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Chapter 12

“Hungry Like the Wolf” was playing loudly in Chris’ Hummer. As he waited for Emma to return to their designated meeting spot, he rocked out to the 80’s music on his satellite radio. He sang along with Simon Le Bon.

“Do do do do do do do dodo dododo dodo,” he followed perfectly.

His cock grew “hungry like a wolf” when he caught sight of Emma walking down the sidewalk to the parking lot he was in. She was wearing black jeans that hugged those fantastic hips, thighs and ass. Her black t-shirt was way too big for her, but it still couldn’t hide those perfect double D’s. What he wouldn’t do to sink himself into her softness. He calmed himself down before getting out of the truck and going over to the passenger side to open the door for her.

She didn’t look at him as she climbed into his vehicle, preferring to look down. Grabbing her seatbelt before she did, he buckled her up. This gave him the chance to be close enough to her to smell her inconspicuously. She was this wonderful combination of strawberries and jasmine today. Even though he had enjoyed her scent when it filled his Hummer, it had faded after he dropped her off at the university.

When he got in, he turned down the radio and looked at her. She refused to look at him, instead focusing on her hands, which were gripped tightly in her lap. He waited for her.

Finally she looked up at him when he didn’t turn the truck on. Her face was pinched with sadness and he saw a flash of anger in her eyes before she hid it behind the sorrow.

“What happened?” he asked gently.

“You like 80’s music?” she evaded his question with.

“I do,” he answered trying to figure out why she didn’t want to tell him what transpired on her visit. “How about you?”

She gave him a small smile. “I like the 90’s.” she told him.

He hit a button on the truck’s touchscreen and turned up the volume. He grinned when she started to laugh as she heard the song “Jump Around” by House of Pain played on the radio. His smile broadened when she started to pump her hands in the air and began singing along. Happiness flooded his body when she began to wiggle her body to the beat.

She looked so unencumbered for the first time since they had met. Her assuredness was captivating. Gone were the hesitation, the wariness and the wall she kept up between her and the world.

When he joined her in “dancing” she laughed again. He could listen to her laughter all day and night. It was so joyous and free.

As the song came to an end, she clapped her hands like a little girl and grinned at him playfully. It suddenly occurred to him that she would be perfect for age play. He’d bet his entire contract’s salary that she wouldn’t mind being a “little.” Her entire childhood could be rebuilt. This time she would be taken care of and loved. She would know the comfort and security of a strong “daddy” that kept the monsters away and wasn’t one himself.

He could rescue her from her past. The idea excited him. Would she accept him as a “daddy” instead of as a brother? Was he trying to take advantage of her? Every woman he had played with as a little ended up wanting to be fucked by him. Was he trying to get her to want him so that he could take her to bed? Would this play screw her up even more?

Making a mental note to talk to someone at the club about it, he turned the radio down but still didn’t turn on the truck. The longer he studied her, the more her smile faded.

“How did the morning go?” he asked softening his voice and gaze. She looked down at her hands again.

“Emma,” he said with a hint of steel to let her know he was serious.

She turned her head to look out the window. She was biting her lower lip again.

“Sweetheart tell me what happened,” he pleaded lightly.

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