Pet: Genesis

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Chapter 4

How far would you go if it meant your survival? Would you swallow your pride? Your dignity? I have. I have engrained survival into my bones from the moment they came. Survival is key. I’m no good dead. And right now, all I have is my life and my will to survive.

Remus has taken what would pass as my dignity away from me.

I hear the sound of his footsteps as he walks around me, inspecting me. My eyes are focused on his shoes. My head is bowed, my hands at my side.

“In the Leviathan society, you are not our equal. You are the conquered. So, you shall behave as such. If I or anyone of my people are in a room, your eyes should be down. Your head should be down. You have no voice.” His voice is like a whip, leaving no room for argument.

“Do you understand, Iris?” he says.

I have to bite my tongue from the insult threatening to leave my lips. I hear him let out a breath of irritation before his hand roughly yanks my face up to meet his. The blood drains from my face at the sight of those emotionless purple eyes. The intensity of vibrancy is enough to make my brain question the existence of this being.

“How am I supposed to take you anywhere if you aren’t properly trained?” he asks. He sounds as if he’s speaking to himself more than me. He finally lets go of me and I immediately train my eyes back to the floor releasing a breath I hadn’t realized I’d been holding.

He does this daily. He keeps me within the confines of this room where he can easily find me to thoroughly educate me on the ways of his society.

“Come. That’s enough for one day,” he says with his back to me. I follow him through the exit as we make our way to the dining room. It’s the only other place I have been allowed to go to other than my room. And that’s only if he escorts me. I haven’t seen Ruth since my escape attempt, or any of the other servants for that matter. Remus himself keeps watch over me.

We reach the dining room and I take my usual seat. Remus appears minutes later beside me placing a plate of food down in front of me. The food looks and smells amazing as usual. I’ve learned to tamp down the guilt I feel from eating it. Since experiencing the feeling of a full belly, the thought of the starvation that once gnawed at my insides is enough to make me shudder in fear.

The room is silent as I bring the food to my lips giving me time to look around once again. The location of this place is still a mystery to me. My gaze reaches Remus who is sitting next to me. His eyes are focused on a screen that he holds. I look at the screen once again noticing the symbols that he was using to write. It’s safe to assume this is their language.

Remus’s eyes glide gently across the screen as he takes in the information on that pad. He never joins me, he only ever watches me eat or focuses his attention on that screen.

Suddenly, realization dawns on me.

“Why do you never eat?” I ask. Remus doesn’t miss a beat.

“That isn’t a topic up for discussion right now,” he says, his gaze not leaving the screen at all.

I try and force myself to look away, but I can’t help but stare at the being in front of me. There isn’t a flaw on his face. Not one. How can something so flawless even exist? My eyes drift to the strange hue of his hair. It’s all pulled back perfectly away from his face into a loose ponytail. Even if he hadn’t arrived so spectacularly, he would have stood out among us.

He’s too perfect. Everything about him gives off his otherworldly presence especially the way he carries himself with such regal grace.

“Eat, Iris. I won’t have you looking malnourished like you were when I first found you,” he says without looking up.

That’s another thing I’ve noticed about Remus. He’s really adamant about my physique. He’s spent all of this time ridding me of my dirty appearance. He’s made sure I always eat, I’m always clean, and he even used strange lotions to soften my hands and feet. It’s a red flag about my being here.

I take a few more bites of the food and push my plate away, catching Remus’s attention. He finally looks away from the pad in his hands, his eyes following the motion before focusing back on me.

“I’m not hungry,” I say immediately looking away.

He makes me nervous. He’s been strangely calm, but my instincts are screaming at me it is nothing more than an act. His words from last week keep playing in my brain.

"If only you knew the things I have in store for you.”

He still has yet to act upon those words. And I fear that won’t be the case much longer. He stands abruptly from the table, shocking me out of my thoughts.


I immediately follow suit expecting us to head back to the room I’ve been occupying for weeks now, but I’m shocked when he leads me down a separate hallway. I try and pay attention to the halls we move down to memorize the layout of this dwelling. But This place is a maze I fear I will never be able to figure out. We step into a small room, the doors closing on their own and I feel my stomach shift as we move upwards.

Remus still doesn’t speak as we make our way to this new destination. This time the door opens to reveal another hallway. The hall is glass. The greenery surrounding us on the outside is enough to stop me in my tracks. I can tell we’re high up. Possibly on a mountain judging from the view.


Remus’s voice pulls me out of my ogling. He’s watching me with an irritated expression. I hadn’t even realized in all of my staring that I had stopped walking. I slowly look back to the world surrounding us, taking in the freedom that eludes me. I suck in a deep breath before following Remus up the rest of the hallway.

We reach our destination, Remus stopping in front of the door. This time, instead of the door disappearing like every other entrance in this place, he places his hand on a square that illuminates upon his touch. The door then proceeds to dissolve. Remus turns to look at me, commanding me without so much as uttering a word, and I step inside.

The lights illuminate the room upon my entrance. I take note that the lights are coming from the edges of the walls. It’s soft, not harsh in the least giving a warm ambiance to the room. The room itself is large. Much larger than the room I have labeled as my own, and much more magnificent. The ceiling itself reflects the sky, bright and blue. The walls are beginning to lose the deep tint, revealing glass and another breathtaking view. I step closer to the glass taking in the beauty below. There’s a waterfall below crashing into a bright blue pond.

I turn back to survey the room, my gaze falling on the bed. It’s huge, easily dwarfing the one I’ve become accustomed to. I could probably roll over several times and still have plenty of room not to fall off the edge. There’s a light below the bed, giving it the illusion of floating over the ground, adding to the intimidating size. On the far side of the room lies a seating area with strange objects I’ve never seen before.

I hear Remus’s footsteps as he comes behind me and I shiver from his presence. He places his hands around my shoulders and the room begins to darken as the walls shift from glass to a dark hologram that plays the night sky surrounding us. Even the ceiling has shifted from daylight to the stars.

Remus steps around me before he begins to speak again.

“Shall we continue?” he asks. I keep my eyes trained down as I’ve been told, and he notices. A soft laugh leaves his lips.

“You can look at me when we are alone,” he says softly.

His words do little to ease my nerves, so I keep my eyes down. His hands slowly move up my arms, and I can feel the heat as it slowly adapts itself to my body. His hand traces the inside of my arm until he is holding my hand, leading me to a door in the corner of the room.

Once we enter the door, steam engulfs me. It’s a bathroom. I immediately take note that there’s a servant standing silently in the corner. One of which I’ve never seen before. But like everyone else in this prison, she has a blank expression on her face, the inhibitor taking away her will. I feel anger at the sight but tamp it deep down.

The servant comes towards me, reaching for my clothes. I immediately swat at her hands pushing her body away from mine.

“Do not touch me,” I hiss.

I hear Remus chuckle and when I turn to face him, his shirt is already off. My eyes widen at his physique. He’s a very lean being, his chest, and stomach finely carved like the statues of Rome I used to see in books as a child. The sharp ridge of his muscles continues down into a ‘V’ that disappears into the loose pants that hang dangerously low on his hips.

I take note that there’s a strange symbol covering his left pectoral reaching all the way over his shoulder to rest somewhere on his back. The symbol itself is not only foreign, but it seems to glow from within. The symbol is a deep purple that pulses ever so calmly. It looks breathtaking on him, completely matching his existence.

“Leave us,” he says. His voice comes out authoritative and cold. The servant bows slightly and makes her way to the door closing it upon her exit. She’s gone. It takes me only a second to realize the predicament I’m in. I’m alone. In the bathroom. With Remus.

I quickly swivel around and let out a small squeal. He’s already standing inches away from me. For once, the purple in his eyes burns brighter than the blue.

He wordlessly reaches for me, pulling at the hem of the dress I am wearing. He gently guides me around so that my back is facing him. I feel his fingers like featherlight touches at the back of the dress, and suddenly it’s in a heap on the floor leaving me in nothing but my panties. The steam of the room is clouding my senses and I suddenly feel lightheaded.

“Exquisite,” he murmurs as he traces my spine. I can feel goosebumps break out across my skin from his touch. He slowly turns me around to face him and I feel completely exposed to his gaze.

“So... you’ve been living in that wasteland for most of what you can remember as your life... fighting and clawing for survival... I can only assume you’ve never known the pleasures that come with being an organic being.”

His voice is a deep purr, and he slowly turns me around to face him. His eyes travel to my breasts and back up to my face.

“Have you ever been with a man, Iris?” he asks.

I feel my cheek burn at the brashness of his question as I stand in front of him in nothing more than my panties, but I respond nonetheless. I begin to shake my head but stop mid-shake remembering his rules.

“No,” I whisper.

He smiles. He fucking smiles. It’s the first time I’ve seen his face without a hint of cruelty in it... and it’s beautiful. His teeth are perfectly straight, but I do take note that his canines are excessively sharp at the tip. Another trait of the Leviathan no doubt.

“This is going to be very riveting indeed,” he says. He places his hand under my chin lifting my gaze to meet his. It’s terrifying to see the intensity of his eyes change with his mood.

“Undress me,” he says.

My heart quickens at the hint of excitement in his tone. He watches me closely, gauging my reaction. His mood is strangely playful. When I make no intention to move, he reaches out grabbing ahold of my hands, electricity shooting through me at the point of contact. I gaze at him with wide eyes as he places my shaking hands on his waistband.

“Go on,” he encourages. I swallow, my mouth suddenly dry from anxiety. My fingers are shaking as I lower my gaze to focus on my seemingly impossible task.

The material is different than jeans. There are no buttons, only the fabric that seems to be held together by a magnet at the top. I apply a small amount of pressure, undoing the top of his pants before pulling at the zipper. I immediately stop when I see the continuation of his milky flesh. I look up at him with wide eyes, but he doesn’t seem to care. He’s completely amused by the situation. Something flashes behind his gaze before he speaks again.

“You’ve never even seen a man naked either.” I don’t have to respond.

He isn’t asking.

Of course, over the years I’ve heard things. I know the basics of sex and what comes of it. But I’ve never seen the anatomy of a male to completely understand what exactly the act consists of. And I have a strong feeling that this Leviathan is about to inform me of everything I’ve been missing.

He laughs in the silence, walking away from me to the edge of the tub. I immediately look away as he pulls his pants off, my cheeks burning at the glimpse of his naked behind. I hear the sound of water moving and look up just in time to see he’s stepped into the in-ground tub that could pass for a pool. He turns to face me, raising a brow.

“You know I don’t like having to ask, Iris,” he says.

I suck in a deep breath, willing my legs to move as I make my way to the tub standing at the edge. Remus watches me intensely as I take what’s left of my clothing off. Once I’m naked he tilts his head motioning for me to get in. I carefully step into the water, gritting my teeth. It’s hot. Much hotter than what I’m used to. The water in the tub comes right under my breasts, even though I’m standing.

Remus begins making his way over to me and I make sure to keep my eyes trained on his chest, trying my best to calm my breathing. But I’m failing miserably. I’m basically hyperventilating as he closes in on me. Even his movement in the water is graceful. Calculated. It makes me feel like prey, and he’s the predator closing in.

Without a word, Remus grabs my forearm pulling me with him as he walks towards the edge. Only when he sits down do I realize there is a ledge under the water to sit. He pulls me between his legs. I notice his hair isn’t in a ponytail. It’s pushed away from his face at an angle, the long tendrils floating around him.

Remus reaches behind him grabbing a bar of soap. He rubs it between his hands until bubbles begin to form. When he feels there’s enough soap, he places his hands against my damp flesh, working up a lather as he begins to wash me.

“You humans are such fragile creatures,” he says after a moment of silence. His hands travel over my breast lingering longer than necessary. He makes a decision, gently placing his hand over the soft mound. I let out a gasp as something I’ve never felt before awakens within me. It’s faint, but it’s there.

His eyes travel up to mine never severing contact as he stands. The water comes down from his body in a cascade before disturbing the surrounding mass.

Remus’s left-hand leaves my breast, remaining connected to my skin as it travels between my breasts, tickling my stomach, and coming to a rest between my legs. My eyes widen, my hands coming up to hold onto his. Instead of pushing him away, I steady myself just as his fingers part my folds, finding my most intimate of places.

Warmth washes over me, starting at the sensitive bud his finger slowly circles. It travels up my belly spreading to each nerve ending connected in my body. Remus leans in closer to me, the heat from his body seeming to connect with my own.

“Can you feel that?” He purrs. My legs grow weak as he adds pressure, finding a faster rhythm that my body appreciates. The warmth spreads from my sex to my inner walls, and they begin to quiver on their own, pulsing... reaching for... something.

“That warmth... follow it... let it take you to your climax...” His voice is undeniably laced with lust as he speaks to me, once again commanding me to bend to his will.

“Look at me.”

I hadn’t even realized my eyes were closed. But I obey his command opening them, gazing into those bright purple eyes. He moves his hand deeper between my legs, his finger prodding at my entrance. He uses the juices coming out of me to slip a finger inside.

I gasp at the sudden intrusion. It feels strange and yet, it’s what I needed. It’s exactly what my body is inadvertently reaching for. It intensifies this growing need that has awakened inside of me.

Remus’s gaze is so intense that I can’t look away no matter how hard I try. My lips part slightly, my breathing coming out in shallow pants. The way he strokes inside of me with only his finger makes me feel good. And judging from the smile on his lips, he knows it.

“What you’re experiencing, is arousal. Lust.”

I gasp as a mini-wave washes over me, my inner walls quivering slightly around his fingers in anticipation. The feeling is so intense a moan escapes my lips.

“Give in to it. Let it take you to new heights,” he murmurs. He presses his thumb against my sensitive bud and that’s all it takes for me to shatter in his hand. The wave finally crests and my legs give out, my whole body shaking from the new sensation that washes over me. I’m thankful that Remus is holding me up otherwise I would fall completely underwater from this experience. It’s pleasure I’ve never felt before.

My loud moans echo throughout the bathroom as my inner walls spasm around his fingers. My entire body feels on fire and Remus continues to coax me through the entire ordeal, encouraging me to give in to the pleasure.

I finally come down from my pleasure-filled haze, my breathing uneven. As my mind clears, I can feel Remus’s fingers inside of me, his eyes focused on my face with a ghost of a smile plastered on his lips. He slowly removes his hand keeping his eyes locked to mine.

“That, my pet, was an orgasm.”

I sit on Remus’s bed with my knees drawn to my chest and my arms clutching them to me for dear life. Remus is across the room, his fingers gracefully flying across the glass screen in his hand.

He looks so focused on his task.

I feel my cheeks burn as I remember those same fingers on me earlier. I had no idea pleasure like that existed. Not only was it completely foreign to me, but a foreign being is the one who introduced me to it.

I glare at him in confusion as he sits across the room, completely ignorant of how it would feel for someone like me. He hasn’t so much as glanced in my direction since exiting the bathroom. He let me get dressed and I’ve been free to roam about the room since. Instead, I’ve sat in one place and let my thoughts run me ragged.

I reach up towards my neck grasping at air. The loss of my family’s heirloom weighs on me constantly. Remus seems like a conscientious being. Could I just ask for it back?

My mind shifts to the moment I tried to retrieve its location from him. He was terrifying. He still is. I fear him more than the idea of the Leviathan.

What brought him and his people here? Who is he in his society?

I look back to where he’s seated. He didn’t bother putting a shirt on. He’s only in a pair of light-colored sweatpants, his hair falling down his back.

My eyes shift to the strange symbol covering his chest. It’s such an array of color, the strange pulse much calmer than it was earlier. It only adds more questions to his race.

Remus abruptly stops his typing, his gaze lifting to meet mine. I immediately look away, my cheeks burning at being caught watching him. I hear the sound of him moving, and soon his footsteps echo over the room. I slowly shift my gaze back to him as he nears me.

His muscles flex as he walks, his skin smooth and blemish free.

How could someone that never eats a bite of anything remain so physically in shape?

“I think you have reached a new level of trust,” he says as he moves towards the wall. I watch in awe as it dissolves to reveal one of the servants I named. Gertrude. She’s holding a stemless glass in her hands and easily hands it over to her master before bowing to leave the room.

Remus makes his way over to me, taking a seat on the edge of the bed.

“Come.” The command is simple. I make my way to the edge of the bed, sitting next to him. The heat from his body is comforting, even if his mere presence is not.

He hands me the glass filled with an almost iridescent pink liquid.


I stare at the liquid looking at him in confusion. He offers no sign that he’s going to give me an explanation; Only irritation that I haven’t followed his command yet.

“I don’t like to repeat myself,” he warns. I feel a chill ripple up my spine at his words and take the glass from him. I bring it to my lips taking a small sip.

It tastes like nothing. It’s almost as if I’m drinking liquid air.

Remus watches me with that terrifying gaze. He seems to place heavy importance on me drinking this glass down. Once I finish, he takes it from me, placing it on the nightstand without another word. As he stands, the light in the room begins to dim. It isn’t so dark that I can’t see Remus, but it’s dark enough to sleep in if I wanted.

I tense when I feel his hands around my waist, dragging me to the center of the bed. I’m only in a flimsy nightdress, something that he has already begun playing with. His fingers dip under the thin strap, pulling it down so that he can place a soft kiss on my shoulder.

“How do you feel?” he asks.

I don’t know if he’s asking in reference to the drink or my overall emotions. I feel nervous, terrified, angry, and every emotion in between. But he already knows that. His deep chuckle washes over me, and he arranges us so that I am facing him.

“Look at me, Iris,” he says.

I do.

His eyes are burning bright even in the dimly lit room. The color sucks me in with ease.

“I can tell your mind has been running you to exhaustion,” he chuckles.

“The curiosity that plagues your innermost thoughts are as plain as the nose on your face.” His fingers close around my chin, pulling me in close to his face.

“Open your mouth,” he murmurs.

I do as he says and before I can think, his lips close over mine. I’ve seen kissing before. I watched movies as a child when the princess would get her happily ever after. But never have I experienced it, nor did I think it would be something I would experience in my lifetime.

His lips are warm and so soft. The same ache I felt in the tub has begun to ease its way back between my legs, and I can feel my brain turning to mush as all logical thought leaves me. Remus told me earlier that this was associated with lust.

I can’t think straight with this clouding my mind. I’m not even sure if I’m doing it right. But I hear Remus growl his approval just as his other hand comes around to cup my face. I feel his thumb lightly stroking my cheek before all feeling of lust leaves my body.

Instantly, my body turns to ice. I gasp as a sweeping sensation washes over me- like the breath is being sucked out of me in an icy gust. Remus keeps his mouth over mine, not seeming to notice what is going on. My entire body feels heavy as the last bit of ice is sucked out of my veins, and I can no longer hold myself up. I whimper in pain as the feeling of needles pricking my flesh all over assaults me.

Remus holds my body, not concerned in the least. He pulls me against his chest, and I am still unable to move. I feel weaker than I’ve ever felt in my life.

“It’ll pass,” he says. I open my mouth to speak, but I can’t get anything past my lips other than a pained puff.

“Don’t speak. Just rest.”

The feeling of his finger lightly caressing the column of my spine engages my focus, and I use it to escape the pain.

“You’ll come to find that in my care, trust can be good grounds for exchange. Earlier, you asked why I don’t eat. My sustenance is much different than the beings of Earth. I do not need a physical nutrient to thrive. My intake is purer. It requires essence. Lifeblood. Your life source to be clear.”

“If I hadn’t given you that liquid earlier, you’d be dead right now. It would appear that I need to up the dosage. I didn’t think you would be so weak this far into feeding. I barely took any and your heartbeat is already faint.”

I can only lay in shock, trying to retain the information he’s giving. The lights in the room dim even further, eventually plunging us into complete darkness.

“Rest now. You’ll need your strength soon.”

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