our capitals.” I take off after him, having to do a light jog to catch up to his long stride.

“Why is this city the specific location?”

I’m so focused on trying to catch up that I don’t notice he’s stopped. I crash right into him stumbling back from the force to fall on my ass. I cry out in pain looking up immediately. Remus is glaring at me. He doesn’t have to voice it; I’m asking too many questions. I’ve “grown too bold”.

I slowly stand, keeping my head down.

“I’m sorry,” I murmur. I think he’s going to punish me or worse in the silence, but he doesn’t. He moves without another word forcing me to follow with my questions put away.

After Remus gets everything settled, we both wash from the trip, and he takes me into the dining room to eat. The view that rests beyond the glass window is beautiful as the sun sets over the sky. The lights that are beginning to glow from the buildings aren’t as harsh as they were when humanity owned the Earth. There are different colors and levels of brightness as well as pulsing beams. It adds such an alien beauty to the scenery.

“You’re not eating again?” I jump at the sudden sound of Remus’s voice. When I look up, he’s walking into the room without a shirt on nor is his hair pulled back. My eyes immediately fall to the symbol that marks his chest. It’s almost as if it’s alive… like its pulse matches his life.

It’s captivating.

“Iris.” I blink, looking from Remus’s marking to his face which is showing irritation.

“I… I just got caught up in the scenery,” I say. I don’t bother expressing my lack of hunger. If I do, he’ll just make me go to bed early with him which gives him a long time to do the things he’s been doing to my body.

It’s almost as if he never gets tired nor has any limits. It’s confusing being around him as a being. He looks human from a general standpoint, but the longer I spend around him, the clearer it is that he is anything but.

Remus takes a seat next to me, turning to look out the window. It makes me wonder if he’s ever been homesick. According to him, Earth isn’t the first planet he’s taken over nor is its people the first race he’s ever conquered. As I stare at the mystery that is Remus, I find myself speaking before I can think of the consequences. At the forefront of my mind, I want to know more about this alien that humanity knows nothing about.

“Aeusenah,” The foreign word rolls off Remus’s tongue, and I look at him in confusion.

“What?” I ask. He gives me a light smirk before responding.

“Aeusenah, It’s the name of this city. There are twenty cities total inhabiting the Earth.”

“Only twenty?” I ask in shock. He nods his head.

“There’s no need for more. The Earth is all but conquered,” he says with ease.

“My race sees no need for excessive settlements on planets. We inhabit the practical locations, and leave the rest of the forests, mountains, and wildlife to themselves to expand and extend the life of the planet if need be.” Remus says it all with such ease as if he hadn’t wiped out the main species living on the planet for this plan to be in existence.

“Don’t you think it’s wrong that you just came in and wiped out an entire civilization?” I ask. Instead of anger or irritation, amusement shines bright on his features.

“I think… that the last person that should lecture me on wiping out civilizations is a human,” he says.

I narrow my eyes at him. Now he’s treating me like I’m naïve.

“That was our past though, we learned from our mistakes… we built a better future avoiding what our forefathers did,” I say in irritation. Remus chuckles at my words.

“Oh? Because when I arrived, your leaders were fighting over lands that were already claimed, resources that weren’t there’s to keep, and on the verge of destroying your own planet with man-made weapons, just to spite each other. Your people were fighting amongst each other, within the same city and countries, at each-others necks, and for what?”

I don’t know how to respond. No matter what I say, he’s always going to use that argument against me. And deep down I know he’s right. But it still bothers me that he uses this as an excuse for his actions.

Remus takes my silence with glee.

“Is my little pet getting frustrated?” he laughs next to me. I feel the warmth of his body as he moves closer to my own.

“No,” I murmur trying to deter his excited mood, but it’s no use. He’s ready to play.

Remus pulls me from my seat onto his lap, adjusting my legs so that I am straddling him. I feel my cheeks burning from embarrassment at the exposure of this position and Remus adds to it by moving his hands under the dress I am wearing.

“If it’s any consolation, there is a pesky thorn in my side,” he murmurs as he tugs on the fabric causing it to tear. My bare flesh is exposed to his gaze, his eyes burning bright as the gears begin to turn in his head.

“How about we play a game?” he asks in excitement.

“… A game?”

He places a soft kiss right underneath my collarbone, smiling.

“That is what I said, Pet. You’ve been so good today, and so full of questions, I think it’s time for a reward.”

His kiss moves lower, right on top of my breast.

“I will let you ask me… three questions. And I will answer them honestly. You, however, must stay silent. The only time you can make a sound is when you are asking me a question.”

He leans in, running his tongue over my exposed nipple, and I shudder just as a dull throb begins to settle between my legs.

“Simple right?” he purrs pulling back from me.

I look into his eyes and notice the blue flecks within his iris are beginning to glow brightly. He’s excited. Very excited. I tense when I feel the hard press of his erection against my sex as I sit atop him.

“Do we have a deal, Pet?” he asks. And to top it all off, he smiles.

I slowly nod my head and no sooner than I do is my body being lifted through the air. I hear the crash of plates as Remus throws them all to the floor before my back even touches the bare table.

His hands press on either side of my thighs, and he spreads them wide causing me to sit up immediately in protest.

“Wait, Remus-“ His gaze locks on me.

“No, pet. This is your first and last warning.” He roughly pulls my legs towards him causing me to slide forward and my back to the table again.

“Not a sound.”

I feel his tongue press between my folds, and immediately my back arches as pleasure I haven’t experienced before travels from my clit. I’m seconds from crying out when I remember the rules. So, I hold my breath.

“First question?” he murmurs placing a soft kiss on my hip bone. I open my mouth to speak the very moment he dives back in.

“Why are you heeere?” I moan through my words as Remus purposely manipulates my body. He stops, rising above me as he pulls my legs so that my lower body is hanging off the table. He places one arm on the side of my head just as I feel his finger pushing inside of me.

“I am here because I saw an opportunity for my people. A new world to add to our empire. A resource planet. And I just so happened to watch the inhabitants of this poor planet before I made my move which solidified my decision that there is no room for your kind in my empire,” he says.

He slowly pushes another finger inside of me, coaxing my arousal further. My legs involuntarily spread wider, my hips moving towards his hand. I make sure to bite my tongue to stop the moans from leaving my lips.

“You’re doing surprisingly well,” he laughs. I open my eyes just in time to see him pulling his fingers from my pussy. They’re glistening with my juices, and he keeps his gaze focused on mine as he places them in his mouth. The action is erotic in itself, causing my inner walls to clench in anticipation.

“Let’s see how far you can get,” he adds as he moves over me. I hear the sound of him unfastening his pants, and I tense when I feel his heated tip rubbing alongside my outer entrance as he coats himself in my juices.

His eyes meet mine as he positions himself at my entrance and enters me. He pushes with a maddeningly slow pace that stretches my inner walls pleasurably. I find myself arching my back, my hands pressing against his chest. I open my mouth to groan but settle for a gasp.

No noise. No noise. No noise.

Remus pulls out of me slowly, before thrusting back in with speed and power that forces out a sound. My hands fly over my mouth, and I bite my tongue.

“Second question…,” he says huskily over me.

My voice comes out shaky, but I speak.

“Why are you so different from your race?” I spill the words out quickly so that I don’t moan in between. Remus smiles softly and I feel his hands snake up my body. He leans in licking my throat, forcing pleasure to rocket through me.

“Such a clever pet,” he says softly.

“Why don’t I answer that one later?”

Before I can complain, his lips latch onto my throat and I feel my body being lifted from the table. Remus moves back to his seat, with me positioned on top of his lap as he remains lodged inside of me. I place my hands on his shoulders to steady myself, my breathing trembling from his lack of movement. When I open my eyes, his eyes are focused on mine. He slowly reaches up, snaking his hand between my breast to rest at the base of my throat. I can feel his thumb lightly trailing over the sensitive flesh before he cups my jaw, pulling me in close. His eyes remain on my face as he pulls me in close, his lips closing over mine.

His fingers snake through my hair, pulling me in deeper for the kiss, and I feel him lightly tracing his tongue over my bottom lip. Suddenly, he begins to thrust. I cry out and he uses the moment to push his tongue into my mouth, stroking every corner until he has tasted everything I have to offer.

The penetration from this angle is too deep, forcing cries from my lips. I break the kiss tossing my head back as my moans echo off the walls. I feel Remus’s hands wrap around my waist, holding me steady atop him as his thick length plunges deep inside my wet channel. I can feel everything from this angle. My nails dig into the flesh of his shoulders as my pleasure builds even further. He won’t give me a break, nor will he slow down.

My inner walls begin to quiver slightly from the feel of his shaft thrusting in and out of me. His earlier actions between my legs have left my body alive and wanting with need for him. I feel his fingers thread through my hair and he roughly jerks my head back, exposing my throat to him. His tongue leaves a scorching trail over my most sensitive flesh, and I can feel the light scrape of his teeth. I think he’s going to bite me, but he doesn’t. He only kisses me. Gently. Which is a stark contrast to what he’s doing to my pussy. His hands move from my throat to my shoulders, to my waist and he holds me steady just as he gives three hard thrusts, forcing my body to orgasm. My inner walls clench around his shaft, pulsating as pleasure rocks me. I close my eyes unable to focus any longer, just as ecstasy washes over me.

I feel Remus shudder underneath me, sheathing himself all the way before the warmth of his seed fills me from the inside. The feel of him draws my climax out even more and eventually, I come down from my high, my body so weak that I fall forward on Remus, laying against his chest. His hair lightly tickles my face as I lay in the crook of his neck.

I’m weak and shaking and yet Remus has barely even broken a sweat. His body is warm like always and there is a light sheen across his chest, but that’s it. He’s barely winded.

“I win,” he chuckles

I sit on the edge of the bed watching Remus exit the bathroom. He’s naked once again and I find myself taking him in fascination. I’ve never seen a man naked before. But Remus has set a high standard if there were ever a person to come after him. His body is lean, his chest and stomach lined with muscle. My eyes slowly drift to the softened cock between his legs. Even when he isn’t aroused, his size is intimidating. I also take note that the light trail of hair that appears at the lower half of his stomach and trails to his pubic bone matches the color of his hair. It’s a peculiar sight.

“Enjoying the view?” I immediately look away, embarrassment washing over me.

Remus finds amusement in my reaction.

“You can look at me, Iris. It’s only natural for you to be curious. Or even aroused,” he chuckles walking away from me.

After a few minutes, he comes back to me, my blood running cold from what’s in his hands. It’s the pink liquid. He hands it to me, eyeing me expectantly so I bring it to my lips drinking it down.

“The Leviathan race is a powerful group of people. They have been in existence for a very long time. The race’s society was originally based on predation and domination. They have always been a race that works for each other. Never against one another.” I stop my sipping as Remus speaks to me, explaining a history that no one knows.

“My mother came from a world unknown to the Leviathan. She always was. She is considered an elder among the Leviathan. A leader. She lived for many years among the Leviathan. She guided them into being a society and led them into prosperity. Unfortunately, with all weaker races there comes a time when they believe in ruling themselves. And out of their greed, they sealed my mother away leading to their downfall.”

My attention has been completely captured as Remus tells me how he came to be. I may very well be the only human to ever hear or have heard this story from the being himself. The story of how one of the most powerful beings came to exist.

“They fell into chaos without her, and almost died out. So, when they came to their senses and asked for her return, it was too late. She had left the people who condemned her. And though she was betrayed by them, in her heart there was a soft spot for the society she created. The people she guided into sophistication.”

“I have my mother’s traits. Her eyes. Her hair. Her abilities. As do my siblings. This is a symbol of our divinity and why we are so different from the Leviathan. Because we are the spitting image of our mother. The one who saved them.”

I stare at him with wide eyes, completely worn down from trying to wrap my mind around what he’s telling me. Remus steps closer to me, kneeling as he takes hold of my hand.

“So, you see Pet. I am different from the Leviathan because I am not Leviathan.” His gaze is down as he places something in my hand.

“And, for the sake of my mother’s love, I lead this race to salvation. Just as she did. Without me, they would burn.”

His gaze moves up to mine, and I can’t help but see him in a whole new light as I gaze into those celestial eyes. There’s no telling what he’s seen throughout his life, however long that may have been.

“That is the purpose, for which I was created.”

He offers me a small smile before standing to leave the room. I can’t help but stare at his retreating form. His curious features now have new meanings and explanations behind them. I slowly lower my gaze to look at the object he placed in my hand, letting out a soft gasp. Tears immediately spring into my eyes as I take in the familiar silver pendant that now has a new chain attached to it.

It’s my locket.

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