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Chapter 10

She sat up finding her sleep disturbed. Confused as to where she was she tried not to panic. Her heart started to beat a little faster.

“Emma,” she heard to her left. Looking over, she broke into a smile when she saw Chris.

“Hi big brother,” she drawled still half asleep. She saw him grimace when she said that. “Is something wrong?”

“No little one,” he said finally giving her a tense smile. “I was hoping I wouldn’t wake you up. You were sleeping so serenely.”

“Yeah,” she whispered and lay back down on the sofa. It was so comfortable and safe. “No nightmares,” she sighed.

“You didn’t have any nightmares?” he asked crouching down in front of her.

Emma reluctantly opened her eyes. She smiled again when she saw his handsome face. Without thinking she reached out and touched his cheek with her fingertips. They traced over the curves of his full lips. “You’re so beautiful,” she said reverently.

“Thank you,” he said his face softening to her. He grabbed her hand. Tingles ran from her palm up to her arm into her chest and lodged in her breasts. Her nipples hardened. Her pulse skittered with anticipation.

Never had her body reacted to someone like this. It was like he was bringing her back to life. She hadn’t realized how numb she had been. Fear wanted to flame to life in her stomach.

“You won’t hurt me will you?” she asked him, her voice uncertain about his answer.

“Never,” he answered quickly. “No nightmares?”

She shook her head. His grin was infectious. “That’s great,” he exclaimed softly. “Why do you think you didn’t have any nightmares?”

“Being with you made me feel safe,” she whispered timidly and lowered her eyes from his. She didn’t want to see his reaction to her declaration. “Thank you.”

“Glad I could help.”

She considered him, startled by his words. She hadn’t been expecting that. He stared at her intensely, his gaze penetrating. No one had ever given her their undivided attention. Her heart fluttered in her chest. Wetness leaked from her womanhood. That had never happened before.

“We’ve got an early morning tomorrow. You want to go to sleep in your bed?” he asked. “I think you’ll be more comfortable.”

“This sofa is pretty comfy,” she countered, closing her eyes.

“Chris put me down!” she shrieked. “I’m too heavy for you to be carrying me!”

“Quit squirming or I will drop you,” he barked sharply. “You are not too heavy for me.”

She went still in his arms. He didn’t seem to be struggling with moving her to the bedroom. Setting her down on her feet next to the bed, he slid her down his body but didn’t move back, pinning her between his hard frame and the bed. She felt a wrenching sensation in her chest, and the air became harder to inhale.

He was looking down at her. His eyes were so dilated she couldn’t see the blue anymore. Her nipples brushed against his chest. It took everything in her to hold back a moan. She bit her lip to keep from making any noises. Energy arched between them. Was he feeling it too?

“Are you going to be ok by yourself tonight?” he asked his voice rough and deep. “If you need me I’m across the hall.”

She nodded her head not trusting herself to speak.

“Do you need anything right now?” He tucked her hair behind her ear. She closed her eyes when she felt the tingling again, this time moving from her ear to her chest and zapping her nipples. Could he see her body’s reaction to him? When she opened her eyes, she saw that he was staring at her chest.

Damn it, she thought. What was he thinking? Was he disgusted by her sudden physical arousal at his hands?

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