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Chapter 11

Her breasts rose and fell with her heavy breathing. He saw her nipples clearly straining at her tank top. His hands fisted so hard to keep from reaching out to touch her luscious curves they were turning white.

Move away from her, he told himself sternly.

He didn’t.

Lifting his gaze to her face, he was amazed at the desire and fear playing across it. A part of her wanted him. However a part of her was terrified. That was what ultimately made him step back. He didn’t want her afraid of him.

“Well to get to Stanford by 9am we are going to have to leave by 8am at the latest,” he told her after clearing his throat. “I’ll make breakfast in the morning.”

“Thank you,” she said. Her voice was practically a purr. Did she even know how she sounded? Looking back at her, he noticed her breathing had calmed down but those nipples were still tight little buds poking through her clothes. When he raised his eyes to her face, he caught her looking embarrassed.

“Well good night,” he said abruptly and then turned quickly to leave. He didn’t close her door but he did close his. Leaning up against it, he took some deep breaths to calm his body.

He had been attracted to women before but it had never been this fast or intense. His desire for her made his body quicken to her every movement, breath, scent and look.

Was it because she was forbidden that he wanted her so badly? He knew he was spoiled always getting what he wanted, when he wanted, and how he wanted it. One of the perks of celebrity. But was his desire for her predicated upon how much of a challenge she was to get into bed?

As he showered, lying in bed, he thought about his feelings toward Emma. There was a physical dimension to them but he also suffered from an emotional connection to her. That was the part that scared him. Never had there been a woman he cared about all that much. He tolerated their presence until he could sleep with them. They bored him. His passion for them was lukewarm at best.

With Emma however, he felt like he was coming out of hibernation. The sensations she raised in his body were sharp and penetrating. There was no doubt he was sexually attracted to her. But it was the heartfelt emotions she uncovered in him that gave him pause.

Watching a movie with her on the sofa after feeding her supper had been one of the most enjoyable and satisfying nights he had ever had. There was no need to go out and eat at an expensive, trendy restaurant. His simple home cooked meal was enough for her. She didn’t demand that he get her into a club as a VIP. Curling up next to him was where she wanted to be.

She trusted him enough to fall asleep. She felt safe with him. That thought made his chest swell with pride. If that were all he did for her for the rest of her life, he would feel like he had done something worthwhile with his life.

When she was young there had been nobody to keep her safe. It had taken their parents years to get her to trust them even slightly. But one day with him and she felt safe enough to fall asleep on him.

Chris cursed Emma’s biological mom and dad. They had not kept the monsters away from their little girl. Instead they had joined a community of sexual predators who preyed upon her. Hell they had even offered her up to them as a plaything.

He was disgusted by how they had treated Emma when she was a baby. By the time children’s services got involved, the little girl had been violated in ways he didn’t think he could handle knowing. But she had lived through it all and somehow remained a sweet, innocent, loving, smiling woman.

As he settled into his bed, he sighed deeply. In the end it didn’t matter what he wanted from Emma. She wanted a big brother. That was her choice. He sensed her attraction to him but that wasn’t what she had asked of him. No matter how difficult it would be that was all he would be to her, a brother. He would find some way to abide by the boundaries she had set. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her.

Unfortunately his dreams of her were a bit naughtier than they should have been.

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